PASSPO Flights – A recap for Osaka

The two Osaka Flights itself were great and became one of my best concert experiences! Acting together with a crowd of people when doing chants or light stick waving is really incredible. Setlists were mostly fantastic, though I didn’t like Sacotee’s choice of the early stuff, like “La La Love Train”. Not so much a fan of their early phase. And they never played “Tap my Toe”, my favourite song. Damn PASSPO, you tainted my holidays! Kidding. I could calmly live with it as “Baby Jump” was sung every time! Another great song!

Included are each times the setlists. Makes the blog entries look much more informative than they actually are!

Well, let us start with Osaka Part 1 then, shall we? If you ever had a doubt that Annya is a great girl her setlist confirms it: Very good taste, almost choosing only rock numbers (“Wanted”, “Dear my Friends”)! Positive was also the inclusion of “Pock Star” and “Bathtub”, as well as the acoustic version of “Wish on a Star”. The last one especially, as this version started out with solo lines by every member. Here the audience should have shown much more activity in my opinion. Hardly anyone was waving his light stick, as equivalent to a lighter, not even when their favourite member had its turn. That is the downside of the mostly choreographed songs in Japanese: If something new comes up, no one knows what to do.
This show also had the takoyaki contest: Nine takoyaki were brought and each member had to eat one. BUT one was filled with wasabi! If you don’t know its taste, be lucky. Well, Sako wasn’t that fortunate as she had this special takoyaki! Great fun seeing her face but impressive as she really struggled hard to eat it up nevertheless – and succeeded! I guess that around this time my admiration for Sacotee grew a lot, making me also realize, that she is really adorable cute. I never got that from TV. So I actually needed to come to Japan and see her in person to come to this insight. Too bad for her, I already chose Yukimi! *heh heh*

Osaka Part 1 – Annya’s Setlist:

SE)PASSPO2014 Opening
01)BABY JUMP~天国への搭乗便~
07)Cosmic You
-main mc-
12)Wish on a star(Acoustic Version)
14)Love Diary
15)Dear My Friends
19)Pretty Lie


For Part 2 I have to admit: Nachu has also a fantastic taste regarding music. Never expected that of our ice cream devouring member. “Kibun wa Saiko! Saiko! Saiko!”, “Dom Dom Freedom”, “WING” – Good Job, Natsumi!
Don’t know if it was that show but I suppose it doesn’t matter: MioMio kissed Naomin on stage. Naomi looked rather flustered by it. Don’t know why. Must have been the suddenness as otherwise a kiss from Mio would be something to cheer about. I am sure that girls think the same way.
Anyway these are the great advantages of watching a concert in the audience and not on DVD, as you will get a full overview of the stage and can observe what happens in the background. I remember one MC, shortly after the Hachake Sensation, were Annya put the towels of the Hachake members (Yucky, Naomin, Morishi, Nachu) in her belt and everyone had to grab it from there. But in the case of Nachu, whenever she wanted to grab hers, Annya always turned away from Nachu in the most nonchalant movement ever seen, making Nachu run around her dumbfoundedly. Very amusing to see! So if you ever happen to be to one of their Flights, don’t focus too much on the current vocalist but the other girls instead. The do a lot of that crazy stuff, especially Annya and Nachu.

Osaka Part 2 – Nachu’s Setlist

SE)PASSPO2014 Opening
02)Next Flight
04)Love Diary
07)Growing Up(Album ver.)
-main mc-
11)Let It Go!!
13)Perfect Sky
16)BABY JUMP~天国への搭乗便~
17)Cosmic You

19)Pretty Lie
20)Wish on a star

As the Osaka Live was the first One-Man-Flight of PASSPO I ever attended I will always hold it dear in my heart. And as I am also seen on the audience photo, the group takes after each show, it is absolutely fitting!

See me? 😉


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