Arriving in Tokyo – My second Odyssee

During my stay in Nagoya Tsutomo got the news that he won’t have to work on Monday because his company had maintenance work that day. Great, finally I was able to meet up with him, as he helped me the most with my questions about PASSPO and their events/concerts! But what happened to be the even greater result of it: We both were able to attend the PASSPO flight in AKIBA Culture that was held on this Monday at 20:30! As this was also announced as a release event, I would have a new chance for talking to them and get more chekis! For Tsutomo it was perfect as well: This Show was supposed to be Nachu’s seitansai and as a huge Natsumi-wota he didn’t want to miss that. Though I believe, that Nachu wouldn’t have actually missed him, right Tsutomo? (Insider. If you are curious, read his blog. -product placement-)

But this was supposed to happen in the evening of Monday, the 28.07.2014. On Sunday I was recovering from the Flight while still being in Nagoya. On the early Monday I again entered the Shinkansen and made my way to Tokyo! Damn, I love this city! I arrived there around noon and – immediately had trouble finding the right station for my hotel. I chose one not only by price but for its location – near the Yamanote circle line and near Odaiba, Tokyo Bay, where TIF would take place. I was fully prepared, so I thought. I just needed to go to Hinode Station and walk a few 100 meters. But what I didn’t realize before: Hinode Station was not part of the Tokyo subway system. Instead it belonged to the Monorail Line leading to Odaiba. This in consequence meant that it was neither featured in my Subway App nor on the subway maps hanging out in metro stations. As I hadn’t bought me a mobile phone card for internet, there was no way for me to entrust myself to the wisdom of Google. Obviously I still lack in preparations.

As the digital wisdom was unavailable, the analog brain of mine came to work – nature always finds it way, I guess. I remembered Hamamatsucho being one station away from Hinode and this one I found immediately when looking up the map for Yamanote line. So no long afterthoughts – instead jumping right in the next train and exiting Hamamatsucho! Which maybe brought me closer to my goal but still left me wondering – WHERE THE HELL AM I? Ever finding those maps showing the near area of stations useful? Me not. And I sometime hate it when I am right – which I mostly am by the way. My first instinct lead me to the near Monorail entrance, in the hope of finding a sight of Hinode. Fortunately I didn’t follow my instincts as this would have lead me even further away, to Haneda airport. So to those women who still are propagating the power of instincts and emotions: Let this be a lessons to you and instead use your brains more often. I know this advice is like casting pearls before swines – As if those women would succumb to reason *cough*.

My next more logical and sensible decision was to just find a way to the shore, as I knew, that Hinode station was near it. So quick glance at the map to determine “shore-direction” – I at last found a use for maps, hooray! – and heading straight on. After walking for maybe 1 km, my nerves finally calmed down as I found the first lead of Hinode and from there on it was a piece of cake. Never doubted that *cough* As I arrived again before the check-in time, I took the time to figure out the surroundings and came to two important findings:
1. There was a roofed walkway from the hotel to subway station.
2. I took a closely look at Hinode station and saw, that Odaiba was only two stations away – perfect!

Now what was left was getting me something quick to eat, checking in and making my way to Akihabara, to meet up with Tsutomo before the AKB48 Café. All went smoothly except finding that damn café! I mean I went out the right entrance (Electric Town) but my attention was drawn to the huge Alice Project advertisement, the way better AKB, when it comes to ‘stationary theatre idols’. Actually the AKB café was just a few steps further but as there was no sign on the building protruding out and my angle of view was inefficient to see the HUGE writing ‘AKB48 Café & Shop’, which was even in very very thin letters. So I had no chance of finding it directly. And nooooo, these are no excuses! Anyone would have missed it… eventually… maybe… probably – whatever!

Well, after walking around the area and getting confused by all this colourful, blinking Akihabara-signs and advertisements, this tale of exploration came to an Happy End – I found the AKB Café, waited in the shadows of an opposite staircase and only a few minutes later, Tsutomo arrived, dressed in a Pilot Shirt, devoted too Nachu, as expected if you think of the occasion.


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