TIF 2014 – Part 2

Now, way after 12, Norman separated with me as he had a show on his time table, he wanted to attend. I looked at my handy and saw a message by Tsutomo, asking where I am. We scheduled in the morning to meet with QwiksXnd around 12 near Smile Garden, as no one of us had plans around that time. As I expected QwiksXnd to be with Tsutomo, we arranged to meet at Greeting Square. Norman was splitting with me as he had a show on his time table, he wanted to attend. Now it became clear how fatal it can be when 1 person out of 3 doesn’t have online access: This person happened to be QwiksXnd and – he wasn’t with Tsutomo. Well, now I had to listen to a lecture, as Tsutomo expected QwiksXnd to be with me and not notifying him before. Mea culpa! But the guilt lies with the merchandize. They were just so tempting. We then decided to go to Smile Garden anyway, but as expected, didn’t saw anyone there. He then told he crossed paths with the Bellring girls on his way – the thing is: He hates them. This just proves, that the good comes only to the worst. After some more short chatting, we split up again to follow our next schedules, certain to run into QwiksXnd somewhere in the area. But the next time I should see him was after the last show of Day 1. But later on that matter.

At around 15:00 I went back to Market Square, not to buy more merchandize, but to take part in the next scheduled events: akushukai with Babyraids and Dorothy Little Happy. As by coincidence I ran into Norman there again, he also wanted to take part in some events. For the first group it was single akushukai so I chose my favourite, Naosuke. Quick handshake ad a signature from me for their attempt on performing at Budokan. Fast. But still better than Up Up Girls. Then came the Dorothy Handshake event. Here I had to ask Norman to tell me the name of the girl second to last. The reason: I like their music but admittedly don’t know either of the members! Shame on me. Well, I therefore picked the girl who struck me the most beautiful on first impression and the name of my chosen one happened to be Mimori. This was the exciting tale on how I decided on my favourite member in Dorothy Little Happy. They had group handshake as well, this also fast but not nearly as rushed. As I obviously had nothing to tell I therefore was the one who took little time with them. The girls must have been astonished as normally it would be the opposite. But maybe they were glad not to speak (and fail) in English with me. Anyway, I had the same conversation with Mimori I had with Minami: “Mimori deshou?” – (cheerful) “Hai, arigatou” – exit. Why trying to invent something new which happened to be successful in the past, right?

As it was still time for the T-Shirt signing, me and Norman looked for a rare shadowy place. We found some near the entrance, with a good view on the Dorothy stand, where the signing would take place. Norman was apparently exhausted from the day already, as he didn’t had anything on schedule right then and just wanted to rest a bit. But at the same time complaining, that he spent too much time in Greeting Square instead of watching the shows. He promised to better himself tomorrow though. With nothing to do we waited until finally the event began. I went up and was searching for the right line, as it was totally confusing. But a helpful fan saw that and asked me whom I wanted to see. After I told him he directed me to the right spot. Japanese fans are seriously very helpful, maybe even proud of seeing a foreigner taking interest in their country and (entertainment) culture. It was soon my turn. I greeted Mimori again, this time with “hisashiburi”, answered by a beaming smile and also “hisashiburi”. I then put my shirt on the table, she asked me to hold it at the one end and then signed it. I thanked her and went my way. Too bad there wasn’t anything on my mind to talk about with her. Again shame on me.

Mimori’s autograph.

After this I went to see some other shows, finally the first live of Bellring Shoujo Heart at Smile Garden. I was able to get in the 4th row but still couldn’t tell if the girls recognized me or not. Their show was crazy, this time Ayano singing in the crowd and all girls getting reprimanded from the officials to stop their constant shrieking, they always do when performing World, World, World. THIS was funny! Also the fact that it was dark already added to a more enjoyable atmosphere.

After the show I went around, as always buying me something new to drink. I actually must have drunk the double amount of water as I usually do, but had the feeling only a third of it really reached my stomach – the rest was immediately converted to sweat. Still, since the evening was approaching, it got a lot more pleasant.

The last show on Day 1 arrived finally. Me and Tsutomo getting into Enjoy Stadium, which was filled to the brim. We only found space in the back row. The hope to find QwiksXnd here was downright impossible. As there was a delay in the schedule, there were 2 or even 3 groups before Predia finally came on stage, a group we everybody shared a liking to. Luckily for us, many people left the venue by then. Why they stayed for Vanilla Beans but leaving when Predia‘s turn arrived I fail to understand. Anyway the party was great, as we could go to the front, like 6th row. The view was exceptional, even better the uniforms, the girl used for their stage show. The crowd also seemed to consist of mostly of their fans which resulted in a great atmosphere. When it ended we finally met QwiksXnd again – he had been standing right at the front, middle even. Tsutomo never failed to make fun of this, imagining him only staring motionless at the girls and thus looking like a pervert.

As everyone was leaving for home now, we took a night walk around the area, in search for a place to eat and drink. But the result was a conbini, where each of us bought something which we then ate outside on the street. Must have been quite a typical sight for the Japanese passerbys: Three gaijins eating and drinking out in the open. We chatted for a long while after we suddenly realized, that we should head home as well as subway stations close shortly after midnight. As expected a look at the watch revealed: It was nearly 1 in the morning. QwiksXnd didn’t mind – his hotel was in Odaiba, so no need for a subway for him. Me I just took a taxi as my hotel was near the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. But Tsutomo – slept in a 24 hours McDonalds. Here of course it was a mistake that we didn’t scheduled at least this TIF appointment right.


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