Idol Fan Shirts

I bought new fan shirts and therefore will do another evaluation of it. In general I am more or less as disappointed as last time but let’s do it one by one.

1. Party Rockets – fanshirt

Party Rockets new shirt is one of the better examples: Nice and eye-catching design, despite the heavy use of pink. Here it doesn’t come out to sissy-like, as the big white stylized letters of the group name give a welcome contrast. Not sure why they used the heraldic french lily, but I guess Japanese don’t care as much for history or how it fits the occasion, just if it works for their purposes (like the “pentagram”). Here admittedly it fits perfectly as the centerpoint for the wings. Nice work.

2. Pla2me – fanshirt

I basically just bought it for the huge writing of ‘IDOL’, even though no one outside Japan (an maybe Korea) would get it’s intended reference. But this also means I can wear it nonetheless, without anyone giving me curious looks. It also works as general shirt for idol festivals, that doesn’t list one of my favourite groups. No one has to look on my back than though as here you can find the group name. Very basic design, but doing nothing too wrong with it.

3. Sano Yuriko of Lovely Doll – member shirt

The only feature which points this shirt out as member shirt for Sano Yuriko is its yellow colouring. Everything else is just refering to the whole group itself: The English phrase in 60s style as well as the small group name on the left down side (from the view of the person who wears it). No mentioning of Yuririn, neither on the front nor on the back. A wasted chance.

4. Next Shoujo Jiken – fanshirt

The front doesn’t say anything to an uninvolved person, who would regard the phrasing as just another random English phrase on a T-Shirt. People acquainted with the group though will know that it references Next Shoujo Jiken’s image, basically meaning the accidental or premeditated killing of random people without a reason. A nice bloody knife or something similar on the front would have been perfect. A nice touch is the group name on the back though. I also like it being on the of the shirt. Here the designer could have also put in some image, like a distorted photograph of the group. But they are still new in the business and I get it, that money is a big issue here. Therefore I am satisfied.

5. PASSPO – tour shirt

Another fail of design with PASSPO tour shirts. Was it MioMio again? Whoever done this was not very creative. It may have seemed like a good idea to copy the groups uniform and create some connection between crew and passenger that way, but it failed miserably. First thing – The Himawari-Uniform will only hold up until the next single or album release, making the fanshirt then obsolete. Only fans will get the meaning afterwards. Second and foremost though – It just doesn’t look good. If you purely just look at the design it is much too simple and basic – Here it doesn’t work like with the shirt by Pla2me I valuated above.  Only an orange bar as equivalence for the belt? You can’t even make out the design displaying a uniform. The major colour being baby blue only makes the whole impression worse. This only works on the girls, together with their yellow skirts. As a band shirt it fails completely, having NO TEXT AT ALL. Neither the name of the group or tour, nor anything else related. As I have said: No uninvolved person, not even most idol wotas, would realise this being a fan shirt, let alone from PASSPO. The back having the tour dates is the minimum for a tour shirt, so this doesn’t make the overall impression any better. I really only bought it as I attended the tour. Otherwise I wouldn’t have cared. Even the tour shirt for Part 1 was better in comparison, and this already failed.

To end this post in a positive way and to remind us all of the forthcoming christmas season I like you to enjoy the new PV by Stella Beats. I like the voice of Mana, but favour Kotoko as a member.


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