TIF 2014 – Part 5 (end)

When the time for PASSPO at Smile Garden arrived I was pushed to the centre near the stage by a mass of people. And this pushing wouldn’t stop. There were even people throwing light sticks. It was very unpleasant and bodies so close together in the summer heat was drenching me completely in sweat. But the worst was yet to happen – in the struggle to stay upright and not getting pushed to the ground, someone came in contact with my face which lead to my glasses being thrown away, consequently getting lost in the chaos. Some fans around me noticed what happened and made room for me, but all my searching was in vain. I soon gave up. The positive effect of it was that I now had room to leave the centre for a more quieter space, watching the show coming to end, without being able to clearly see the girls perform. It was my last live on this trip, it began with PASSPO and ended with them, though sadly on a bad note.

Well, shit happens. It at least became a challenge to do everyday tasks without sharp eyesight and travel to the airport and fly back home under this condition – and I managed this assignment quite successfully. But back to TIF. I met with Tsutomo right after who had been standing on the sidelines during the show. QwiksXnd also soon joined us. Together we strolled around the area a bit to find me an optician, where I let me produce a pair of glasses for reading purposes. (They became quite useful during my flight.) Later we decided to eat at the Diver City Mall as its food court was still open, eating some takoyaki, respectively yakisoba. When we left the mall I was surprised that there was no sign of the Festival Stage anymore – it was already dismantled, two hours after TIF officially ended. Quick work, really! It was time to say goodbye now, for me at least. As QwiksXnd would be staying another week, he and Tsutomo planned to meet up the next days. We shook hands, hopefully meeting again soon, maybe at the next TIF?!? It was honestly very pleasant with you, guys!

What remains of my humble TIF recap is now a list of the groups I saw on this two days and those I missed.

Groups I saw, in no specific order:
Ready to Kiss (generic but quite enjoyable)
Tokyo Girls’ Style (music is strange, but their performance is fantastic)
Afilia Saga (GREAT, sexy dresses)
Yumemiru Adolescence (nothing special)
Predia (GREAT!)
Vanilla Beans (I can appreciate their Sixties influenced music and outfits)
Mai Kotone (solo idol)
Splash (Group of lolis, much to young. Music was okay though.)
Nice Girl Trainees (even younger than Splash)
Plastic 2 Mercy (RECOMMEND – I posted their video under this post.)
Palet (PASSPO’s sister group. Okay, but nothing more.)
Dorothy Little Happy (very good)
Party Rockets (GREAT)
Shizukaze & Kizuna (good rock unit)
Negicco (blah)
Bellring Shoujo Heart (LOVE – nuff said)
Babyraids (always a pleasure)
Up Up Girls (Kakkokari) (Good music)
Ayumikurikamaki (Fun, Fun, Fun!!!)
Sakura Gakuin (not my cup of tea, too young also)
Denpagumi Inc. (DENPA FOR THE WORLD!!!)
STARMARIE (enjoyable)
The Possible (nothing special)
Rinne Yoshida (young solo idol)

Groups I wanted to see but didn’t:
Weather Girls (I have their calendar on my wall)
LinQ (for their reputation)
Idoling!!! (for their reputation)
Tsuki to Taiyou
Lovely Doll (they were great at Idol Koushien)
La Pom Pon (someone declared them the best pop group of all time)
Hime Carat

A few examples:


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