Alice Juuban

The header should give away my decision of how I would spend my evening that night after the show of Party Rockets. As I am not really a fan of Predia, as their music in general doesn’t fit my tastes and Alice Juuban on the other hand does, the decision was not that hard and I wouldn’t regret it later on, so much I can say. My sister was alright with that, not knowing Predia but at least had heard some of Alice Project‘s output. And for her, the daily shows at PARMS would be another completely new experience. I for myself was hoping to enjoy it more, now knowing how it works. And I had the light hope of meeting Amu finally. As we had some time on our hands, we bought us something to drink and eat at the local conbini and I showed my sister the members of Pa-Ken and OZ we passed on the street, easy to recognize as they already wore their stage outfits.

Getting tickets was easy again and being in the hall again felt great. The performing groups this day would be Pa-Ken (three-piece), OZ, Alice Juuban, Armor Girls (three-piece) and Steam Girls (four-piece). Now in retrospect I am confused, as Monday shows should be the free day for Armor Girls or Steam Girls. But I am certain, Sara Kurose was there, as a fan I talked to after the show made a cheki with her. And I remember clearly that I was wondering, why Amaki Jun wasn’t there with Armour Girls. That is why Alice Project is so confusing. I want my Only-Alice-Juuban-Show now!

Anyway the evening was great as all the groups tend to play songs I like, which means they played the more rockish numbers. OZ was really a blast that evening, only having one song that night, but performed with high energy. If they would do more like that, I could maybe like them too. But as it stands, Alice Juuban is still the only group in the franchise I really like and follow. I don’t count Kamen Joshi in, as they have a special stand as a super group but I consider them as kind of doppelganger to Alice Juuban anyway. Their similar styles speaks for itself. With the other groups I either don’t like their sound (Armor Girls), or I miss the identity in their repertoire. I don’t like it when groups interchanging between the genres of their songs. Super Girls are good in it. They stay Super Girls, regardless if they perform a rockish ‘Dream Seeker’ or a poppy ‘Puri Puri Summer’. Dorothy Little Happy are the opposite example. I can never listen long to the latter because of it. That is the reason, why I know the names of the Alice Juuban members, but hardly anyone else in Alice Project. Let’s see, that would be Sara Kurose and Amaki Jun were I even know the image to the name. For Kamiya Erina and Tsukino Moa I only know their full name but wouldn’t recognize them if they walked by. There is also some Manami and girls that sound like Miso (soup), Misa and/or Risa.

Alice Juuban started its slot with ‘Happy Bade’. As soon as I heard the intro bass line I was hooked. They also performed ‘Mad Crog’, also a favourite of mine. The rest was the general bunch. Good they didn’t do ‘Fly High’ as I don’t like this song. It is much too mediocre and lush for this group. After the show I was approached by some Japanese fans, three guys and a girl, who was an exact look-a-like to Amaki Jun. I even told her that. She denied but thanked me and was obviously very pleased to hear it. She is a big fan of PARMS, going there quite often and took some chekis with girls from Pa-Ken and OZ. The other guys were brand new to it but seemed to like it. One of them was a bit overwhelmed but the other two started taking chekis with Nodoka Sakura and Sara Kurose. It is always nice to see new fans. I for myself looked out for Amu of course, but still she seemed to be ill. Luckily she still posts in her Twitter and assured that she will be back anytime soon. So no chance of talking with her again. Too bad, as she is an idol with some similar interests than me: She likes rock music, though the more the heavier style and most important: Dinosaurs. These are an interest of mine since childhood. Should make for some conversation value. As if the fact, that I already went two times to Japan this year, partly to see her, isn’t enough already. But thinking of the language barrier it is never wrong to have more themes to talk about. As things were, I again decided on a cheki with Maari. As expected she didn’t remember me, but was still nice as ever, although having the habit to talk to me at the same time we were posing for the cheki. Always interesting how she can smile so big and talk so nice and during MCs and in videos she mostly keeps quiet and looks disinterested. Reminds me of PASSPO‘s Makochan and is a stark contrast when you see her on stage with the other girls and someone like Anna Tachibana is smiling without stopping. Still her behaviour seems to be more out of boredom of having nothing to do than disliking the activity. I can relate to this. She is only human anyway. (Of course, Maari, you are really an angel, but I feel the need to make some understatements here.)

Maari (and Anna in the back)

Later I bought some Akiba Sandals as a gift for a friend and decided on a unit cheki with Alice Juuban. This is always overwhelming when in this case 6 girls suddenly approach you, each asking you something and you don’t know where to turn your head first. What I made out of it: Nanaka is really cute, Kanon is as genki as she looks and Yuki knew, after Nodoka required my nationality, to say the German greeting ‘Guten Tag’. (Mental note: Talk to Yuki some time to ask her about it.) I was even able to bring Amu up in the conversation as they were asking me how I did know them. So I explained that I looked them up in the internet after Amu began following me on Twitter. This resulted in shouts of “Awww, Amu-chan?!?” (Maybe Amu-nyan, not sure. Too many idols around to really concentrate.) But too bad, too less time. Would be fun to have some more minutes to talk with them as it was quite interesting, holding a conversation half in Japanese, half in English and having no clue how a unit cheki works. This became obvious when I was asked, who should sign the cheki. That surprised me, as I find this a bit over the top. If I want an autograph I do a regular cheki with the girl, and don’t let her sign a group shot, right? But anyway I had to choose. Now I made a mistake: I wanted to give me more time in deciding, as I was completely uncertain: Maari‘s autograph I already had. As it is a group shot I could go with the leader Nodoka. But the center Anna would be fitting as well. But I like Kanon and Yuki spoke German to me. And why did I forget about Nanaka already? So I started with pointing to Maari and say in English: “Maari’s I already have…”, wanting to exclude her from the equation and continue with another member, BUT: my sentence was promptly interrupted and resulted in all the girls shouting “It’s Maari!”. Well, no, but you can not successfully argue with girls, can you? I also didn’t want to stall the situation any longer so I went with it. But now I have a new problem: After all this commotion will Maari remember me? If she does, she must think that she is my favourite member. Although for me she was just the substitute for Amu. This means I can not become a fan of Amu if I happen to meet her on my next trips, as this would mean I have to break an established idol-fan relationship and start a completely new one with unknown results. Maybe I should buy myself a false beard and sunglasses for next time?

Unit Shot with Alice Juuban

All in all it was much fun and even my sister agreed with me, as she was hoping to go there again. This will have to wait for our next trip though. Hopefully the Alice Project won’t become to similar to AKB48, a concept and group I hate, and sticks to its fan friendly attitude.


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