POP ID – entrapped in an Idol Café

The following day I spent in Osaka, where I was visiting an idol café there named POP ID. The concept: The maids there want to become idols themselves in the future. For this they seem to have shows every night on a stage on the 2nd floor, with alternating line up. It was my first visit of an maid café and I must say I quite enjoyed it. Watching those maids in their cute outfit actually has its appeal. Too bad, they are much too young. Why don’t they have those with maids over 25? Anyway, the curry there was great and I mostly interacted with the maids Yukinko and Reika, both very cute and cheerful. As there wasn’t many customers they frequently tried talking to me, but you know – the language barrier. Honestly, what are those Japanese school girls doing nowadays? Nevertheless it was quite fun. They asked me where I am from, I told them about liking PASSPO, which seem to impress them, as Yukinko started to tell every other maid around her. She then told me that she wanted to become an idol as well but didn’t like AKB48, which made her even lovelier. We then “talked’ a bit about the world cup, Osaka and the store itself. Then they told me, that at 20:00 Yukinko and Reika will perform tonight. What a coincidence! Well, I hadn’t anything to do and was quite intrigued what will await me so I payed for the ticket (500 Yen) and went up the stairs to a small stage with an even smaller audience area, that consisted of some tables and chairs and a small bar in the corner. OF COURSE even here you couldn’t avoid the necessity of ordering a drink, as I was immediately approached by a maid, that was hiding in the shadows before. Clever beast. But how could I resist those puppy eyes by a cute maid girl, kneeling before me and asking for my order? I played the gentleman, who knows it all and ordered a cocktail. I put on the pretense that I could actually read what was listed on the menu (I could not, with the exception of mango juice and some drink with royal milk tea) and pointed at one cocktail. Awwwww – this made my maid very happy (‘made my maid’ *funny*) and soon I got myself a cocktail which ingredients I will never know but it tasted quite good.

Now to the show: Only 4 person, including me, were there. Two even with light sticks. And they also seemed to be some kind of regulars. The music wasn’t my cup of the tea honestly, as it was too idolish, but the show in itself was quite good. The dancing wasn’t in sync most of the times but already quite ambitious – for idols. The voices were prerecorded and the show lasted about 20 minutes plus encore. After that they cleared the stage, put a table on it and were actually selling merchandize, chekis and the likes. If already established idol groups would also follow this approach! Of course I lined up as well and bought the CD. Which neither included Yukinko nor Reika on it – what a let down. It were songs by other members of POP ID. As they installed some popularity system there, they must have been the most liked at the time of recording. Now I knew, why Yukinko doesn’t like AKB, as they have the same concept. Anyway I also bought a cheki, which happened to be with both of them – Lucky! – shot on Polaroid and afterwards signed by both. I just had to wait for it so I sat down again. But you can already have a look of its outcome:

POP ID – Yukinko and Reika

A short time later the event ended and Yukinko and Reika personally came to me and handed me the signed Polaroid, smiling all over and shaking my hands repeatedly. Damn, their fan service is already great! We parted ways, offering each other the best wishes and I honestly have to make some time on my next trips to go to Osaka, just for paying a visit there to say hello. They succeeded in entrapping me in their idol world. So beware, kids: POP ID in Nipponbashi, Osaka!


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