The Day of the Nagoya Flight

After my experience with the Osaka Flight already you would have thought, I learned from it: Not going to the venue to early, as there won’t be anything to do while the heat is making you buy endless bottles of water for counter attack. But fail: I again arrived much too early (around 10 again) and sweated like an ice block in the Sahara – the weather forecast for this day happened to be 40 degrees! This time no Tully’s Coffee near the area. True, I could have just went the few hundred meters to Osu with all it’s food stands and maid cafés, but Naaah! – Who knows what I would have missed then? It is so enjoyable, standing hours in the burning sun, waiting for the doors finally to open! How could I miss THAT?

The venue in Nagoya, Electric Lady Land, was opposite to Osaka on the first floor. So no staircase to climb. The merchandize sale happened outside, right next to the entrance in a small garage-like opening. Funny was the organization of the waiting line – it started at the entrance, was soon cut by a crossroad, continued on the other side of the street and then going on over a walkway, so that the queue ended somewhere on the other side of the highway. Impressive, but I pitied all the passerbys who had to take the same way, past all those wotas. Despite that everything went smoothly although they changed the number calling: In contrast to Osaka, they didn’t shout “Number 240 and following” but instead “Up until Number 240”. Nothing crucial but confusing anyway as I didn’t make out this small difference. But Staff was nice and helpful. Phew!

What I must add is my encounter with another passenger while waiting for entry to Part 2, a approx. mid-fourty Japanese teacher who spoke very good English and who also wanted to attend the show. We chatted for quite a while which made the waiting period way more pleasant. We talked mainly about PASSPO – how the group has changed musically over the years and the current situation of PASSPO itself. It also gave me the opportunity to ask questions about them and about behaviour during their shows – very important. Otherwise his favourite member is Annya and he has been to their Shibuya Kokkaido Flight in May *jealous*. We also talked about why I was there in Japan, what was my impression of Nagoya and what makes this city so much hotter in summer. Obviously there is a huge mountain near the city which is responsible for the weather. But that should be all regarding serious topics. That’s not my intent for writing or you reading, isn’t it? Right. So the result of this chat was, that although my number was 400-something I could leap up to the 7th row to the stage, because this teacher kept me a space where he was standing (he had an early 300-something number). It was even on the side where Yucky was mostly standing – so yeah, really thank you a lot! It was a pleasure meeting with you!


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