Idol Koushien at Akasaka BLITZ

Saturday – the day for the first real highlight of my Japan trip this time: Idol Koushien at Akasaka BLITZ, promised to be even better than my last, as it featured a mass of groups, known and unknown, I wanted to see and meet:

Of course the best there is:
Bellring Shoujo Heart (I basically jumped for joy after they announced their participation)
Party Rockets (Best time for events with them, as they are not that crowded than during their Showrooms) Continue reading

Maidreamin’ of some Lovely Doll

After two exhausting days in a row, the Monday with a flight and two idol shows and the Tuesday with a one-day-festival, this Wednesday was a finally more relaxing. I just our time to show my sister some Tokyo sights. The first happens to be Odaiba. It was close to our hotel and she has never been there before. It even gave me the opportunity to show her the TIF area. Everything there looked the same as always, without any reminders from the big festival or the Mezamashi Live. Not even my glasses were to be found. (Yes, I looked for it.) While walking the area I was thinking how great the current weather was: So much more bearable than in summer. Continue reading

Idol Generation Festival

This day was completely reserved for the Idol Generation Vol. 19 Show in Club SEATA, to be started at 13:00. It had a promising line-up: Not only Afilia Saga and Lovely Doll, but even Chu-Z, my first time I would see them live, and READY TO KISS, ‘old acquaintances’ from TIF. I didn’t have tickets yet so getting there early would be my priority which me and my sister did. Fist thing after arriving at the Kichijoji Station: I went the wrong way! I assumed the venue in the close shopping boulevard, but it was actually on the parallel street, right after the Yodobashi. Took some running around for me to realize, but I found it eventually. This meant I came there later than expected, shortly after noon. Still enough time to buy the tickets and grab something to eat, which I hadn’t since the last evening. And that was only McDonald’s, were we all know how filling and lasting that food is. You can imagine how hungry I was already. Continue reading

Alice Juuban

The header should give away my decision of how I would spend my evening that night after the show of Party Rockets. As I am not really a fan of Predia, as their music in general doesn’t fit my tastes and Alice Juuban on the other hand does, the decision was not that hard and I wouldn’t regret it later on, so much I can say. My sister was alright with that, not knowing Predia but at least had heard some of Alice Project‘s output. And for her, the daily shows at PARMS would be another completely new experience. I for myself was hoping to enjoy it more, now knowing how it works. And I had the light hope of meeting Amu finally. As we had some time on our hands, we bought us something to drink and eat at the local conbini and I showed my sister the members of Pa-Ken and OZ we passed on the street, easy to recognize as they already wore their stage outfits. Continue reading

Party Rockets

How glad was I when at last we landed at Narita Airport? You can’t imagine. Now we only had to buy a bus ticket. As we had time (check-in starts only at 15:00) there was no need for Narita Express. The ride was uneventful and boring but we got released near our hotel and could check-in right away. We didn’t last long in our hotel room, as there was a tight schedule already: I needed to go to Shibuya Tower Records to collect my ‘Kasabuta’ Singles I preordered at the last Idol Koushien on August 1th to take part at the Party Rockets event. Then we had to hurry to Akihabara for the Akiba Cultures Theater, where Party Rockets would again hold one of their Monday Shows. Afterwards I still had to decide if I would go to Predia later on, also performing at Akiba or visit PARMS instead. I wasn’t sure about it yet. Continue reading

The next Japan adventure – or not…

As you already know, I was planning to fly from Seoul to Tokyo for spending some time there: Going to idol events, meeting Caio, going to idol events, show my sister the town, and yea, going to idol events. So what could be the worst happening: Nuclear break out in Japan? North Korea suddenly attacking South Korea? Hm, well yes. Sure. But I mean in my case. Think again.

… …
… … …
I help you out here: It would be missing the flight, not because of my mistake but because of terrible mismanagement of a organization responsible for the planning of the ASIAN GAMES. But let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Continue reading

JYP, Myeondong, Busan

The next day we were meeting up with my studying sister, so that we could eat together. We decided for the obvious: Samgyeopsal. Always a pleasure, with all its pork! The rest this day was sightseeing in the inner city, giving my sister her luggage with winter clothes (finally getting rid of this as it was a hell uncomfortable running around with two big suitcases the day we arrived) and accompanying both my sisters this time to JYP. I had to this at least once. We arrived at the station Apgujeong and made our trip alongside all the noble boutiques to Baskin’ Donuts right opposite to the JYP building. But it was already full of female teenagers, even having a bunch of girls sitting outside on the pavement. Continue reading