Idol Merchandize (T-Shirts)

One of my goals in going to Japan is not only to see idols shows and attend their events but also getting me their merchandize, particularly T-Shirts. PASSPO has been the only group so far were I also obtained a towel, light stick, photosets and CDs. As they are not that interesting, I will focus only on the shirts.

1. Fujimoto Yukimi of PASSPO Fanshirt #1 – design

As you can see, its style needs some getting used to. It is kind of girlish with the skirt and the heart, but also very unique. I am just lucky not being a passenger of Makoto, as then it would have been pink! But I like the touch with the name and signature and the group name being at the back. Too bad, Yucky’s face is not on it.

2. Fujimoto Yukimi of PASSPO Fanshirt #2

front only

This is how I prefer my fanshirts: The name of the group is depicted on it and easy to read. The group member is also featured with the full name and an image. What would have make the shirt perfect – if it had been in colour! Anyway I was so happy when I finally found this shirt!

3. PASSPO Fanshirt

front only

Close to perfection – Groupname, the members on it, in colour. Only downside it being an intentional parody / ripoff of KISS, not their own style.

4. PASSPO Tourshirt

No images. Only words on it, and not even in a creative way. The back is nice though, with tour dates and the PASSPO logo. Everything in English as it fits their airline-theme.

5. Steam Girls Fanshirt

On the front you see the group name of Kamen Joshi in Japanese and the logos of the three groups, they consist of: Steam Girls, Alice Juuban, Armor Girls. That is a good touch. The back has the name and logo of Steam Girls in big, with the mouth piece of the mask being of plastic. In general I find the design a bit lacking, even childish in parts. But I like the mask with its broken glass and the hazardous sign.

6. Alice Juuban Fanshirt

The counterpart to Steam Girls, only in black and with the hockey mask on the back. Here the eyes are of plastic and moving (holograph). I would have prefered the group name spelled Juuban.

7. Up Up Girls (Kakkokari) Tourshirt

I only realized after the buy that it was the shirt for their summer tour in 2013. I wouldn’t have bought it then, as I don’t want to leave the impression I attended one of the shows. Otherwise it is great. Although missing images the front has a coloured, big and centered writing of the tour name. On the back you have in big letters the group name and even the logos of the venues where the tour took place. It also has a lot of Japanese writing which shows its origin. Very good. It also came with a wristband (front image, left down side).

8. Ayumikurikamaki Fanshirt

The design is not really my taste, as it is to comic-like and you would never guess by its image that it is a music group. At least is has the short version of the group name in big letters (AKM). The full group name is also there on the front but much too small and thin, so no one would be able to read it. The back is okay though. Although it only having the group name it is written over the shoulders in big simple letters and therefore easy to read. A group picture under it would have been a nice touch.

9. Dorothy Little Happy Fanshirt


Of course the original came without the autograph and it has a back side with the group name on it, but as it is already pinned on my wall and I am too lazy to take it down for a photo you just have to take my word on it. I would have never bought it, then as you can see the design is terrible. Three times summer written on it. Could be designed by any cheap clothing store chain. The group name on its back doesn’t make this any better. But as I got an autograph for buying it, this shirt was sold. Now it looks more than decent!

10. Takami Nao of Babyraids Fanshirt

I am not really satisfied with the design, the front at most. But group shirts were even worse. Now I got Naosuke‘s name and (I suppose) a saying by her on the front, in Japanese. The back side looks fine: some kind of logo and the band name. A picture of Naosuke on the front would have been great, and some colour maybe. So at least ordinary people see, that it is something Japanese.

11. Tokyo Idol Festival Shirt

front only

What a sad design. Only the tiny festival logo on its left side with the date of its occasion. That is all. No back side with the groups attending, no pictures, no words – nothing. If at least the logo would have been bigger and centered. Infzer0 made a nice analysis of it. Take a look (it is at the bottom of the post).

12. Bellring Shoujo Heart Fanshirt

Let us end this post on a high note. Although no picture of the group members it has a big stylized group name on the front which looks amazing. The back has the group name in English and some stuff written in Japanese, accompanied by the image of an raven feather, the groups symbol. A nice gimmick is the mirrored writing, fitting to the groups image.


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