GIN + Next show schedules


The purpose of this post is mainly for giving an overview on my planning for my next trip to Japan. But I start with some Idol news first.

A sad one to begin: Nono of Next Shoujo Jiken will graduate after their One-Man-Live on the 6th Decembre. Damn, another graduation. And I never had the chance to see her perform. It will be interesting how the group changes now. It seems, they won’t disband, as there are already further shows announced, which Mai won’t do alone for sure. Probably they will introduce one or more members at their next show. I heard that Okunaka Makoto will soon be free. Hmm…

The mention of Makochan brings me to my second news: PASSPO released their MV for their new song TRACKS, obviously dedicated to Makochan and her graduation. I hope they won’t forget at their New Years Flight, that it is foremost a group anniversary concert. The song sounds a bit better to me now than at first hearing, maybe influenced by the nice video clip, with its slow-motion scenes and showing the girls in good mood. And Mio has not her blond-coloured hair style, which I despise.

Another shocking update: Juri and Yuka announced their graduation from Bellring Shoujo Heart, effectively in February, after their tour in January. That is a shocker for me, as Yuka became my oshi since my last meeting with her. Too bad. But at least this gives me the opportunity to say Goodbye to them in person.
Well, and it is not the end. The remaining members are nice too, and who knows who will join them. Ayano and Kai last time were great new installments.

Idolscheduler changed its name to girlpopscheduler, But everything else stayed the same.

But now to the schedule. I will update this post everytime something changes. So far only few of the shows are already booked, then as you will see, there are a lot of events going on and I am still undecided, which is better. Here I have to wait for further line-up announcements for the festivals. The cross-out concerts aren’t out of the question, but unlikely. (Fat marked shows are the ones I already have tickets for.)

K.Will   Busan
T-ara   Seoul

Alice Project
Idol Festival in Tsutaya O-East
Himekyun Fruit Can release event + Mini Live
Party Rockets One-Man-Live (Part 2)
Doll Elements release event + Mini Live
Predia One-Man-Live
Idol Koushien
Idol Koushien
Doll Elements One-Man-Live Part 1 (eventually also Part 2)
Idol Koushien
Five Stars 2014 Festival
Lovely Doll at AKIBA
Ayumi Hamasaki
Countdown Japan Festival
Alice Project Countdown
PASSPO One-Man-Live (5th Anniversary Flight)
Idol Koushien
Colorful Festival (Bellring Shoujo / Moso Calibration / RhymeBerry)
Alice Project (Nanaka seitansai)
Idol Koushien
U.F.O. Club Anniversary Festival (Bellring Shoujo Heart + Indie Rock bands)
Himekyun Fruit Can One-Man-Live
Bellring Shoujo Heart – One Man Live in Sendai
TOKYO FM Festival (PASSPO, Babyraids, Up Up Girls, Doll Elements,…)


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