Odyssee Part 2 – PASSPO Mini Live + Release Event

Freshly showered and dressed in my yellow Muppets Shirt (I believe, it will have better impact on the girls) I made my way to the mall, again. At around 16 o’clock I was at the venue, where they already formed a line and I saw MY salesgirl there, already handling the money and giving out tickets. Too cute! The stage was also prepared for the show later and it was quite funny watching two guys trying to put on a banner which didn’t work out well. Finally a woman from the management came to help and with her advices it worked out – over time.
As for me I didn’t actually know, what to do now, apart from queuing up and preparing the money. So I kind of anxiously awaited what will become out of it. And the line worked veeeery slow. Although it wasn’t long and there were two sales person, I needed approx. 45 minutes to finally arrive at the stand.And then they appeared: the whole PASSPO crew, seeing them for the first time live and in the flesh, on stage practicing for the Live in their everyday outfit! (I actually don’t like their uniforms that much as it is basically always the same. Just the colour changes.) But I needed to focus: Still had no tickets yet. I was happily anticipating a follow meet up with the salesgirl but no, the customer before me was too damn stupid and needed so much time that I got served by the other sales person, a salesman. What a let down. Well, he was at least quick in his actions, finalized my preorders, handed me out the tickets and forwarded me to another woman (also quite cute) by whom I had to grab into a box to get a small piece of paper with a number on it (#77). Cool, a piece of paper! I was actually hoping that I won the lottery now, but no! As I learned later, it was my entry number for the stage area later on. To explain: They built up a stage in the hall (the stage, where the PASSPO girls were practicing) and before it they encased an area which would later be the space were ticket holders would be admitted later for the Mini Live. Every other peoples and bystanders had to watch from the background or the sides. Clever. Now equipped with Entry Ticket and 2 cheki tickets I could calmly watch the Pre-Show and the girls.

Shortly after PASSPO left the stage, the entry for the stage area began. Some person shouted out the number one by one, so if you had it, you were let through and could find your space. I was able the follow the Japanese counting up to #70 and suddenly it left me. Either their shouts became quieter or they suddenly changed their sequence, the next number I understood was nana-juu-kyu (=79)! Damn. Ashamed I went forward and showed my ticket, when they already reached #83 and under the laughter of all the Japanese around me I was allowed entry. But I didn’t care – I am a stupid gaijin, damnit!
Even with this delay I was able to get a good spot: On the right side, 3rd row (all standing places by the way). But after the completion of the “entrance ceremony” I saw, that the amount of passengers there only reached approx. 150 people. The same amount (non-paying on-lookers) was watching from outside the stage area. Not very high attendance, in my opinion. Maybe it was the fact, that it was in the outskirts, or people missed the Limited Express train or simply the fact, that outside Tokyo idols fail to acquire a strong fan base, for whatever reason.
Surprisingly there were a lot of girls in the audience. And not the kind of girls you would expect, when seeing their male counterparts. No, mostly they were quite good-looking. The age structure was quite interesting as well: the majority being teens and early twens, but there were also a bunch of middle-aged man and even two small kids around the age of 4 or 5, accompanied by their male parent. I honestly believe they only used them as leverage to get closer to the girls that way and spend more time with them. This was supported by the fact, that both went to see Aipon, our lovely captain, or how I learned later, Paipon (from oppai)! Mental note: Next time I travel with one of my little nieces.

Soon after the Mini Live began. My first ever Japanese Live experience, complete with light sticks and wotagei. I initially participated in it but after failing quite often in subsequent choreographies I just acted as I pleased. The view of the stage was excellent. Assisted by the higher stage and my advantage of body height in comparison to the average Japanese person (I love being European), I could see the girls from head to chest to thighs and toes. They were so near, when they would have reached out, I could have touched them. FANTASTIC!!! The setlist was perfect, with “Baby Jump” being my favourite here (exception being ViVi夏. I don’t like their early stuff.):

SE)PASSPO2014 Short Version
01)BABY JUMP~天国への搭乗便~
04)Perfect Sky
05)Love Diary

And they performed, for the first time, in their new Himawari-uniform (or Swedish Uniform, because it is blue-yellow). This one I quite like as I like the colour arrangement here and have the impression, the dresses now fit the girls better.

Too bad it was over so soon. But the other part of the event was just about to be started, after a short break: akushukais and chekis. Excited, as this would be my first time either. So the girls came out and people had to line up. My goal was a cheki with Yucky, my most favourite member, and Naomin, the close second. I didn’t get in line as I wanted to watch first, how such an event is organized. They started with lines for akushukais first, so no mix ups with chekis. As it tends out, my favourite crew members are really the least popular of all, so their lines were already through, when others only just began. But each his own and for me it only was positive, as they soon allowed chekis as well for Yucky and Naomin. After confirming with another Japanese Yucky-passenger (one I would met later on the other PASSPO events, too) that chekis were allowed now, I got in line for Yukimi and it was soon my turn – and I blanked out! I was preparing myself with things in Japanese to say but couldn’t remember any! I am such a childish klutz… So during positioning for the photo, Yucky was the first to ask me where I am from (in Japanese). I answered “Doitsu-jin desu”. After that it became easier as luckily Yucky was able using basic English. She immediately congratulated me for the win of the World Cup, I thanked her and knowing from her Twitter, that she liked Spain, I commented about them and she replied with a sad face, that they played really poor. In between the cheki was shot with my iPhone and we already had to part ways *sniff*. Anyway, here is the cheki and yes, I am bad at posing:

Me with Yukimi ❤

Next was Naomin. Even here I blanked. Hell, it must have been the flight, absolutely. After a quick hi (Damn, she has a bright smile. Really the “Happy Girl”.), she introduced herself (in English): “My name is Naomi. Who are you?” – “It’s Tobias.” – She spelled my name wrong. – I repeated and the she said my name correctly. HEAVEN! Naomi spoke my name out loud! Here my picture with her:

Me with Naomi 🙂

After that I was watching for a while, especially the children approaching Aipon, and left for the hotel, for finally getting a good night sleep as I couldn’t sleep in the plane at all (as always). And I very happily dreamt off, taking a last glance at my chekis, already thinking about the next day and the first PASSPO One-Man-Flight I would be able to see…

Oh, I forgot to add, that for the preorders I used the Japanese address of Tsutomo, which he kindly allowed me (Thanks, mate!). This way I will be able to actually get the CDs later.


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