Smaller Events Part 3 – PARMS, Akihabara

After the UTA Musume show, of which I talked about in my last post, I had to hurry as I promised Norman to meet up at PARMS, Akihabara for the Alice Project evening show. As it was already past 19:30 and the show was starting at 20:15. The train ride from Akasaka to Akihabara would already last 20 minutes. Really too bad, that both occasions had to be on the same day. Nevertheless I rushed to the streets of Akasaka, entered the subway, arrived in Akihabara at around 19:55 and – used the wrong exit! And I didn’t know where I was as every building in my view was unknown to me. It took me over 10 minutes to finally find the right direction, bought myself the ticket and – the show was delayed. Good, as this meant I wouldn’t miss any of the show, but bad as it is never a good idea for your body odor to run hectically through the streets during warm weather, even if it was dark already. This aside I met Norman and some of his friends (one later revealed himself as infzer0) and we all entered the venue. Continue reading

Smaller Events Part 2 – UTA Musume

Now I began my trip to Akasaka, in search for the venue for the UTA Musume Show. Why I wanted to go there is pretty simple: One of the member of the idol group COCORO ODORU, named Sayumi, started to follow my Twitter account some time ago. This is nothing special as most fresh idols do that to acquire a fan base. Still I wanted to show my gratitude and at least once visit her show. The music of COCORO ODURU I found on Youtube also wasn’t that bad, so the only thing that kept bothering me was how it would be for me, a foreigner, to attend such underground event. Continue reading

Smaller Events Part 1 – Odaiba

On Wednesday I got to bed early: Next day I wanted to visit Odaiba, to get a first impression of the area the Tokyo Idol Festival will be held. After that would be searching for the venue for a so called UTA Musume concert – a show where many underground idol groups perform. In the evening I agreed to meet with Norman again, this time at PARMS. This would be our first visit there and also my first encounter with the Alice Project, which I only knew from Youtube. Continue reading

Some recreation time

After all the events, that happened the last days I was glad to enjoy some time, Tuesday and Wednesday, in tranquility – well as much as Tokyo can be such a place. The weather was still hot but I decided to make some sightseeing and visit spots I knew from my last trips. My first site was Ikebukuro. I wanted to see it because of its huge mall, the Sunshine City, and for its shopping and eating possibilities. The result was far from excessive. It just got me some shirts and T-Shirts. Every jeans I was trying to put on, was always too short in length as in Japan it seems to be there is no size after 32. What a downer! Though I focused on the bright side (of life – whistle): I am in most cases taller than the regular Japanese person, which comes in handy during concerts, as I have already experienced. But not so much when taking chekis with small idols, like we have seen with Annya. Oh well… Continue reading

PASSPO FLIGHTS- A recap for AKIBA Cultures

Like we had planned we entered the venue as one of the last persons and immediately realized: This show is packed to the brim! We could only walk a few meters until we took our places: At the back, right side to the stage. Maybe this sounds bad to you, but AKIBA Cultures is a small venue and even if we stood in the last row we could still make out the facial features of the group on stage and even them could recognize us, if they wanted, which I hope they did. I am allowed to dream, right? And what was even more important: We had the space and ability now to exercise our cheering to the fullest, each of us equipped with towel and light stick. I don’t even want to imagine how I would have felt during Baby Jump, bounded to my bench. Continue reading

Arriving in Tokyo – My second Odyssee

During my stay in Nagoya Tsutomo got the news that he won’t have to work on Monday because his company had maintenance work that day. Great, finally I was able to meet up with him, as he helped me the most with my questions about PASSPO and their events/concerts! But what happened to be the even greater result of it: We both were able to attend the PASSPO flight in AKIBA Culture that was held on this Monday at 20:30! As this was also announced as a release event, I would have a new chance for talking to them and get more chekis! For Tsutomo it was perfect as well: This Show was supposed to be Nachu’s seitansai and as a huge Natsumi-wota he didn’t want to miss that. Though I believe, that Nachu wouldn’t have actually missed him, right Tsutomo? (Insider. If you are curious, read his blog. -product placement-) Continue reading

PASSPO FLIGHTS – A recap for Nagoya

The Setlist for Part 1 was so and so. With the participation of Morishi I expected songs like Wanted or Dear my Friends again but that didn’t happen. Therefore we had Street Fighter, one of their better early numbers. Must have been Aipon’s choice. Later we had Sacotee’s Pretty Lie and La La Love Train – as you know not my favourites. But as she explained later she wanted to acknowledge those passengers who like their earlier, more idolish, output. Well, can’t say anything against that. This is great fan service and sensitivity she shows there. But anyway, old traditions still die slowly. We still see Jagger singing Satisfaction. Continue reading

The Day of the Nagoya Flight

After my experience with the Osaka Flight already you would have thought, I learned from it: Not going to the venue to early, as there won’t be anything to do while the heat is making you buy endless bottles of water for counter attack. But fail: I again arrived much too early (around 10 again) and sweated like an ice block in the Sahara – the weather forecast for this day happened to be 40 degrees! This time no Tully’s Coffee near the area. True, I could have just went the few hundred meters to Osu with all it’s food stands and maid cafés, but Naaah! – Who knows what I would have missed then? It is so enjoyable, standing hours in the burning sun, waiting for the doors finally to open! How could I miss THAT? Continue reading

Nagoya and Teddybears

I didn’t spend much time in Osaka as I knew the town already from my prior trips. I only visited Osaka castle again, but just to get postcards there, and took a look and Shinsaibashi, the shopping district, and Nipponbashi, the equivalent to Akihabara. This meant that I already left for Nagoya the morning of the 23.07.2014, traveling with the Shinkansen. There I encountered a curious problem with my train ticket: I purchased a paper ticket as a the charge for the Shinkansen would have otherwise exceeded my limit on the ICOCA card. No problem there. I was entering the gates of Shin-Osaka station, Osaka, and arrived an hour later at Nagoya station, Nagoya, where I passed the gate again. Continue reading