The first day or “The start of a modern Odyssee”

On the 19.07.2014 I boarded the my plane in Hamburg on PASSPO Airlines – eh, no, Lufthansa. Take Off was 11 o’clock, with transfer in Frankfurt and landing in Osaka on the next day in the early morning at 7 o’clock. So approx. 15 hours flight – and this was a fast one… That is the fact, I hate the most about Japan – it is too far from Europe!

Well, my plan for the day was something like that: After this terrible long flight I would take a shower at the airport and change my clothes, then get my luggage to the hotel (Check In in Japan is always only at 15 o’clock – why I don’t know), after that rushing to the Kuzuha Mall, where PASSPO would held a Mini Live with a subsequent Release Event for their new single Himawari, consisting of akushukais and chekis. If I would have time afterwards, I wanted to check out the Club Quattro, where the PASSPO Flight would take place the next day. So much about plans. As my experience told me already – plans don’t work and you fare better without them, as I should see…

When arriving at KIX (Kansai Airport in Osaka), I immediately approached the showers, were the staff told me, that they are out booked for the next 4 hours!!! 4 hours?!? What the hell? If you learn anything from TV, it is that every business man (and woman) world wide can do a long term flight without looking exhausted, sweaty or have crinkled clothes from the flight. So who the f… was occupying the showers for such a long time period? TV won’t lie, would it? Nah..!

Anyway I disregarded my shower plans and got myself on the way to the hotel, on the way buying me the ICOCA card for easier traveling. As I informed myself before you could also use it in Nagoya and Tokyo for public transport- Great country! I easily found the nearest subway station to my hotel but missed to find the building itself. In the retrospect I should have just turned right and would have fallen over the stairs, but no, I am from Germany and the direction “right” has a bad aftertaste there – totally uncool – so I just went straight, came across a nice crossroad, walked around some blocks, after finally getting back to the station exit, this time from the other side, so I could turn LEFT and Yatta! – there it was, my hotel!

As expected I couldn’t check in earlier, so I left my luggage and got on my way to Kuzuha Mall (10 o’clock), in my crinkled clothes (I am no business man obviously) and hopefully not smelling too bad. I easily found my train station and boarded the train, which was stopping at every station and took me about 1,5 hours(!) to arrive at the mall, which was conveniently located in the outskirts of Osaka. Sometimes I don’t get PASSPO‘s management. But clever as I was – and bored from the long drive – I was checking my surroundings during the train ride for girls, …ahem…, I mean faster trains and spotted a “Limited Express”. Sounds fast, right? I promised myself to test this one later for my trip back.
Finally arriving at the mall I was looking out for the miniTOWER RECORDS, which would let me preorder the new PASSPO single and give me the tickets for the Live and Event later. I found it without problems – Yeah! But the salesgirl didn’t speak English – NOOO! I mean how to explain to her, that I want to preorder enough CDs to get 2 chekis out of it without any knowledge of the language the opposing side is speaking? After a bit of fruitless *conversation* she shortly went away and came back with another salesgirl, which looked even younger. My hopes sank. But surprisingly this one actually spoke some adequate English! I told her I need 2 chekis, no handshakes, she made the right (bad word) scribbles on the preorder formula and told me to come back to the venue (it was held in another part of the mall) were I would pay and get the tickets! Honestly, I fell in love with this girl on the spot. Too bad I couldn’t put her in my luggage as it was already at the hotel. But in the long sight it was better this way – I have no breathing holes in my suitcase! Would have been nasty at home, when I finally unpacked my belongings.

Now it was approx 12 o’clock. As the Live would start only at around 17:30 and the earliest time to get my tickets was 15:30 I had much time on my hands. So I decided to check out the Club Quattro now, which will hopefully take enough time until Check In time at my hotel, to finally shower and change my clothes for the Mini Live at least. I took the “Limited Express” this time, which only stopped at 2 or 3 stations and tell you what – it worked! This time I only needed 20 minutes for the ride!
Luckily it wasn’t my first time in Osaka, which came in handy as I knew, that at Umeda station there is an underground mall called “Whitey”, which will lead me right (*cough*) to the venue. Problem was: How to find this damn mall, when you get out at an exit you never used before?!? After some serious headless running around I was finally reaching the Eastern part of the mall, which would lead me directly to the venue. But it took me 45 minutes to come to this point! Now finding the Club was a bit of troubling itself as I failed to see the huge inscription on the wall “CLUB QUATTRO”. But honestly, who would have expected it to be this easy? Anyway, found it and my failing attempts in finding the correct path on the spot at least allowed me to go back to the hotel, as Check In time was near. A blessing in disguise, I guess.

As this post already became too long, I will split it and tell you about the Release Event in my next article. Then with PHOTOS!!!
But maybe everyone got tired already and didn’t reach this part of my post? So I can use this space for fooling around a bit:
blah blah blah
yipp yipp yipp
hah hah hah
Aah, that was refreshing!

Here is the Himawari clip:

And its complete Live Version:


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