‘Mezamashi Live’ in Odaiba

Today would be two events: My attempt of catching a glimpse at Super Girls, despite having no ticket and the Idol Koushien, my first actual indoor Idol Festival. As both would be held in Odaiba, even opposite to each other, it spared me a lot of traveling.

As I have said in an earlier post, I wanted to find another way for getting to the Mezamashi Live stage so I bought myself – the general admission ticket for the “Odaiba New World” area. As I have observed, the stage an the festival area were connected so it should be easy to get access, even if it meant to lie my way to it – the ignorant foreigner act, remember? Anyway I got in line which seemed to be the official entrance only to find out – it was just the line for the EXILE Food Court! My observation failed me in the regard that if I wanted to just access the festival area, I could just have done so, without passing any checkpoint. I hate it when I miss the most crucial aspects. Well, as I was already in line, hadn’t had breakfast and still one hour left for the show to start I told myself: ‘What the hell. I can just get me something to eat then!’ So I did. I was seated after waiting for like 15 minutes and was then placed at a table in an huge food area, full of tables with little parasols attached to them. On a nearby stage the were showing music videos of the sponsored male pop group EXILE. I felt a bit out of place, as I seemed to be the only gaijin there and most of the visitors being fans of the group. Well, whatever. I was thankful the waitress was bringing a can of ice with a towel in it so that you could wash the sweat of yourself. As figured, it was again a hot day with easily 35 degrees again. After that I studied the menu, which of course was only in Japanese, but with pictures. I chose the menu designed by Hiro, supposedly one of the band members. It was something out of noodles and different salad. As a drink I ordered a mango juice, as it was the only thing I could make out fast with my Japanese and I am not so fond of melon juice (no pictures there on the menu, by the way). Well, the juice was fantastic, maybe because of the hot weather though. The food was okay. Had better ones but it was enough to satisfy my appetite. But what to expect from a recipe by a male idol. The waitresses around were quite curious though, asking me where I was from, what I was doing in Japan and all the other usual stuff. Sometimes it gets on your nerves when you just want some peace and quiet. I pity those idols during those occasions, doing all those handshake events with strangers and they have to be nice to them. But hey, that is their job and I want to be treated nice as well. And they better do so!

After finishing my meal it was close to 11, so I had to get up for the show. I didn’t went straight to the venue, but acting more like a casual visitor, not even knowing that an idol show will start soon (my foreigner act). But I saw pretty fast that it wasn’t needed: The preordering of tickets was just for the near stage area. If you didn’t mind standing a bit further away you could watch the show as well. And this is what I did. True, seeing the girls from near would have been fantastic – which idol group wasn’t – but as the groups on stage wouldn’t be my total favourites and Super Girls doing no after-show-event it wasn’t that much of an issue. To my delight though there was a big Coca Cola Stand at the back which allowed me to replenish my drink supplies. The show soon started, first with GEM performing 2 songs (I don’t count any dance routines). Well, nothing special for me. No wonder I never had them on my radar (although a certain someone tried to convince me with a video some days before). Cheeky Parade came next, with 3 songs. This group I knew, as they supported Super Girls in one of their live releases. Their songs aren’t bad but nothing special either. And as there is no member I particular like they probably never will pique my interest. As their show ended it was finally time for Super Girls, which would perform how many songs? Are you able for logical thinking? 4 songs you say? No, 5 songs, because they had an encore. Got you there *heh heh* Two facts for their : I knew that Saori has left the group but didn’t know they now had 12 members instead of 10! See what a casual fan I am? And the second fact: The first two songs they performed (new single) sucked. Even their outfit, a design inspired by the Japanese kimono, was not convincing. At least the last two numbers plus encore reconciled me, as it consisted only of classics.

This ended the Live. I later found out that Norman, QwiksXnd and Infzer0 had each preordered tickets and attended the show. QwiksXnd would tell me later at TIF, that GEM had an akushukai event afterwards, but this was nothing to regret as I told you: I neither like the group nor would I have anything to talk about (more like not having the skills to properly talk with them). A cheki event would have been different eventually, but as I already told myself not to spend money (aka support) on groups I don’t care about, I *maybe* would have passed on that, too. As there was nothing to see for me now I made my why to the close Zepp Diver City, a concert stage in the basement of the Diver City Mall, as it would be the venue for Idol Koushien. And this became something completely different from Mezumashi Live, in a positive way!


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