Idol Generation Festival

This day was completely reserved for the Idol Generation Vol. 19 Show in Club SEATA, to be started at 13:00. It had a promising line-up: Not only Afilia Saga and Lovely Doll, but even Chu-Z, my first time I would see them live, and READY TO KISS, ‘old acquaintances’ from TIF. I didn’t have tickets yet so getting there early would be my priority which me and my sister did. Fist thing after arriving at the Kichijoji Station: I went the wrong way! I assumed the venue in the close shopping boulevard, but it was actually on the parallel street, right after the Yodobashi. Took some running around for me to realize, but I found it eventually. This meant I came there later than expected, shortly after noon. Still enough time to buy the tickets and grab something to eat, which I hadn’t since the last evening. And that was only McDonald’s, were we all know how filling and lasting that food is. You can imagine how hungry I was already.

Tickets were soon bought. I was asked, who my favourite group was and although I knew that if I answered ‘Lovely Doll’ I would get a free akushukai ticket. But instead I was replying with ‘Ready to Kiss’ because this group I actually saw live in a proper way. Of course, they had no free event ticket. Figured. Well, wouldn’t have known what to talk anyway, as I don’t even know one member by name. My current intention was now to get something to eat, so me and my sister turned back for the restaurants close by – but we were told, that after buying the tickets we had to go into the venue RIGHT AWAY! An obvious foreigner working for Club SEATA even explained me this in English, so there was no choice. Still I am out of ideas why I couldn’t enter the venue later on. It wouldn’t even have been re-entering, as I hadn’t been inside the venue. Strange rules here…

Nothing to do about, we had to rely on our tough stamina *cough*, the bar for drinks and some cookies, my sister luckily had in her bag. I tell you beforehand, that this day would be very difficult to handle, as the hunger was big. We mostly stayed out of participation during the live and clawed ourselves near the wall, so that we won’t fall down from exhaustion. Well, a bit exaggeration here, but it wasn’t very pleasant. Even stranger, when my hearing became disturbed later in the day because of the missing nutrition, and the music sounded just off. The stress of an idol fan. But again I learned something: Never go to a festival without some supply. Luckily this on would only last 7 hours. Yeah. I guess…

The venue was very small and had this big balk at the ceiling, which didn’t interfere with the view, but was annoying anyway. The stage was, certainly because of it, relatively low, so the whole evening I could see the people on stage only up from their hips. Don’t know how much people fit in but I guess the room wasn’t bigger than AKIBA Cultures Theater. What was even worse: The aisle to the venue, and the place, where the majority of events would take place was only a narrow pipe. So every time I was going to the toilet or to the bar I had to advance through a huge crowd. That was no fun at all and destroyed my hope of having a place to sit down and rest once in a while. Because of these circumstances I refused on participating at events this day. Even the ones from the bigger groups (Afilia Saga, Moso Calibration,…), that were held after the festival in the stage area, was overrun as expected, giving my neither time or space to figure out the event system.

The festival itself was great though with a fantastic audience and energetic performances, definitely evoked by the closeness of stage and fans. This even lead to the experience that I could enjoy every performance, even though some were not my style in general. Positively mentioned should be Stella Beats and Luce Twinkle Wink, sister groups of Lovely Doll, which I would happen to see again on this trip. Then there would be a group that to my knowledge is transliterated to Seishun Gakuen (青SHUN学園). Their gimmick: Although starting as a regular all-female idol group, they have a male member which looks like a male idol, starting to perform with them (The ‘SHUN’ in the group name). Not only that, he soon adopted the lead vocals and started to animate the crowd, successfully: Stage-diving, getting carried on the shoulders of fans, going to the center with some girls and performing there, even making wotagei, which the fans around immediately adapted – great show, I must admit! Youtube has a video of a full show of the group, even at the same venue. Check it out. He appears first around the 47 minutes time frame. Don’t ask me about the small kids in the video. They were not there that evening.

Another group I actually knew from my last Idol Koushien at Zepp DiverCity and TIF was Flap Girls School. Again I came to like their sound and performance, which was similar to Lovely Doll or READY TO KISS. Maybe I should take part at their events sometime. Only thing is that no member actually was memorable for me. But I could go with the tall one who has her hair coloured blonde. Finding out her name should be easy. The bigger names on the tableau also convinced me with a good show: Afilia Saga again wore their hot outfit I already knew from TIF, with my sister being astounded just how small Kohime is. She was also really impressed by Lovely Doll. Same as me, who for the first time saw them that close. Chu-Z became hit and miss. I like their K-Pop influenced songs, like ‘Bow Wow’ or ‘Boombastic’, but their other material fell flat on me. Still a nice group, though I probably will never become a Chupet.

After the festival me and my sister finally got us something to eat: Pizza at an Italian restaurant. Its taste was less than mediocre though, but it was SOMETHING! That is all for the day. For completions sake (and maybe later remedy) I post the line-up for the festival:

愛乙女★DOLL (Lovely Doll)
アフィリア・サーガ (Afilia Saga)
青SHUN学園 (Seishun Gakuen)
妄想キャリブレーション (Moso Calibration)
Stand-Up! Hearts
Luce Twinkle Wink☆
フラップガールズスクール (Flap Girls School)
青山☆聖ハチャメチャハイスクール (Aoyama St. Hachamecha High School)
アイドルカレッジ (Idol College)


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