Idol Koushien – Part 2 ‘It only gets better’

After exhausting hours listening to various unknown groups it finally became the time for the Dorothy Little Happy Event. So I went to their stand. The sign with their name was already there. Who was missing – was the group itself. Figured. As Party Rockets would soon get on stage I just waited for a few minutes (in vain) and got back into the venue to fight myself a good place in front of the stage. I wasn’t that sad about it then honestly: I know and like the songs of Dorothy, have their two albums, but I didn’t know anyone of the members by name or anything else about them. So I probably did right to miss them as I would have just embarrassed myself – or I should have used the trump card of only speaking English, so they wouldn’t understand me and bother me with question a proper fan would easily have known. Well, I can do this with some other idol maybe…

Party Rockets were great and as I was standing in the middle and very close (3rd row) I participated quite extensively and even doing the right wotagei, profiting from my experience of their AKIBA Cultures Show a few days before. After it ended I met again with Norman and infzer0. They wanted to find out, if you could leave the venue to get yourself something to eat in the Diver City Mall, and can re-enter later, as all of us hadn’t eaten since morning. Yes, we could leave (LUCKY!). They just stamped a mark on our hands and we could go our way. As time was near for the Party Rockets event, I just decided to get myself something fast to eat which resulted in a very sweet brezel by Auntie Ann’s. Not the best choice in retrospect as it only increased my thirst. Re-entering was a bit of anxiety as I realized that from all the sweating my stamp had fast become just a big black spot on my hand. Here I was very happy that I look foreign as I was recognized immediately by the attendant at the entry, without the need for showing my “stamp”. Not always a bad thing if you don’t fit in the crowd.

Going back early for the event was the right choice then as I came back the group was already there and fans with tickets were already lining up. It started as always with the akushukais. My problem, like with Dorothy Little Happy: I had no idea of the girls though I at least knew them by name. So I sticked to the general (in Japanese): Akari was the first and I told her that the show was really fun. Haruka I greeted with a nice to meet you and that I wanted to see them again some day. And with Fumika I was out of ideas! No time for thinking of something I took my last resort – and only spoke English with her. Surprisingly she even replied properly. Still I later became a bit ashamed of not saying anything Japanese. Have to amend this the next time we meet. Also all of them seemed a bit stressed talking to me, I guess because they met a foreigner. It was very obvious that they didn’t know how to react. Too bad no one of them seemed to recognize me from the AKIBA Cultures show. They have still much to learn for idols! But anyway, I got in line again when it was time for the cheki and luckily it was a group photo. I still have a hard time deciding with which I would do a single cheki. I initially thought I prefer Akari, but the more I saw Haruka my devotion became unsteady. And Fumika, as the youngest member, is very lovely in her insecurity. Well, I didn’t need to decide. So perfect!

My Polaroid with Party Rockets.

After the event I hurried to the stage again, happily awaiting Bellring Shoujo Heart. I it was a blast! Bellring are by far no ordinary idols and it showed immediately: Psychedelic rock music, the dance more freestyle than choreographed, dissonant shouting, wearing their famous black outfits with crow feathers on their arms – and suddenly Moechi showing up right behind me in the crowd, performing on one of the fences preventing moshing. Although they didn’t perform Ice Cream, it was the first time I saw C.A.N.D.Y performed live and The Edge of Goodbye became my personal highlight this evening! This group is an absolute must-see and they have my complete support.

After they finished it wasn’t long until their after show event. So I went out in the aisle to see how far they were with preparations. The sign was already there and fans already around, but no group to see. So I went back to the stage for Dorothy Little Happy as I at least wanted to see them one song performing. Right after it ended though I got back to the event stands, just in time for Bellring Shoujo Heart, who had now assembled.


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