TIF 2014 – Part 4

‘Luckily’ for us Sakura Gakuin seemed to have the longest set of all, playing for nearly 40 minutes. But all things must pass so it was finally time for concentrating of the task at hand: Fighting for entrance! It was slow but the advantage of having fans around us whose favourite group already performed just now, we were able to get in and finding us a nice place in the ~9th row, on the right side – good for me at least as it is Yucky’s side! Tsutomo prefers Nachu who stands on the left – but who cares *heh heh* I could even saw Norman and infzer0 some way before us but they didn’t turn their head and I forgot that I had a mobile on hand *sweatdrop*. We didn’t need to wait long for PASSPO to appear and we had a hell of fun! Their track list wasn’t perfect and also had a mistake by the sound crew, who played Candy Room although the girls were preparing for Love Diary, which I love and would therefore have prefered. But their inclusion of Wanted! absolutely made up for it (not in the video though).


Me and Tsutomo were both totally exhausted afterwards as we were non-stop participating. I even had to buy water for us as both of us were drenched out. Luckily someone was selling those near the stage area and we could wait for Denpagumi Inc. We both like this group but them appearing so close after PASSPO made it impossible for us to really participate as we were still exhausted. Surprisingly the whole crowd seemed to feel this way as it was noticeably quieter and lot less wotagei was going on. And I am not speaking as a PASSPO fan here. Other persons around had the same impression. But of course I am proud of this result! *Yeah* Denpagumi nevertheless were great and I was happy I could see this group live for at least once as their behaviour is so much different from the usual. Too bad they don’t do any real events anymore.


After the show we left Hot Stage, again going our separate ways. I had to hurry to Greeting area again, as PASSPO‘s akushukai event would start soon. The line for entry was also long again but moving pretty fast. I could see that PASSPO still still hadn’t arrived so I had no concern. I then was waiting for like 5 minutes before preparations for the event started. As expected it was single handshake. What I didn’t expect: The signs showing their names was Japanese only and in kanji. I have to shamefully admit now: I had to look up how the names of the girls were spelled so I could queue up at the right line. But that is what smartphones are for! My first talk I wanted to have with Annya. Her line and Morishi’s right next to her were surprisingly short, only consisting of 4 to 5 passengers waiting for them. That is like Yucky standard! Strange. But good for me. Anxiously I approached Annya as for me meeting with her is always like a ride in a helter skelter, fun but also frightening. This time she even appeared bigger as the girls were standing on a platform, behind a table. Fitting, making me even more uncomfortable. But she was in a good mood *Phew* I asked, what I have never done before and even don’t like, but for my purpose it was necessary: I asked if she remembered me (all conversation was in Japanese). She spontaneously said yes, thinking for a minute and then added ‘Akiba, right?’. The most important hurdle taken! Now I asked her if she also remembered me calling ‘hana takai’ which I was unable to comprehend. She confirmed. I went on that now I understood what she had been saying. Annya then smiled. As the ominous tap on my shoulder came I had to leave. She shouted her thanks after me and we both waved goodbye. I actually don’t know why she thanked me: Was it because I looked up her words from last time, the fact I talked with her though obviously being a Yucky passenger (I had her shirt on) or just the general good bye? Anyway in my fantasy I imagine her being sad for me leaving *heh heh*

Now my first instinct was to talk with Naomin again, as she is my second favourite girl in the group. But I was again in for a surprise: Her line was huge, not the fave-three-huge, but for her standard it was extraordinary. Even Nachu’s right next to her was like that. What has happened here? Had TIF visitors experienced crucial brain damage by constant exposure to the sun? Well, nothing I could do about. So I just decided to talk to Morishi. Her line was still nearly empty so it became my turn real fast. Too bad I didn’t prepared what to talk with her so I just shook her hand and again showed my appreciation for her show. I then wanted to leave which seemed to surprise her as she was starting to hold my hand again. I then said something else I don’t remember anymore. I was the only one in the line that time. Maybe that is why I should stay longer. She didn’t want to be the first without fans lining up. My fantasy here again has another interpretation though.

Now came the best, the grand finale: Yucky! I searched for her sign and got in line. But I got confused as the line wasn’t very straight and it seemed to lead to Nachu. So I asked the fan before me. Coincidentally he also wanted to speak with Yucky and wasn’t sure either so he was asking his predecessor, with result that we queued up wrong. Yucky’s line was right next to Nachu’s but it was sooo short that we had failed to see it while waiting in the curvy Nachu-line! Finally in Yucky’s case PASSPO queues are like ever. Though I doubt that she is much proud of this fact. But this just proves, that good taste is limited to only a certain amount of people! Nevertheless me and the other fan were now queuing up correctly, already being number 3 and 4 in line, so my turn came fast. Yucky immediately realized me wearing her shirt which lead to an even bigger smile of her she would have anyway. Her standing on the platform made her a tad bigger than me which took some getting used to. I started the conversation with me saying it was the last time I see her (as I would fly home the next day). She must have interpreted it the way that I thought it was PASSPO‘s last appearance at TIF, because she shook her head and told me about their show at Smile Garden later. This time I adjusted quick to the situation and replied that I would go there of course to see them. As the 15 seconds came to an end I added that I will be back for their one-man-flight at Shinjuku Blaze. We then had to part.

I left the Greeting Area fast and was therefore able to see Ayumikurikamaki on Festival Stage. But I had to stand farther away as the show had already begun. After it ended I bought me something to eat in the DiverCity Mall and made my way to Smile Garden. Arriving there I was shortly contemplating of lining up for Sky Stage. Bellring Shoujo Heart would appear there soon. But as the queue was long and moving slow again I wouldn’t probably made it in time: For Bellring on Sky Stage and for PASSPO at Smile Garden also, as you never knew how fast you could go downn from Sky Stage either. Ayumikurikamaki had there next show in the near Enjoy Stadium, but it would end only 5 minutes before PASSPO‘s performance. I didn’t want to risk a delay. So I took position in Smile Garden wristband area. Not the best choice as Babyraids would perform soon. Just to bad I missed Afilia Saga because of the PASSPO event. Good that I saw them at least on Day 1. Anyway Vanilla Beans were now performing and after they left many fans in Smile Garden did the same which made me able to get closer to the front. But as Babyraids started I realized that standing in the middle, very close to the stage, was not the best idea, as I experienced hard pushing/moshing for the first time. But it soon eased down and I could enjoy the show. This time Babyraids had a better setlist than their Hot Stage one, though they again played Tiger Soul, my least favourite. But otherwise it was a great show and I realized it was slowly beginning to get dark. Great for PASSPO later as then I could put my light stick to work.


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