New Trip – My plans so far…

My next trip to Japan is already around the corner: I will take off with my youngest sister to South Korea on Monday, the 15.09.2014, to visit my other sister there, who is a student in Seoul. One week later me and my younger sister will fly to Tokyo again, staying there for the duration of a week until I go back to Seoul for another 7 days. A lot of idol events are possible, some of them already planned. Here is my rough schedule:

In Korea so far is a Kpop Festival in Incheon. T-ara and 4minute are attending, amongst others. Entrance is free and my sister already reserved ticket for it. Now we have to figure out how to go there and more importantly, how to go back to Seoul as we don’t want to stay there overnight. My other sister in Seoul got us tickets for the show of 2PM, a male idol Kpop group. Not my first time, as I already saw them in Paris during Music Bank in 2012. Let’s see if there are more events when I am there. I have no real idea of the idol scene there and my Korean is non-existent. Have to rely on luck and my sister. A trip to Busan is also on the list, as well as cycling at the Hangang River and some hiking on the hills of Seoul. It has been much too long since I saw this great city!

In Tokyo there is daily some idol show to see, but I don’t know if I will do all of it, as some groups I like, but not love. And I want to leave room for other things as well, though not much – Idols have priority, of course! And honestly, after my last trip, just two months ago, I need to be more careful with my money. When will the expected lottery win finally occur?

Party Rockets still have their Monday appearance at AKIBA Cultures. This will be a must see. But before I have to go to Shibuya TOWER Records, to collect my Kasabuta singles I bought at last Idol Koushien in Zepp DiverCity. Would be great if they could sign them but probably not. If there will be an event after their AKIBA show again as well, I will attend it this time for sure! Not only because I will see them again a few days later at another Idol Koushien (read on) but because I have a funny present for Akari! *heh heh* Hopefully getting some nice merchandize of Party Rockets as well.
Afterwards will be another Platinum Showcase, sadly not with PASSPO, but Predia. Not the worst alternative really. I will attend their show if there are still tickets available.

This is tough. On the same day Up Up Girls will have three shows at AKIBA, whereas there is a festival also with groups like Afilia Saga, Lovely Doll, Chu-Z, Ready to Kiss,… Fans of Up Up told me though they won’t do any events, only their ubber-quick akushukais. That is why I tend to the festival here. Afilia‘s new outfits are also very intriguing *heh heh* Another would be to go to the earliest Up Up show and afterwards hurry to the festival. The big names will perform there later anyway…

Lovely Doll has their weekly performance in AKIBA. I could even see them the day before and at Idol Koushien few days later. Don’t know now if I go see them or not.

Here Babyraids perform at their record studio. It seems to be free as well. Chances for an event are also high. The best: I have a fanshirt of Naosuke, so I won’t look like a ignorant gaijin who just happened to walk by.
If it doesn’t work out though I will probably head to PARMS.

Chu-Z has their weekly performance at AKIBA. You see, it is a great place for idol shows and easy to attend. But I am still not familiar with the group. If I go to the festival on the 23th I will check them out and decide then if they are worth the money.

Idol Koushien in Akasaka Blitz!!! The tickets I already bought and they hopefully will await me at my hotel! Many great groups in the line-up: Bellring Shoujo Heart is the best of them, followed by Party Rockets, PassCode, Palet, Fruitpochette, Kamen Joshi, Shizukane & Kizuna,… This will be great. I have to prepare my poor Japanese skills for talks though and I want to buy German presents for the Bellring girls. My wallet will bleed excessively by the events there!
Have a look at the official announcement!

PASSPO one-man-flight in Shinjuku Blaze!!! LE GRAND FINALE!!! And my first Tokyo one-man, as AKIBA doesn’t count as such! Ticket situation is the same as with Idol Koushien: Bought already and for collection at the hotel reception. Again the concert will have 2 parts. Tsutomo told me Part 1 will be the “Idol Session”, Part 2 the “Band Session”. Let’s see what this means! Hopefully, hopefully a event around the concert, too. Akushukai would be enough. That way I can give Yucky a present also. And maybe talk to Naomi, Morishi and Annya again. But if not, the show itself will be fantastic!

Alice Project is on my list too. But as they perform everyday at PARMS and they are also at Idol Koushien, I can decide spontaneously. But I hope to meet Amu at long last. In July she was absent. And as much as I getting from her tweets this could go on for a while. Damn, I even have a present for her… If Maari would be able to give it to her? But then I need to have something for her as well. Satisfying idols is such hard work.

I also want to meet with Tsutomo and eat something good! So one idol show I will have to sacrifice for it. Furthermore I plan to visit the Natural Historic Museum in Ueno for its dinosaurs and extinct animals exhibition. Akihabara and maid cafés, of course. Maybe some shopping as well if the budget allows it.

Anyway I am already excited, the suitcase is packed and I just need to endure one last week at work. If only the long flight wouldn’t be…


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