What happened in the idol world recently, that strucked my interest?

When it comes to PASSPO it was the fact, that Naomi tweeted about the group having performed all of their released songs on their current Count Up Tour Part 3, in preparation for the New Year’s show. She even mentioned rarities like ‘Final Vision’ which hasn’t been done over the last years. I am looking forward to see those songs performed live after such a long time.

Naomin’s Twitter: 2日で80曲やってたのか😎 久々にサンキューバースデーやハカナやFinal Visionをやったね😎 #PASSPO #ブログ更新
— PASSPO⭐️安斉奈緒美 (@naochulip) 9. November 2014

Additionally Nachu was posting in her blog about band practices, also for the 1st January. Funny, she then posted a picture of her with the Tambourine. Nice to see her have a sense of self-irony. Anyway, can’t wait to see BAND PASSPO.

As they had their Part 3 Tour going on, they also released new fan shirts and even hoodies. I am again not satisfied, finding the picture of a cartoon shark on it. Even if that was the mascot in their TV show some time ago – There is no connection between an airline-themed idol group and a shark. Of course, if the plane crashes over the ocean, this could become relevant. Hm… The skeleton is a nicer touch, but as well too cartoony for my tastes. Let’s see what they design for their anniversary show. I honestly have doubts about it being suitable then. I imagine it pink in reference to Makochan and just a small star somewhere on the shoulder with no reference of the group. If I can convince myself with this expectation, I am only in for a positive surprise.

They seem to do some lottery event for the release of TRACKS. No idea though what this requires. Some collection of pictures it seems. As the latest date will be the 22nd Decembre I won’t make it in time anyway.

Bellring Shoujo Heart released their new single ‘EPEP EP’ but on the other hand has nothing new going on. The show on 2nd January is still undecided. I could go to their Sendai concert on the 9th January, but this will become to stressful, as I won’t make it back to Tokyo on the same day then.

Cover of EPEP EP

I like their new shirt.

Same thing with Party Rockets: Announcing a show on the 27th Decembre – but still undecided. At least they successfully accomplished their first One-Man-Live. Congrats! Also their new sister unit Tokyo Rockets had their first live appearance. I initially thought them incorporating a more metal-style sound, to distinguish themselves from Party Rockets. The teaser video made it look that way.

But seeing the compilation of their live, Tokyo Rockets are very similar in sound and design. Don’t understand the marketing here (again) – Party Rockets are still not established and already they throw out another competitor. Anyway the music is okay, obviously. Girls however appear even more loli than Party Rockets. I have to see some more quality footage to make a decision on them.

I am a bit concerned about the way, the Alice Project is heading. After announcing a One-Man-Live at Saitama Arena on year ahead, a stadium fitting nearly 40,000 people, they obviously want to rival AKB48 and therefore, with a high probability, will install the same pattern that make me hate this concept: Increasing the voting systems to milk the fans of their money and at the same time intensifying the competition between the girls: Wanting to get more in focus, to get centre in a new single, getting promoted to a better group, whatever. This will increase the line-up changes and therefore my bond with Alice Juuban. As I am not oshi focused, but instead require a type of familiarity with a group, constant line-up changes would be contra productive for me. Not to mention that getting tickets for a show at PARMS or talking with the members will become near to impossible as well if they reach that kind of popularity. I don’t see any alternatives to that approach, if they really want to sell out Saitama Arena, as the current state is far from it: Both shows in Zepp Tokyo weren’t sold out. And even if they were, 2,700 people are still far away from 38,000. By the way, prices for chekis are now up to 3,000 Yen. Let’s see how it will go in the future. Luckily Alice Project is easy to follow with its high output on material. And maybe they surprise us with a tactic, we would have never expected.

On my trip over New Year the planning went forward. I was able to reschedule my flight, so instead of staying in Tokyo for 5 days, I now will be there for 15 days. The reason: Shaun has now decided to join us for PASSPO and more and it seems that Caio can make up some free time as well. I am still curious about the weather then and in consequence what to pack in my luggage. Never traveled in winter.

So far, only concerts of Predia and PASSPO are fixed. The hope is to see Doll Elements (the reason Shaun decided on the trip). Caio suggested performances by Himekyun Fruit Can on the 27th January, but here you have to buy their new album at Shibuya Tower Records to get entrance and event tickets. Sounds easy, but the devil is in the detail. As there are 3 session, We are still unsure, how many entrance tickets we can get, as it seems that you only have the right to purchase one, no matter how many CDs you buy. On the same day *maybe* Party Rockets will perform. No problem there, as I could easily go to the first session of Himekyun and later go on for the Rockets.

Further plans are still the festival on 10th January, with PASSPO, Himekyun Fruit Can, Up Up Girls, Idoling!!! and Baby Raids – Nearly perfect line up. Too bad I won’t make it to the Super Girls concert then on the same evening. Well, I could, as the festival is divided in 2 sessions. But missing two close up performances by PASSPO and Babyraids, when I have the chance? No way!! Don’t know if Caio will join me, as he can’t decide that early. And Super Girls I hope to see another time, then with Shaun.

Himekyun Fruit Can once again – They will also do a One-Man at Shibuya O-East on the 9th January. Will probably go there to, if their session from 27th Decembre proved good. But now to something complete different: If we can get tickets for Doll Elements my plan to go to Dorothy Little Happy is then negated, as both are to close in time. Further possible shows in my time in Japan are still rather scarcely announced. So far the only half-interesting performances are a Two-Man-Live with Lovely Doll, some sessions by Seishun Gakuen and a Palet concert right before Predia‘s show. Not necessarily events I want to take part on. Caio also suggested visiting a Countdown Concert, which would feature mostly regular music acts. There is also the possibility of going to a Hamasaki Ayumi Live, being Shaun’s idea. He and myself are also hoping for PiiiiiiiN and some proper festivals like Idol Koushien or Idol Yokocho. Of course, PARMS will be on the list as well. But I heard that at the beginning of the new year there will be seitansai shows of Yuki and Nanaka. I guess that means on this days I won’t be able to get tickets. But hopefully I can make it to a weekend show – would be my first time.

Other activities are also on our list, like museums and city sightseeing. We haven’t come far though in planning as – admittedly – I stopped caring about such things after starting following idols. The weather component is also at play here. Let’s see.

Now i am off, learning the refrain for ‘Shoujo Hikou’. I want to finally sing along with the group during their show on New Year’s.

tomaranai kono melody wo
watashi dake ga tsutaetai
itsumademo Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah
kawaranai no
mada yume wo mite itakute
otona ni nante nare nakute
tobidatsu no Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah
Never ending sky


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