Alice Countdown and No.1

On the last day of the year 2014 I began slowly: I slept in late, spent some time in Shibuya and than made my way to Haneda Airport, to collect my sister, a bit down as Lovely Doll performed at the same time at Akiba Cultures. Then the trip back to the hotel, to store my sister‘s luggage. All worked perfectly. Now our intention was to eat some Yakiniku at Ueno, together with Shaun and Allan, the latter having made the suggestion some hours ago via LINE. We arrived on time, I bought me my Funashi at Ueno station, some minutes later Shaun arrived without getting lost like at Shinjuku Station, but who was missing was – Allan, the instigator! I checked my messages and he had to cancel – he attended the Lovely Doll show and the buppan there was still going on. Continue reading

Five Dolls & Five Stars, but NO shirts

It happened to be the 30th Decembre, meaning Doll Elements One Man and FiveStars Festival. The first I was attending with Shaun, the latter with Shaun and Caio. At least this was the plan. But we will come to that. Getting ourselves tickets for Doll Elements was difficult as it was a lottery system between fans who also subscribed to their fan letter. Shaun is a member but the registration for ticket distribution wasn’t possible from outside Japan. So he had to use the help of and we got lucky and got two tickets, to Shaun‘s rejoice! Continue reading

Getting lost with Predia (I wish)

On this 28th of Decembre I would have had the chance to attend a small Idol Koushien that featured PiiiiiiiN or I could have accompanied Shaun to a Mini Live Release Event by Doll Elements. But as my cold, although slightly better, was still annoying, I didn’t want to take unnecessary risk and opted for a long sleep instead. PiiiiiiiN and Doll Elements were on my schedule for the days to come anyway, so there was nothing to regret here. After waking up shortly before noon I went out for a meal and stopped by at PARMS to secure the tickets for Alice Project‘s New Years Countdown Show on the evening of the 31st. This made me calm down, as I feared of it selling out soon. Rightly. One day later I read on Twitter the show was sold out! Continue reading

A bad start with a happy ending

First day in Tokyo – and I had to stay in the hotel. My cold became just to strong during the flight and my nose was running out of control. Too bad as it made me miss the christmas shows at PARMS. But finding the hotel was exhausting enough. It was in Kamata and actually really nice, but I had some trouble finding the right train to it. It was actually pretty easy, in retrospect, but I blame my illness for that. Continue reading

General idol thoughts, new shirts and hair cuts!!

Before I dip into reviewing my latest idol shows I give an overview about general things I experienced that trip. I have been to Japan 3 times the last year, over the course of 6 months (July – Septembre – Decembre). Some would say, I should be bored already, but on the contrary: Coming back to Tokyo and finding most places familiar, often not in the need anymore for looking up directions (ATMs for example), gives me a pleasant feeling. This is accompanied by slowly taking in the behaviours and differences of the Japanese culture, which enables me to move around more relaxed than on my first trip. This includes idol events as well. Continue reading

Korean adventures – and idols (of course)

As my trip started in Korea and I had the chance to see my favourite K-Pop group there, I start my trip review in Korea as well. First the basics: Flight was on the 20th of Decembre, like always, with FinnAir and, also as always, I was glad when we finally landed at Seoul, Incheon Airport. There my sister, together with a friend, collected us and we were able to get ourselves some crazy tasty Ice Cream there. Mine was also shaped like a rose, to the dismay of my sister, who just got a regular cone. *heh heh* Also we received some lollies for free. Read carefully, not lolis but lollies! Not that I wouldn’t had appreciated the other ones as well – supposedly. Continue reading

My winter trip – an introduction

About time I review my last trip to Japan, and some of Korea, isn’t it? Well, I left Germany on the 20th Decembre, arriving in Seoul one day later, traveling to Japan on the 26th, to stay there until 11th January, and going back home from Seoul on the 12th. Maybe you could assume by this numeration that it became quite an exhausting trip. Not only was I struggling with a cold the whole time – it seems to become a constant companion now when in Asia – also my concert schedule was very tight, with a lot of festivals and One-Mans. But the latter is something positive! Continue reading

GIN + Next show schedules


The purpose of this post is mainly for giving an overview on my planning for my next trip to Japan. But I start with some Idol news first.

A sad one to begin: Nono of Next Shoujo Jiken will graduate after their One-Man-Live on the 6th Decembre. Damn, another graduation. And I never had the chance to see her perform. It will be interesting how the group changes now. It seems, they won’t disband, as there are already further shows announced, which Mai won’t do alone for sure. Probably they will introduce one or more members at their next show. I heard that Okunaka Makoto will soon be free. Hmm… Continue reading