TIF 2014 – Part 3

At Day 2 my outfit was the following: My member shirt of Yucky (with her face on it) and my PASSPO Towel put around my head as sun blocker. The last decision was not thought through the end, as I now I didn’t have anything for towel song, you know, the ones were you wave your towel around in the air. Well, well, well… Other (mostly negative) experiences would follow. But we come to that in time. The first show on my schedule was Party Rockets, playing 10:50 on Festival Stage. Very close to the Market Square so I used the chance to look for PASSPO and Ayumikurikamaki goods who weren’t there yesterday as both groups didn’t appear on Day 1. This time I made sure not to stay too long to not miss Party Rockets again. For Ayukuma I bought a shirt and PASSPO one as well, plus Annya banner for my first sister and their Take Off Album. The last one only to get a third akushukai ticket as I had to talk to Annya about her ‘hana takai’ commentary and Yucky, of course. The third I would decide spontaneously. I also took a quick look around the other stalls, but there was nothing else catching my interest. Party Rockets sadly were still sold out on T-Shirts or towels.

I then made my way to Festival Stage and got me a place in 3rd row – perfect! And the Rockets delivered a great performance. Me as well as I now had the experience of two of their lives already. What I did afterwards actually slips my mind but I still remember buying myself a kebab again, as I was close by seeing Palet at Smile Garden. The Sky Stage I sadly never visited once at TIF, not even for PASSPO or later Bellring Shoujo Heart. The queues for the elevator were much too long and I had no intention of waiting hours(!) in the sun, without shadow just for a show of twenty minutes. When on my way for the kebab I ran into an idol, Masami of OS☆U, who approached me with a flyer. We chatted a bit as she wanted to convince me the attend their one-man-live in Nagoya next month. She then started to repeat a word which sounded to me like ‘suita’ (means ‘hungry’ in Japanese). This made no sense to me! Only weeks after it finally dawned on me: She was asking me about ‘Twitter’, only pronouncing it Japanese! – What a revelation! But this makes me actually think how bad my Japanese must sound to them. Have to push this thoughts away… Soon after this encounter I was handed a flyer by Nono of Next Shoujo Jiken. Their concept is really intriguing and I hope to see them some time performing.

After a quick check in the Grand Market to see if Ayumikurikamaki made any events at their stall (they did not) I decided to head to Hot Stage already. PASSPO would perform there at 15:00, followed by Denpagumi Inc., and although it was only 13:30 there would be many other groups before whom I like: Dorothy Little Happy and Up Up Girls. But before I go on I have to comment on the Hot Stage, another failure of organization. The stage was the main one of the festival – only the popular groups would perform there, able to play longer setlist of 30 to 40 minutes. But it only had a small area for wristband holders with three major faults:

  1. It was a complete seated area. So the already tight place was made even smaller.
  2. Non-ticket holders also had access to the stage. This complicated the situation even more, leading to huge crowds. The place was much too small to accommodate even approximately the amount of fans wanting to see its performances, thus interfering with wristband holders, who wouldn’t find a place near the stage.
  3. The whole audience area was made a maze, partially to prevent non-ticket holders to get in and to avoid moshing and the like. But this also made it hard to get around.

All this would result in the following experience:
When I got there the line for wristband holders was already pretty long; the end of it already passed the entrance gate. But as I was very early I had no doubts, that I will soon be in as normally, after a show is ending, fans of the group would leave the area, making room for the next fans. When looking at my mobile, I saw a message by Tsutomo. He finally arrived at the festival and was also lining up for Hot Stage. After some looking around I found him a bit behind me. He then came to me so we could wait together. Tsutomo like me also wanted to see PASSPO and Denpagumi Inc. afterwards and is a huge fan of Up Up Girls, so perfect schedule for him as well. He went home early in the morning with the first subway to shower and sleep a bit – though times. But we soon realized: We were not the only ones liking those groups! Particularly Denpagumi was very popular, being one of the surprise guests of the festival. This lead to the line hardly moving as most fans who were already in wouldn’t leave, thus resulting in no new space for new arriving fans! When we joined the queue, Negicco was performing. Then it was the turn of Dorothy Little Happy but as hardly anyone left the area we only made like 10 meters in the line. Enjoying a show from the side, partially blocked in view by pillars and cameras was nearly impossible. Dorothy’s bad choice of songs added to this. But seeing Mimori again consoled me. Up Up Girls came next, with us still standing on the side lines, far from entry. Tsutomo still enjoyed the show of them. As this was my first time seeing them live I could hardly join him in wotagei. The people around us mostly were unimpressed, as the majority have been fans of Sakura Gakuin, the next group to appear and the one before PASSPO. Still not in the wristband holders area but at least very close to the entrance we had to go through the performance of them. Me at least could enjoy a bit, but mostly because I felt surrounded by their fans and didn’t want my dislike display so obvious as Tsutomo did, hanging like a ‘wet bag’ over the fence, like we would say in Germany. Which was understandable: We were waiting for one and a half hour already, in full exposure of the sun!


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