Some recreation time

After all the events, that happened the last days I was glad to enjoy some time, Tuesday and Wednesday, in tranquility – well as much as Tokyo can be such a place. The weather was still hot but I decided to make some sightseeing and visit spots I knew from my last trips. My first site was Ikebukuro. I wanted to see it because of its huge mall, the Sunshine City, and for its shopping and eating possibilities. The result was far from excessive. It just got me some shirts and T-Shirts. Every jeans I was trying to put on, was always too short in length as in Japan it seems to be there is no size after 32. What a downer! Though I focused on the bright side (of life – whistle): I am in most cases taller than the regular Japanese person, which comes in handy during concerts, as I have already experienced. But not so much when taking chekis with small idols, like we have seen with Annya. Oh well…

Next spot was Shibuya – and I was surprised, how small it appeared to me. But maybe, as it wasn’t as full as most of its time, it just deceived my view. I should come back here in the early evening, if I am ever in the mood again for feeling like in a swarm of sardines. In the daytime however Tokyo is relative quiet. This particular becomes noticeable with maid cafés: As the regular Tokyo citizen had a hard day, either at work or in school, they want to enjoy the evening. So maids advertising outside for their respective cafés only starts around 18:00, although they are mostly open at noon already. Though I am far from complaining. On the contrary it is a well received calmness. Especially in places like Akihabara, where maid cafés align every 10 meters (and this is an understatement!), it can be very annoying, being called upon by every maid standing there. Here it comes in handy that I am an obvious foreigner. As most Japanese tend to avoid speaking English, a fact I already confirmed dozen of times, they also avoid foreigners, who may in majority be unable to talk in Japanese. And rather than embarrassing themselves they wave on the chance of winning a paying customer. This is my opinion of the Japanese soul – dignity first!
Despite my train of thoughts running wild (What is it with those girls in maid uniforms? I should ask one directly next time.) Shibuya still is an impressive sight, with its video screens and mass of advertising signs, even more so at night (damn, thoughts of sardines again). Still, apart from taking a look at some venues that are crowded around the area and drinking some cold Mocha-Frappucino in a small café, there was nothing else for me to see right now. So on to the next –

– Which happened to be Harajuku, with parts of Omotesando and of course the Meiji-dori. Here the shops were a lot friendlier – size-wise as well as for my pocket money. Too bad neither Desigual nor Replay had some nice stuff. At least American Eagle Outfitters got me some new accessories. But the best: Graniph featured a bunch of Beatles-Fan-Shirts! No second thought. I bought me the Revolver-Shirt and one, which included pictures and signs of their whole era. Some nice shirts with German text was there as well and I couldn’t resist – of course not! The shop assistants in majority were all very nice and, in contrast to my rant some paragraphs ago, even trying their best with English. Okay, as I already stepped into the shop, there was I huge chance I would buy something. This probably made them neglect their dignity for a while. I didn’t mind as most of the sales personal were girls, very nice looking girls *cough* It also gave me the opportunity to get me some courage and test my minor Japanese skills for further idol contact. I was even successful and got praised once for it, leading to the question, if I am studying Japanese – obviously the sales girl was both beautiful in appearance and mind – or had low standards.

I followed the Meiji-dori further and – arrived in Shibuya again. This wasn’t a bad thing as it brought me right in front of TOWER Records, which I failed to see earlier. Sometimes a detour is better than the direct approach. (I sound like a love counselor here.) Bought me two live DVDs there: PASSPO‘s ‘Shibuya Kokkaido Flight’ and Babyraids performance from 22.12.2013 at Shinkiba Studio Coast. Nothing in store from Bellring Shoujo Heart though, as expected.

Besides this ‘adventures’ I killed some time in cafés with drinking coffee and observing passerbys, used some of my time to wash my clothes, as I only had taken 4 jeans with me and as I mentioned I had no way of increasing their amount. I also took a strife through Akihabara again and got me – a kebab! They are far from the quality I am used from Germany but what can you expect, when it is half the size but double the money? But for having finally some big chunks of meat between my jaws was absolutely worth it!


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