Rockets in Akihabara or Before the Next Flight

As it was still a long time until the show, Tsutomo showed me around Akihabara and all its sights: Apart from dozen of maids advertising on the street and passing Idols – those of Alice Project were the easiest to recognize because of their squeaky sandals (see video) –

the more obvious ones: Anime, Porn and Electronic Shops. I found it all quite confusing, as one shop merged in another and back. But that’s why I had a guide, right? Other sights of interest had been the idol venues Dear Stage, PARMS and the AKIBA Cultures Theater. At the last venue we separated for the time being as Tsutomo wanted to shop some things and I wanted to see the ‘Rockin’ Monday’ Show, held by Party Rockets, well, every Monday. Tsutomo helped me buy the ticket. We also asked for tickets for PASSPO later, but don’t ask me why, they only would sell them half an hour before entry. I still find no reason for it. Maybe just Japanese marketing at work again…

The Party Rockets Live was not very well attended. Reasons would be:

  1. With starting time at 18:00 too early, as most people are still working
  2. It is every Monday, so it doesn’t really matter for the occasional fan to miss a show
  3. Party Rockets are still a young, rather unknown group (they haven’t released an album yet).

Still, I like their music a lot. That is why I post this video:

The show itself was great, the girls looked lovely in their black uniforms and it was quite funny, whenever they mentioned their forthcoming One-Man-Live, held in Shibuya WWW. Funny because WWW has to be pronounced ‘double-you, double-you, double-you’ which makes the name of the venue rather long. And if you happen to say this name quite often, like in the case of Fumika, you will have a hard time. But it made for some good laughs and Fumika had enough self-irony to admit it. Apart from that they played an 1-hour-set, of course with the new single Kasabuta in the setlist. It was a good opportunity to catch some of the choreography, as I planed to see them again at Idol Koushien on Friday and TIF, allowing me to participate more and reveal myself not only as an occasional fan.

After the show I first wanted to take part in their akushukai, maybe even cheki event. But as they had no merchandize for sale, just their single to preorder, which would have taken too long to fill out, I waved the opportunity as it was already time to queue up for the PASSPO tickets. This made me teary-eyed though. Well, not really, just literally spoken as I am a man. No tears there, ever! *cough* The low attendance also didn’t prevent me for making a crucial mistake: As the venue was hardly anyway near full, I chose myself a place on one of the benches near the stage area. My line of thought: No better and easier chance to be near one of my favourite idol groups during their show! But what I didn’t know: Because there were benches, no one in the audience stood up during their show! And if you know a bit about the music of Party Rockets you will know that this is more than unfitting. Well, next time I will do better!

And the next time came rather fast: As I have mentioned before PASSPO was playing only 1 hour later this evening, at the same venue. So I rushed out and got in line for tickets to buy one each for Tsutomo and myself. The line was already quite long and as I didn’t knew if Tsutomo was already back from his shopping trip the early exit was a good idea. So I thought, but only seconds later I saw Tsutomo already before me, standing in the line. I should have more faith in people. So with a last sad look at Party Rockets’ on-going akushukai I joined Tsutomo in the queue which allowed me to cut some positions and we were soon able to get us the tickets. Our luck, as we saw later: The venue was sold out at the end!

Entry time was still a little away and we chose intentionally to access the venue at a later time as we wanted to stay at the back anyway. There would be no benches which would allow us to freely wave and shout and jump and whatever you do at PASSPO Flights! We both already experienced how dreadful it is, sitting at those benches during shows. Even more in the case of PASSPO, as we knew the songs and me parts, Tsutomo all of its choreographics. And as this evening would also be handled as release event for their new single we still had enough time afterwards to get in contact with the crew. So we decided and headed out for a nearby conbini and did something, which isn’t really approved in Japan: Drinking alcohol, out in the open! But as I told Tsutomo: As Japanese disregard us any way for being foreigners, we can this time therefore act accordingly. If this will lead to problems later, like police talking to us, we can play the dumb, ignorant gaijin and will be left alone, as they wouldn’t want to deal with English! Clever as we are we wouldn’t reveal our Japanese skills. Of course this would be an exception. Every other time we would act like the perfect representative of our countries. Promise!

Obviously we weren’t the only ones having this thought, as a small group of Japanese and even passengers were crowding in a small separated space, meant as smoking area. This made the whole situation much more comfortable and we enjoyed the hour with sitting on the pavement, sipping our alcoholic beverages in the pleasant evening breeze, sun already set, chatting about everything and stealing a glance here and there at some passerby idol. That’s Akihabara Life, for sure!


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