Maidreamin’ of some Lovely Doll

After two exhausting days in a row, the Monday with a flight and two idol shows and the Tuesday with a one-day-festival, this Wednesday was a finally more relaxing. I just our time to show my sister some Tokyo sights. The first happens to be Odaiba. It was close to our hotel and she has never been there before. It even gave me the opportunity to show her the TIF area. Everything there looked the same as always, without any reminders from the big festival or the Mezamashi Live. Not even my glasses were to be found. (Yes, I looked for it.) While walking the area I was thinking how great the current weather was: So much more bearable than in summer.

As noon was near we looked for something to eat at DiverCity, after taking a photograph of my sister before the big Gundam statue. I remembered the restaurant there that sold yakisoba, so we went there for some classical Japanese food. And damn, what a great feeling of finally being able to eat on time again. Later we took a stroll in the mall and decided to take a break at the Maidreamin’ Maid Café that has a branch there. Although I don’t like the concept of those as it is too cute for my tastes, it is always an experience. And I have to go to one of those cutesy chains some time. Otherwise I can’t really say I visited Japan, right? What was positive: The same maid I met there in the summer was around as well: Lily. She wasn’t what you would call beautiful but she spoke a decent English which made our stay there much easier.

The Maid Lily (it is not the photo I won)

To my disappointment not only was the maid the only one around but also we were the only customers. This meant the following: Our maid was bored and therefore inclined to talk with us non-stop. Which sounds nice but if you are supposed to eat AND talk at the same time, it becomes slightly annoying. Add to that the fact of her constantly using the English phrase ‘Thank you’ for finishing her sentences or when giving us our food. But she was very kind (of course) and we talked a lot. Here are some examples:

– She doesn’t know PASSPO 😦
– But the cook that day knew Afilia Saga. She didn’t.
– She likes AKB 😦 😦 😦
– There is Disney World AND Disney Sea in Tokyo area.
– Apparently in Japan the Disney bear ‘Duffy’ seems to be very famous. We didn’t know him, so she showed us on her mobile phone.

Of course we took a maid cheki, but my sister has the Polaroid so I can not post it here. We also participated in the lottery which won my sister a Maidreamin’ lighter whereas I won a maid photo. Here you can choose a signed photo of your favourite maid for free. As I didn’t know any other maids there I just chose Lily, although she herself proclaimed herself as ugly. Have more self-confidence, girl! All in all it was an enjoyable ride again, with great ice cream. I think I try to visit this Maidreamin’ next trip again, even if just to see if Lily is there.

From Odaiba we then continued to Ikebukuro, were my sister wanted to go to the observatory in Sunshine City. Here I showed her the fountain stage were idol events take place. Sadly not on that day. The observatory was practically empty, maybe because the weather was very foggy. Still it provided a nice view over Tokyo and not having to deal with huge crowds is a plus as well. As we still had time afterwards we bought tickets for the aquarium. This though turned out to be rather small. A great addition was the little zoo on the outside part of the aquarium: It featured besides pelican’s and seals some katta’s, an armadillo, and an anteater, which were all pretty active.

Now, after all this relaxing amusement, it was time for another idol event. Tonight being the regular Lovely Doll showcase at AKIBA Cultures. Little did I know, that Stella Beats and Luce Twinkle Wink are sister groups and they would perform there tonight as well. Luckily I already knew them from yesterday and they even were to my liking. Because neither me nor my sister knew each group that well, we this time chose to seat ourselves. The show then became very entertaining with the participation of several groups. Lovely Doll even wore their new, as they call it, ‘sexy’ outfit they incorporated for their new single ‘Bargain Girl’, for the first time. Yeah, another event were I witnessed ‘idol history’, after seeing PASSPO performing for the first time in their ‘Himawari’-outfit back in Osaka. Even years later I can now brag about those occassions as it is SOOO important. But I have to admit, the outfit is nice: Them wearing leatherly Hot Pants and Tops, that left the belly area free. Still I am more a fan of their more cute yellow-orange skirts they usually wear. Leave the sexyness for Brazilian wotas and first-row-peaking Americans! *cough*

As I already mentioned before my sister was very attired to Lovely Doll. After the show I therefore went to the merchandize stand to buy her the group shirt (orange with palm motive on it) and me a yellow member shirt, as Yuriko left the best impression on me (tall, long legs). This turned out to be a good choice, then as I was inquiring what to buy for a cheki, I was told that the purchase of two shirts already provides me with two event tickets, which combined could be used for one cheki. Lucky! The event itself was something different again: There was a group akushukai, were you even had like 10 seconds to talk for each member, similar to ones Party Rockets does. You just had to line up. Also there was a unit cheki. If I had known I would have asked for this instead of the individual as it would have allowed me to not choose a specific, more or less unknown member for me, avoiding a maybe embarrassing talk to her. And there would be six nice girls in the photo. Oh well. The individual ones are better still as here the idol really gives you attention.

During the unit shot it became difficult: Obviously fans where lining up, which means seating themselves at the benches in queues. These were distinguished by the name plates of the group members. What I couldn’t make out if this was for a later individual cheki event or if they have that, an individual akushukai event. Nevertheless I took my chances. As I am already not used to the Japanese writing of the names of PASSPO members, you can assume that with this relatively new group it was far more difficult. I at least new their names and could therefore exclude Miyu and Kana, as their given names was written in hiragana, which means readable. So I tried my luck, went to the other side of the venue and asked a person, holding a name plate right in front the stage, if this is the line for chekis. He affirmed my question and was telling me this was the line for ‘Sano-san’. Luck again, as this was the last name of Yuriko, the member I was looking for. I told him that I also wanted a cheki with her and was then allowed to sit next to him, taking the name plate now to show others I am the last in line. Reminded me of Bellring Shoujo Heart.

The line got longer over time which was good, as I wasn’t the last one anymore. Soon after the unit chekis were finished and the individual chekis began, following this concept: Three members of the group had their turn and five fans of each of their lines were allowed to queue up. The first member, for example Yuki, would then start to take the photos with the five fans using a Polaroid. After that photos with the next member would start. In the meantime the fans of Yuki would proceed to a table where they would hand out their Polaroid to Yuki for her to sign it, allowing a quick chat again. If the first three members were finished with their turn, it continued for the other three. This was repeated until the finish. This concept didn’t allow me to recognize who the most favourite member of the group is, something that always interests me. But it was a great revelation to even see them sign the cheki, for the same ticket. New groups in their fan-fishing-era are so superior!

Already two turns for Yuriko were over and I was now the first in line for her. Damn. I wanted to observe someone in front of me so I could just copy their behaviour. And it would have relieved me from the pressure to realize when my turn for lining up was starting. Nothing to do about that, so I already searched for some topics in my mind to talk about, while attentively listening to my surrounding to not miss the signal for queueing up. It turned out my fears were unnecessary. I heard the man in charge calling out ‘Sano-san’ and was even notified by a nice fan next to me to stand up. As with every event my heart began to beat faster as it is always a gamble: Will the meeting be fun or will I embarrass myself? This time I can proudly tell you: Success! Yuriko wore the new outfit and because of the high heels she appeared even taller, so it really became an eye-to-eye talk. I can not tell if she was surprised seeing a foreigner there but Yuriko greeted me with high energy, asking if it was my first time seeing Lovely Doll. I told her that I already saw them during TIF, which isn’t exactly true. But it was shorter to say than ‘Idol Koushien Zepp DiverCity‘. She seemed delighted to hear it. We then took the cheki, she herself making the suggestion of the heart pose. The photographer then handed me out the Polaroid and we waved goodbye – to soon meet up again at the table. While I was waiting the Yuriko fan next in line greeted me and told me to hold the photo between both hands. This way the photo will develop faster than if just shaking it. I tried this, mainly to be polite for the suggestion, but couldn’t experience any better effect. The Polaroid was still mostly white when I handed it back to Yuriko. Still Lovely Doll fans turn out to be really nice. If there would be an award for it, I would vote for them! Yuriko appeared soon afterwards and signed the cheki, inquiring me about my name. I told her ‘Tobi’ ad even spelled it to her, but it went wrong anyway. Well, ‘Tobby’ is nice to. Sounds like someones favourite teddy bear. And a girl like Yuriko can call me any way she wants. We then parted, this time for the real goodbye.

Yuririn ❤

In the evening, while checking my Twitter, Yucky of PASSPO just posted, that she was currently in Korea. More specific: Hong Dae, Seoul. That means she is excactly in the area where my hotel in Seoul is located! @#&%ing irony: I go to Japan to see PASSPO again, with staying in Seoul some days before and when I am in Tokyo, my favourite idol writes about being in Korea. Okay, I doubt I would have run into her or even recognized her, but still it is a pity with this coincidences.

I wonder if anyone got the wordplay in the header…


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