Smaller Events Part 1 – Odaiba

On Wednesday I got to bed early: Next day I wanted to visit Odaiba, to get a first impression of the area the Tokyo Idol Festival will be held. After that would be searching for the venue for a so called UTA Musume concert – a show where many underground idol groups perform. In the evening I agreed to meet with Norman again, this time at PARMS. This would be our first visit there and also my first encounter with the Alice Project, which I only knew from Youtube.

The morning arrived and I headed to Hinode station, where the Monorail would lead me to Odaiba. The great thing during this short drive is the view you get of Tokyo Bay, the Rainbow Bridge, the Tokyo Tower, even the Sky Tree. By night it is even much more impressive. Highly recommended! I got out at Telecom Station because this was near the Smile Garden Stage and right next to the space where they would give out the wristbands, which substituted as entry tickets in the different venues. But hell, the area was huge. The map doesn’t even give a close impression. Add the heat of ~35 degrees to it and it promised to be a very exhausting day: Shows non-stop from early morning until the evening, hardly any shadow and long ways to go. But for the sake of our lovely idols, we have to put some effort in it, right?

Map of the Tokyo Idol Festival 2014

After taking a look at the whole area I was surprised, that there wasn’t anything reminding you of TIF being held just two days later: No stages, signs or whatever. The biggest idol festival in Japan (consequently the world) and no advertisement? This other part of the world sure is different! Curiously though, on the place where the Hot Stage would be according to the map, there was another huge festival taking place, called ‘Odaiba New World’ with a stage area named ‘Mezamashi Live‘. It consisted of a huge food area that was dedicated to the Japanese Pop Group EXILE, lots of stalls with food and entertainment. Okay, this is strange. But I didn’t mind. The area is huge and there would be no problems with two parallel events. I just expected the stage area to be closed during TIF, so that the Mezamashi Stage could become the Hot Stage during TIF. They won’t allow other people there, no way. I should learn later at TIF that my assumption was completely wrong. I will talk about it in another post.

Anyway I just wanted to take a quick glance but I coincidentally should get more insight now and also on the next day. The reason: On placards for the ‘Mezamashi Live‘ was a schedule included which announced a Mini Live for the next morning, consisting of three idol groups: GEM, Cheeky Parade and Super Girls! The first two I only knew by name, but Super Girls was another case. They are one of the few groups I like despite being not a rock unit, instead playing pop in general. They also wouldn’t attend TIF this time, although they had the prior years, so it was my only chance to see them! I acted quick: I turned my direction to the ticket counter and struggled for the question in Japanese, if I can buy tickets for this event. Well, problem is: Even if I had asked the question with the most perfect example for the Japanese language – I couldn’t understand the reply! Not because it was too loud or that the sales person was mumbling. No, my Japanese just isn’t good enough for comprehending an answer in the same language. English was not existent (as expected) and instead of at least using simple Japanese the reply was a long rumble about what not. The only thing I got out of it: I can’t get a ticket! I later confirmed with QwiksXnd through a mail conversation, that you had to preorder them. Still I had some hope and promised myself to try again tomorrow.


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