Preperations for my PASSPO-Vacation!

I was doing a Japan Trip in the time of 19.07. until 04.08., mostly to attend several concerts  by my favourite idol group PASSPO and festivals of idol groups, which I came to like a while ago.

How it came to that is actually quite funny. I wasn’t planning on taking any vacation in the summer, especially not in Japan, as weather there sucks at that time. But my initial plan of using up my holidays for 2014 in early 2015 was declined by my boss, so I had basically no choice of taking them. What I didn’t want was to sit at home the whole time. Luckily my favourite idol group PASSPO (have I mentioned that before?) just announced their Count Up Tour Part 1 for their 5th anniversary at the 01.01.2015. And the last tour dates, Osaka and Nagoya fit right into my schedule, as it would allow me to also attend the Tokyo Idol Festival (short: TIF) a week after the tour, which also had PASSPO in its line up! So no second thoughts, I booked the flight immediately and my hotel stays in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo, approached my favourite ticket vendor (FDJP) for the two PASSPO flights and the Idol Festival.

I had to do the trip alone, as none of my friends share my love for idols and my sisters (who do), hadn’t the time. As it would be my first shows I would go to in Japan, I tried to find courage in the blogs I mentioned in my last post and which are posted on the side bar. Those people attended concerts before, without knowing Japanese, and posted their experience. It was very very helpful. On this way my thanks to you!
Right before my trip I got in contact with tsutomo via a forum we both visit frequently and asked specific questions for my planned shows and an Single Release Event of PASSPO. We also scheduled a meeting at TIF later.

Prepared with blog knowledge, Tsutomo’s tips and much excitement I got into my plane on the 19.07. in Hamburg, to see my absolute favourite group (which is PASSPO by the way) and some more. And the trip didn’t disappoint!


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