Idol Fan Shirts

I bought new fan shirts and therefore will do another evaluation of it. In general I am more or less as disappointed as last time but let’s do it one by one.

1. Party Rockets – fanshirt

Party Rockets new shirt is one of the better examples: Nice and eye-catching design, despite the heavy use of pink. Here it doesn’t come out to sissy-like, as the big white stylized letters of the group name give a welcome contrast. Not sure why they used the heraldic french lily, but I guess Japanese don’t care as much for history or how it fits the occasion, just if it works for their purposes (like the “pentagram”). Here admittedly it fits perfectly as the centerpoint for the wings. Nice work. Continue reading



What happened in the idol world recently, that strucked my interest?

When it comes to PASSPO it was the fact, that Naomi tweeted about the group having performed all of their released songs on their current Count Up Tour Part 3, in preparation for the New Year’s show. She even mentioned rarities like ‘Final Vision’ which hasn’t been done over the last years. I am looking forward to see those songs performed live after such a long time. Continue reading

Cross Posting – Idol Rankings

The assignment is the following: Making a ranking of “Idols you would want to marry” and one about “Idols you want as friends”. I am honestly not sure how to approach this topic – seriously, jokingly? As I don’t care really. I see idols as entertainers: I enjoy their music and performance, they are happy for being ‘idolized’ and it is fun having chats with them every now and then. If you can share the idol-experience with friends, it is even more rewarding. Still, it is their job to be nice and I won’t confuse it with anything else. Building a real friendship (or more) is not an option in general. For me especially as there is the language barrier and the distance of Japan and Germany. But as the idol world is some kind of fantasy I can allow myself to be bold and rank them anyway. Continue reading