JYP, Myeondong, Busan

The next day we were meeting up with my studying sister, so that we could eat together. We decided for the obvious: Samgyeopsal. Always a pleasure, with all its pork! The rest this day was sightseeing in the inner city, giving my sister her luggage with winter clothes (finally getting rid of this as it was a hell uncomfortable running around with two big suitcases the day we arrived) and accompanying both my sisters this time to JYP. I had to this at least once. We arrived at the station Apgujeong and made our trip alongside all the noble boutiques to Baskin’ Donuts right opposite to the JYP building. But it was already full of female teenagers, even having a bunch of girls sitting outside on the pavement. But my sisters knew an alternative (I figuered as much): We just went a few meters to the right and took place at the CUBE Café, this being another Korean record label, having 4minute in their ranks for example. It was quite nice, like Starbucks, without the comfy armchairs, but with idol music playing instead of those jazzy background noise you have to listen there. The customers were as expected: all female, rather young – and always on the lookout for idols, walking or driving by, running out the café as soon as someone outside aroused suspicion (meaning, looks like an idol). This also meant, they would leave all there stuff there unintended and, as my sisters explained, some only ‘storaged’ their stuff in the CUBE Café to wait outside at Baskin’ Donuts. Korea must be completely rid of criminals and robbers…




Seoul at Hangang


Seoul at Hangang #2

The day afterwards was nothing special either, just a walk around Myeongdong. I didn’t find anything to buy there (yet), apart from some Korean CDs. For me the new T-ara mini-album End&And (+ Poster), and as presents for Caio the new KARA album plus Poster and a single by Crayon Pop, a Korean idol group, that appears to be more similar to its Japanese counterparts. By the way, Caio is Tsutomo, frequently mentioned here already. As he doesn’t seem to mind having his name exposed, I refrain in future from using his alias. The same with QwiksXnd, whom I will call Shaun from now on.


Nice view in Myeondong


Placat for KARA

The weekend was reserved for a visit to Busan. We got in a KTX train at noon, acompanied by a german friend of my sister, who also studied there. The ride was nice but boring. Great was the free wifi you have in the train. In Busan we met anotgher study companion and strolled a bit around, going into a café, eating Korean and resting until the evening at the coast. Busan itself is a nice city, with a beautiful strand boulevard. We couldn’t see that much though as we after spending the night there, we already had to turn back for Seoul, as me and my sister had to prepare for our trip to Tokyo, packing our stuff and checking out in the evening, as we had to head out early in the morning for our flight.

Some Busan impressions:

IMG_1656 IMG_1657 IMG_1658 IMG_1659 IMG_1663 IMG_1664 IMG_1666


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