Cross Posting – Idol Rankings

The assignment is the following: Making a ranking of “Idols you would want to marry” and one about “Idols you want as friends”. I am honestly not sure how to approach this topic – seriously, jokingly? As I don’t care really. I see idols as entertainers: I enjoy their music and performance, they are happy for being ‘idolized’ and it is fun having chats with them every now and then. If you can share the idol-experience with friends, it is even more rewarding. Still, it is their job to be nice and I won’t confuse it with anything else. Building a real friendship (or more) is not an option in general. For me especially as there is the language barrier and the distance of Japan and Germany. But as the idol world is some kind of fantasy I can allow myself to be bold and rank them anyway.

Before I start it is also important to know, that as a result of the discrepancy of native tongue and home country my ranking can only be based on shallow aspects aka looks. But to be honest – there is nothing more important than looks, even outside the idol world. The only difference: Idols have to talk to you AND be nice to you *hehehe* The only way for me to catch a glimpse of what is under the surface I have to rely on Youtube videos, (Mini) lives in Japan, blogs and Twitter. But even those are very imprecise or nearly incomprehensible when it comes to (Google) translation. Still in my ranking I will try to regard those idols more with whom I have at least some interaction. So instead of only going by looks, I can also do estimations on their personality, interests, life style, humour and everything else what is needed for good relationships. The result may be surprising for some. Every other idol will be judged by looks and the subjective impression they had on me. I mark every idol I saw live at least once with one #, and two ## if I also talked to her. There is also a limit of two members for each group. Let’s start then!


01. Makita Sako (PASSPO) ##
Of course a PASSPO member is first. No surprise here. But no, it is not Yukimi but Sako. Believe it or not – Although I disregarded her as plain at the start of my fandom, it changed completely after I first saw her live and even met her personally a few days later: She is the idol, that gave me the best (second) impression ever! She is not an exceptional beauty but very cute, lively on stage, charming personality and that smile of hers – To die for! That’s why in idol terms I see her on the same level as Aipon. And now you know, why I even spent money for her birthday show, although I won’t be there. (Don’t know how to pingback, but the story is somewhere in this post.)
What also makes me view her in this positive light: She is an idol fan as well; she seems to want to become a journalist, which matches her professional behaviour on stage and aside; and she isn’t too overly girlish in her tweets like many others. It appears she has a firm believe in her own abilities – Something I respect the most in a girl. Oh, and her fashion style is a tad better than the rest of the group. Not so flowery and strange (I am looking at you, Annya). I should make a topic about it some time…
I just hope Tsutomo reconciles with Nachu soon. Otherwise he will probably choose her as his oshi and I don’t exaggerate that this would be the end of our lovely Sacotee.

02. Hayashi Manatsu (Babyraids) #
I don’t know much about her, as I don’t follow any Babyraids accounts. Just their musical output. But what I saw during their lives and on DVD made me fall for her. Her smile is the brightest I have ever seen. And she does it without stop! Her face must hurt. Or it is operated that way. But WOW – so adorable!!!

#1 and #2

03. Fujita Akari (Party Rockets) ##
If you see her during songs, she strikes you as very earnest. If you meet her personally she is the total opposite: giggling, joking and childlike. You realize then how young she still is. This makes me actually regard her more as a little sister right now. Still I put her here, because she really is one of my most favourites up to date and I really look forward to see and support her future career as an idol.

04. Maho Sotto Voce (Afilia Saga) #
Only saw her during lives. Everyone must admit, she is sexy! I like the teardrop-shape mole under her left eye. But I can not say anything about her personality. As Afilia Saga is based on Maid Café franchise, the gimmick of the girls is to also behave like Maids, with the high-pitched voices and over-friendly behaviour. This makes it hard to evaluate Maho’s character, at least for me. But by general appearance she deserves her high ranking!

05. Sengoku Minami (Up Up Girls) #
Cute, cute, cute! I like her hairstyle and her genki-ness. But that sums up all I can tell about her.

06. Fujimoto Yukimi (PASSPO) ##
I start with the negative: I ‘know’ about her the best and therefore believe that getting along with her on a daily basis *could* be tough. She is a total Disney addict (Arrrggghhh!!!) and in her behaviour too much dependend on others, which is a stark contrast to, for example, Sacotee or Naomin. But Yucky is a great idol, who always smiles and gives you a positive feeling. Her character and interests make her easy to deal with. On the more shallow aspects she exceeds everyone: She has what I like the most on (Japanese) girls: long straight hair, slim and tall figure, long legs. Also she was the first ever idol I came in contact with and I remember it dearly. I don’t regret to have chosen her as my PASSPO-oshi and becoming an idol-fan!

07. Watanabe Maari (Alice Juuban) ##
What has drawn me to her is her often unconcerned behaviour which shows obviously on her face. She reminds my of Annya from PASSPO here. I like it when idols show their human side and don’t just smile all the time. This makes it more pleasant, when she begins to smile at you, when you meet her. This may be fake then, but the illusion is there. And this is how the idol world works. Not sure if you get what I mean though…
What I also experienced with Maari (and similar to Yukimi from PASSPO): The downside of getting to know an idol better! You can learn about facts, were you can already imagine a lot of arguments if having her as a girlfriend, or as in case of this ranking, in ‘Maari’age (What a pun!). Maari is easy to follow: Not only Twitter or easy access for chats with her during shows, but also the huge amount of videos Alice Project publishes. This resulted in the realization that some of her personality/life style is just not my cup of tea. And being so close to England, tea is important! I just never expected her to be overdosing on cute/pink things! She didn’t appeared that way to me initially. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, obviously for idol rankings as well. Still she has a lot of charisma. She is just not ranked that high as a result.

08. Maki (Ayumikurikamaki) ##
I saw her live and met her during akushukai and cheki. What I experienced? She is relatively tall, has a great stage presence and I could feel, that she is a funny person with a cheerful personality. Enough facts to include her here.

09. Aizawa Risa (Denpagumi Inc.) #
She is the perfect type of girl I described with Yukimi (#6). But like with Maho and Afilia Saga it is hard to really say something about her character. Denpagumi Inc. even more exaggerates their behaviour and I have never see her acting ‘normal’. But by looks and stage presence alone she is a nice girl.

10. Shimura Rika (Super Girls) #
She came to my attention because she reminds me of the model Azama Mew, who once played Kino Makoto in the Live Action Sailor Moon series. I don’t follow the activities of Super Girls, but really enjoy their music. One of the few ‘classic’ idol groups I really admire. I can therefore again only rate her on appearance alone. But that is enough to grant her a place in my ranking.

BONUS: Three of 4 girls in ONE picture, which appear in this post – how lovey dovey:

Now to the friendship-ranking. Similar explanations I made above also apply here. The friendship aspect is by far something I can relate the most. It is always pleasant to be recognized by the idol (positively) at the next meeting after months and having a little chat, which hopefully the idol also enjoys. And as I said above, as I can’t really get to know them, I regard them rather as good acquaintances or something like little sisters than anything else. But from Twitter, Blogs or in forums you can at least get a rough impression of their general behaviour and character.


01. Hayase Amu (Alice Juuban)
In a bold move of mine I put an idol on top, that I have never met before, though I tried. The reason is simple: I try to read her tweets most of the time and came to know that she plays guitar, likes heavy rock music and dinosaurs. She is actually the idol that, in theory, shares the most interests with me. Her general tweeting is also enjoyable. This in summary puts her first place!

02. Anzai Naomi (PASSPO) ##
My second favourite PASSPO member. Her I began to admire after seeing some of her showrooms, were the girls only talk. I couldn’t understand a word but her mimics and expressions during the show as well as her lively moderation style showed me a person with much self-confidence, humour and personality. And although she dreams of becoming a model and cares a lot for make-up, her general behaviour is that of a person who enjoys her life and wants to choose her future path herself. But I don’t consider her a candidate for marriage, but honestly believe she would make a great friend with her outgoing and straight personality.
What I also realized: She may be the ‘Happy Girl’ and therefore laughs a lot. But she often just forces a smile and it is always funny to see that, as it easy to recognize. The downside of fulfilling an assigned role. And those eyes, have you seen her eyes?

03. Takami Nao (Babyraids) #
Naosuke reminds me of Morishi and as I can not put the latter in the list because of the restrictions, I chose her in Morishi’s stead. Just kidding. She would be here either way. What can I tell about her, as I only saw her live and during quick handshakes / High Touchs? She has a lot of energy, but can not show it on stage, as Babyraids are more strict in their dance performances than PASSPO. But you can feel it from her gestures. Always very powerful. And this isn’t just an illusion because Rioton ‘dances’ next to her *hehehe* Otherwise I can not tell much, as I don’t follow the group that closely, as mentioned above with Manatsu.

04. Tamai Anna (PASSPO) ##
Annya, the most-forward idol (Or rather mischievous?) I met until now. Talking with her is great as you can make fun with her without fear as she is very quick-witted and beats you back (Is that the right english phrase?). She likes to tease, as you can also see on stage, and doesn’t take the whole business too seriously, which is refreshing. I don’t think it would ever be boring with her. But too much action isn’t in my personality. That is why I rather see her as friend.
She often looks absent minded when she is bored but can immediately switch into idol mode. I really have the impression she prefers the casual talking during akushukais and inwardly jokes about people who take it to seriously. Too bad I suck at Japanese. I would like to talk with her about it.
And I want to be her friend out of curiousity as well. Because then I could maybe see her without make-up for once. It is thick as a brick, honestly. But I must admit: It looks great on her. I also like her coloured hair.
(Because of the limit I couldn’t put Morishi in here as well. Damn for being unable to feature a beer loving idol.)

05. Mizuki Yuka (Bellring Shoujo Heart) ##
An idol ranking almost always has looks as a basis. But I am not that shallow. That is why Yuka MUST be in it as she is the first idol who actually recognized after I have been absent for over two months. Maybe an evidence for Bellring or Yuka, or both, having less fans, but I DON’T CARE. She puts in much effort during meetings which takes my usual anxiety away.

06. Miyazaki Rina (Super Girls) #
Rika is the member who made the best impression on me, when I watched some Live DVDs from Super Girls shows. She seems to smile a lot and has a good stage presence. So good impression – Nothing more to say here.

07. Yanagasawa Ayano (Bellring Shoujo Heart) ##
As most of you will probably hate the group and therefore never cared for watching a live performance by them, you won’t know, that this girl is crazy on stage. Never saw an idol that put so much energy and effort in her performance. It is like she has no time for work out so she instead wants to power out on stage. This impresses me. She is also the ‘Happy Girl’ of the group. I always enjoyed talking with her and find her the best looking of the group.

08. Asuka (Chu-Z) ##
I find it great that she is a bit older than the general idol as it shows in her behaviour when talking to fans. She is much more confident and not as shy as some younger colleagues of her. She is the bijin of the group, though I find Luna more attractive when it comes to looks. But what has drawn me to Asuka are her appearances during talk shows, showrooms and the like. She seems to have a good sense of humour and uses sometimes English. But don’t be fooled. She doesn’t really speak it. As expected. Just a show-off *grin*

09. Nono (Next Shoujo Jiken) ##
I only met her once when she was handing out flyers at TIF. There were a lot of idol groups doing that, but she was one of the few who actually considered me, instead of turning away from a foreigner. Must mean, she is courageous. Or desperately looking for fans. I found her quite nice and that is why I put her here.

10. Hara Ayano (PiiiiiiiN) ##
Saw her live and she immediately got my attention. Meeting her soon after confirmed my good impression of her. Although I told her that I have seen the group for the first time and therefore know nothing about them, she was alright with that and even had a little chat with me. And she looks stunning. As she is probably much too young, I at least want to feature her here in the ‘little sister’ category. But wait until she is older…!

So after seeing my lists: What could a psychologist (or my readers) make out of it? Of course this rankings can change and are only depicting the status up until today. New idols can appear, some may leave. It is also possible that an idol can switch between the two rankings, depending on the fact, if I get to know them better. There are also a lot of idols, who don’t appear in the list. This is basically because of the self-inflicted member limit. Some of them, as I said in the introduction, I fail to evaluate, as I never had much interaction with them. Mostly because of other group members who rather got my attention. And there comes another problem: Some idols that I really like I could never imagine as marriage candidates (yet). To include them in the friendship-list also seemed inappropriate, as there are other idols that come first for me or interest me much more. Hence the results only feature ten idols each.

ByhhqwHCMAAki_mNow you can read the Cross Posts of Tsutomo and QwiksXnd in their respective blogs.


13 thoughts on “Cross Posting – Idol Rankings

  1. you got the right idea in the end, nice post! I won’t lie, I didn’t read everything cuz these Bellring and Party Rockets girls don’t interest me at all but from what I saw, nice texts. though it is a shame you ignored the fact Yukky has a boyfriend (that we are aware of). but really a surprise to see Sako as your top idol. I thought you had better standards. LOL

    • What does Yucky having a boyfriend have to do with the topic? Only delusioned wotas will care about such fact 😉 And if I could marry her in real life, she wouldn’t keep this boyfriend anyway 😀
      And Sacotee is the surprise attack. I have to give some food of thought for my readers! But as the topic demanded it, I had to choose the best candidates. And that my standards are different from yours makes me actually happy 😛

  2. you missed the opportunity for a great joke there. you rank her higher and say that YOU are her boyfriend who was seen in Shinjuku, so she is not an idol you would like to marry, but an idol you WILL marry. ;P

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  4. Good choice. Among the members, even though she’s not the oldest, Sako already behaves like such a mature adult. I’m drawn to her in the same way as you do…probably…and I can actually see her as a future journalist/correspondent for a news agency one day…she has the natural disposition/personality for that particular profession. Makita Journal would be a good spring board for her to develop her skills in this arena, as a beginner.

  5. Thanks for commenting, Bluewind. I liked your ‘essay’ about Sako on the forum.
    Let’s reply with the thoughts of a specific Nachu passenger:
    “Well, we all know PASSPO’s eldest member. I guess every other person behaves more adult than her :D”
    But yes, Sako’s more serious appeal makes her the best choice for me. For this cross posting task at least, I must emphasise!

    • Regarding Nachu, it’s hard to tell, really, if that air-headed/”immature” personna of hers on camera is only an act, or truly reflect who she really is. I dunno Nachu too well to make an accurate observation of her character, but just from what I saw, she’s a good sport and willing to be made fun of (particularly by Annya, no doubt, most of the time), but she’s also a bit on the dorky side (the Shaku Uma TV episode on the physical tests the crew took made me notice this about her…not exactly a contender for Morishi’s athletic aptitude, but she’s endearing in that self-deprecating way). So if Passpo is a class in school, my impressions of them will be:

      Sako will probably be the Honor Student, prim and proper (when the teacher is looking).
      Nachu will be the butt of jokes,
      Annya the mischievous prankster (Nachu her primary target)
      Miomio the creative genius and joker/anime otaku all rolled in one.
      Makocchan the shy, quiet girl who can surprise you given the opportunity (dark horse), has few but deep friendships.
      Morishi the popular, boisterous, athlete, achieves physical challenges easily and boasting openly about her exploits.
      Aipon the popular beauty queen, although a bit my-pace and ditsy.
      Yukki the outspoken class representative/chairman who could get along with everyone,
      Naomin the easy going, fashionable trendy girl everyone likes.

      I’ll be interested to know your views on them if you care to share. ; )

      • Comparing them to School Life makes PASSPO sound like a harem anime 😀

        I can agree to most of your comparison. I like to add the following:
        Nachu’s personality can be quite cranky, from what I heard, so she probably wouldn’t receive much respect,
        Annya could be the flirt of the class, always around the boys, but good friends with everyone – cool kids and losers
        Miomio I can imagine pretty shy, as she is not as exposed in school,
        Aipon is hard to say, as I have no real knowledge about her private personality. She says she is ‘my pace’ and strange, but I never experienced it from TV / interviews (language barrier)
        Yukki the chairman? Doubt that. She is much to dependent on others opinion and action. I can imagine her more popular in school because of her looks, as there is no direct ‘competition’.
        Naomin on the other hand could be chairman. Absolutely.

  6. Great post. The hashtags were a good touch, those types of detail are helpful.

    Also surprised about your list, but it’s probably because I’m still getting to know your type and the groups you like, and in your blog you typically focus mostly on the event and the experience, so this is a totally different type of post. Tsutomo and me are a lot more obvious (and annoying) regarding the idols we like, so we’re a lot more predictable.

    And I really didn’t think you liked SUPER GiRLS that much. It’s extremely rare to find another fan, so I really hope we can see them sometime. If you like their concert dvds, they are so much better watching live. They are easily the best live group I have ever seen.

    • Thanks. I will try to use hashtags more often. Still don’t know how to use pingbacks. That would be even better.

      I prefer to post about the music and the experience. This is the goal of my blog: To give information for other foreigners.
      And yea, you both are much more centered on the idols itself. I try to see them as human beings though and handle the matter cool calm and collected 😛 jk I love to interact with them. But well, they are girls like any others and I am painfully aware they wouldn’t recognize me if it wasn’t there job. So no reason to stress myself about them 😀

      Super Girls – Absolutely. Would be GEMtastic!

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