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After being scolded for not writing about recent idol events that matter to me, I decided to give it a try and talk about anything that comes to mind in that regard; fully aware that my knowledge will be very limited, as I have hardly good resources. At least no English ones. I thought about the following structure: First part with thoughts about my three favourite groups: PASSPO, Bellring Shoujo Heart and Party Rockets. This followed by other idol news. Later general information, hopefully idol related as well, like preparations for my next Japan trip and the like. And so it begins…

In a radio show they played their new song ‘Tracks’ for the first time, which will appear on their Best-Of-Album, also named ‘Tracks’, to be released on the Decembre 10th. I only listened a bit to it, as I am so used *snob mode ON* to my BOSE sound system that everything else, especially a recording from a radio show, sounds like a bad demo for me *snob mode OFF*. Well, so far I find it generic. I don’t like the heavy use of the keyboard. Sounds too Eighties for me. And I don’t like that time period. No decade had a worse sense of music and fashion than this. I will judge the song when I hear it live and own it on CD.

Yucky, Naomin, Morishi and Nachu have founded a sub unit called Hachake Sensation, which will have their first own shows starting Novembre. It looks like it will be similar to their appearances during the PASSPO Flights. Something to look out for as it features my 3 favourite members. Nachu is also okay *grin*

I am totally excited for their New Years Show already. But otherwise there is nothing to talk about. Only that I fell in love with the song ‘Pink no Parachute’, a Makochan song. Bad timing really.

2. Bellring Shoujo Heart
They will eventually do a One-Man at Akasaka BLITZ on January 2nd! One day after the PASSPO live! Oh, how I hope that it will be. This would not even mean my first big show for the group, but also two days in a row with two One-Man, and both of groups that I regard as the ‘Cream of the Top’ when it comes to idols. If Party Rockets would do a One-Man on January 3rd, the start of the new year couldn’t be any better. But let’s concentrate on the Bellring show for now. As I said, it is still not certain. I even asked Yuka about it via Twitter, but she only confirmed to me that it is still undecided. Let’s cross fingers! If Caio would buy me tickets for this show as well? Hmm… Needless to say that even if there were doubts before, Yuka is my Bellring oshi now. Sometimes you can not just go by looks.

Another great news: I found a Youtube clip with a recent Mini Live of them. They also perform two new songs in there – one which I would call a circus number, typical psychedelic Bellring stuff and the other one a pretty hard rocker, their heaviest number to date.
Enjoy! Bellring starts at 15:30. But you should watch the first group じゅじゅ as well. A very nice Metal unit, that I have mentioned in the forum a few times already.

Mizuho seems to be also part of a new group called ‘Escalator or Elevator’. They just released the single ‘Entrance EP’. But I can’t find any source for it.

Also Bellring will release a new single on Octobre 31st, named ‘EPEPEP’. They even announced their second album *YIIIIIIHAAAAAAA!!!!* It will be released on December 23rd and be named ‘Undo the Union’. A tour will accompany the release, hopefully with the above mentioned one at Akasaka BLITZ.

3. Party Rockets
Nothing new I haven’t already written here. Their first One-Man will be soon on Novembre 15th. The release of their first album is scheduled for Decembre 17th. NO news if they do something in regards of release events or even a tour. No plans for the new year as well. But the news of the album release is already great!

But I found on Youtube a segment of their Rockin’ Monday Showroom at AKIBA Cultures, the show I went to on Septembre 22nd. Here they perform ‘Setsuna Sora’. If you can see fear in their eyes it is probably the moment they have seen me in the audience.


As you can see, I have to save quite an amount of money just for this three groups. The downside of the Christmas season. But I gladly except it!


Other idol news:

Lovely Doll will also release their new single ‘Bargain Girl’ on the 26th of Novembre.

Listened quite a bit to Next Shoujo Jiken‘s first single ‘Hanamizu’ and after some struggle it slowly grew on me. Especially ‘Adolescence’ was difficult to get into. Still I can not comprehend any line in their all-English-song ‘Chaotic 2Step’, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. I have the impression they are still not sure which way to go, as the name giving 3rd song ‘Hanamizu’ has a completely different style than the other tracks. More punk as opposed to the metal start. And their singing needs some pushing. They sound much too quiet and even shy. But we will see. So far my request for Caio to get me the CD and a fan shirt was worth it.

I am getting more interested in the above mentioned じゅじゅ, as there are finally clips of them on Youtube. In addition to the link I posted above in the Bellring Shoujo Heart topic I found two other: Both of them from Idol Koushien events that I went to and witnessed! Isn’t that unbelievable?!? I added them already in my blog but will do it here again.

I also hope for some new releases by PiiiiiiiN.

Up Up Girls started to do proper events, with chekis and all. A step in the right direction.

I am now followed on Twitter by new Alice Project girl Katahina Reria. Just the general following though all their new members seem to do. She looks cute, but far too much make-up for her age. Typical lolicon (She is 14, if I am correct.) But every idol that follows me gets my full support! What a sad life…
To stay on the Alice Project topic: Amu seems to be slowly coming back, visiting Kamen Joshi‘s second One-Man in Zepp Tokyo recently. Here is hope that I can meet her in winter, finally!
Maari is cute as ever and will now stay my oshi in Alice Juuban. Why? Because she tweeted that she loves PASSPO. What do I need to know more? Anyway Alice Juuban seems to do frequent 1 hour sets at PARMS now. This I GEMtastic, as I enjoy a proper live more than a Mini Live. But seriously: What is it with Japanese girls and Hello Kitty? Too much pink, too much cute, too much whatever…

Still haven’t really listened to Doll Elements. A group which for a certain someone could even outrange La Pom Pon.


General News:

I talked with Expedia about my already booked trip to Japan, which will be from Decembre 31st to January 5th. If I would change my booking now I would only pay about 15 Euros more. Now I am really contemplating if I fly earlier to Japan, maybe the 27th already AND stay longer, up until the 10th would be possible. Thing is: I will be in Seoul from Decembre 20th on and want to see some K-Pop End-of-the-Year shows, hopefully even T-ara. But as there is nothing scheduled so far I am more intrigued for going to Japan. Tsutomo and QwiksXnd also have no schedule yet, so I don’t know if staying in Japan longer will be worth it if I can’t meet them in that ‘bonus’-time. Of course Japanese idol schedules are also still unannounced. And who knows how long I can get the cheap price for changing my flight. But I don’t want to book to early in case there will be a late announcement of another idol event I want to see (Party Rockets).


10 thoughts on “GIN – General Idol News

  1. see? I think it turned quite good. start doing posts like this and your blog will soon enough become relevant and start attracting visitors. more than that, it gives a more professional look to it and helps you increase your journalistic skills. (which will serve for… for… maybe get some special badge in one Pokemon gym? I dunno rofl)

    but please call me tsutomo, okay? .___.

    • Well, as Yucky and Sacotee have their own journal, improving journalistic skills will increase my chances with them, don’t you think? jk
      I try to keep such posts up and take more interest in what is happening in idol fantasy land. Have to find some topics so, I can relate with.

  2. I agree, maybe you could do a Monthly GIN post. And photoshop a cartoon GIN bottle with a J-pop theme for the header photo.

    I looooooove Piiiiiiin. My oshiiiiiiimen is Emeriiiiiii. Cool is just as important as cute.

    but please call me Charlemagne Rockefeller-Santiago IV, okay? 😀

    • Thanks for the idea. Let’s see what I can do. I am bad a photoshop and like my current header 😉

      You love PiiiiiiiN? Shaun, seriously, you are AWESOME! But damn, I assumed Risu to be your oshiGEM in my other post…
      But I decided on an Doll Elements oshi now – Yukino!

  3. Oh I meant a lead photo just for future GIN posts. The main blog header is fine. I would never make a suggestion to change the overall look of your blog.

    I’ve been rewatching the Piiiiiiin videos you posted and I could totally imagine having a similar experience if I had been there. Good thing they weren’t performing while you were away from the stage! Just based on their intro videos at their website I liked Emiri, but I’ll have to see them in person to lock in a favorite. I really hope there will be events like Idol Koushien during our trip. And I would have never guessed Yukino would have been your favorite.

    • With Yukino it is the same as you and Emiri – have to see her in person to be sure. I only have your videos an the pictures on the official site. But why hadn’t you expect me liking Yukino?

      • You’ve mentioned before you like slender idols with long legs. That description wouldn’t really apply to Yukino 🙂 She’s the more “voluptuous” one. She’s cool though, the more videos I watch, she is actually the most genki member in the group (or at least tied with Runa). Even though I favor a certain type of idol who has a combination of the following traits: cute/weird/cool/funny, there are always exceptions. And I’ve also found it difficult to predict the kind of groups and idols we are all into. I’m actually often surprised at the groups we like and dislike. For instance, I don’t like “traditional” idol groups, yet SUPER GiRLS were my favorite for a long time.

      • Hm, in the videos she didn’t look that way but who knows what Japanese count as voluptuous. And why shouldn’t there be an exception for me too? The live and maybe a talk with her will decide.

        I agree with predictions: I was surprised that Caio likes BiS and Passpo but refrains from Bellring and likes Up Up. With you it is the same, dissing Lovely Doll 😛 But I can see a pattern in your choices.
        Don’t understand the ‘traditional’ part though: Aren’t GEM or Doll Elements not considered traditional too? If you imply the music style, fashion and behaviour of the group.

  4. Oh yeah, I was saying all of us have exceptions.

    GEM refers to themselves as a “dance and vocal” group, which is a similar genre as Fairies and E-girls (and perhaps predia). Each of those groups have very different music styles though. Doll Elements are traditional. These classifications are mainly for hardcore fans though, who want to differentiate the groups they like. Ultimately they are all J-pop groups.

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