First post

Okay, I’ve never done this kind of thing, blogging I mean. But after my last trip, where I came in contact with 3 bloggers – that helped me about a lot – I decided: Hey, if they can, what holds me back? Okay, work. And my regular laziness. But Naaah! I try it anyway. At least – who cares???

First decision I had to make: Which language I write – German or do I try my best in creating the worst efforts the English language has ever seen?  So what do the before mentioned bloggers do?

Well, there is Infzer0, a guy from Indonesia who writes in English.
20 Days in Japan

Tsutomo, some Brazilian who lives the dream and lives in Japan. He writes in Portuguese – who the hell speaks that? – and you have to use Google Translate to even understand a little.
Tsutomo’s Wonderland

And QwiksXnd, an American. Well, he of course writes in Spanish… – no English, I mean.

I finally settled for the English language. Maybe I change that if it becomes to hard. But until then it will be nice practice, although honestly, when trying to get in contact with Japanese idols, English is NOT the best approach. Funny, when you think of how many English phrases they are using in their songs (or T-Shirts).

What is left? Right, what I will be writing about. Well, I hope I can figure out some site function, then I can link to some Japanese idol groups I like to write about and my experiences with them, the idol world in general and Japan. My faves (at least right now) are PASSPO, Bellring Shoujo Heart, Party Rockets and Ayumikurikamaki. If these names doesn’t tell you anything: Nice meeting you, but you found the wrong place, mate. And if they are: Welcome. Please enjoy the read and maybe comment on my high and lows.

So let the fun(?) begin and happy reading. (Am I just talking to myself here..?)


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