GIN – General Idol News


After being scolded for not writing about recent idol events that matter to me, I decided to give it a try and talk about anything that comes to mind in that regard; fully aware that my knowledge will be very limited, as I have hardly good resources. At least no English ones. I thought about the following structure: First part with thoughts about my three favourite groups: PASSPO, Bellring Shoujo Heart and Party Rockets. This followed by other idol news. Later general information, hopefully idol related as well, like preparations for my next Japan trip and the like. And so it begins… Continue reading

Logic and some Korean impressions

Traveling back to Seoul from Tokyo was uneventful. As we were going IN the country there seemed to be no need for tighter security. A bit strange, if you think about it: When getting OUT of Korea, you and your luggage will be checked severely because of the Asian Games, but when you are entering and be an even more potential security risk, no ones cares. But I never had that much of a logical mind to understand such reasonings. Continue reading