My winter trip – an introduction

About time I review my last trip to Japan, and some of Korea, isn’t it? Well, I left Germany on the 20th Decembre, arriving in Seoul one day later, traveling to Japan on the 26th, to stay there until 11th January, and going back home from Seoul on the 12th. Maybe you could assume by this numeration that it became quite an exhausting trip. Not only was I struggling with a cold the whole time – it seems to become a constant companion now when in Asia – also my concert schedule was very tight, with a lot of festivals and One-Mans. But the latter is something positive!

In case anyone is wondering: Yes, I left Germany before Christmas, so no celebration with the family for me, which I found very liberating. I am so NOT the forced-celebrating-holidays-with-family-type! And it really became a time without anything resembling Christmas or New Years, despite the bright and colourful decoration everywhere in the cities. But on me they were just the regular impression of big capital lights. There were no special feelings of tranquility or reflectiveness. Anyway, some photos of Seoul and Busan:

IMG_1834 IMG_1830 FullSizeRender

Traveling in winter to Asia has been my first. No in retrospect I can say: Cold weather is terrible for sight-seeing. And wearing thick clothes that you have to take off before a concert is annoying as hell. What adds to the uncomfortness are the fast temperature changes: One day you have sun and 16 degrees(!), but just two days before you had to cope with minus degrees. I already hate this unstable climate in Germany and don’t need it in my holidays as well. I am close to say that I even prefer the hot and humid summer heat I experienced on my summer trip, but I am pretty sure that I will say otherwise the next time I am exposed to such weather. A recent bad state is always the worst and makes people nostalgic and forgetful. The trip was about idols anyway, as always, and here I must say that it seems not the best time for visiting Japan. Around Christmas and New Year it is great, but the days after a lot of groups kept a low profile until show announcements accelerate in pace mid-January again.

In short this is the summary of my trip:

Take Off from Hamburg, Germany
Landing in Seoul, Southkorea
Trip to Busan
The Hobbit 3
K.Will concert (with sisters)
Trip back to Seoul
T-ARA concert (with sisters)
Flight to Tokyo, Japan
Hime Kyun Fruits Can Mini Live + Event with Caio
Party Rockets concert
Predia concert with Shaun
Idol Koushien (Bellring Shoujo Heart, PiiiiiiiN) with Shaun, met Allan
Doll Elements concert with Shaun
FiveStars Festival (Lovely Doll, Stella Beats, Chu-Z) with Shaun, met Allan
Collecting my sister from the Airport
Alice Project Countdown with sister, Shaun, Allan
PASSPO 5th Anniversary Flight with sister, Shaun, Caio
Idol Koushien (PiiiiiiiN) with sister
Bellring Shoujo Heart, Rhymeberry, Moso Calibration Three-Man with sister
Chu-Z concert with sister
Idol Koushien (PiiiiiiiN, Party Rockets) with sister
Dining with Shaun
Alice Project
ill at the hotel
Trip to Sendai with Caio
Bellring Shoujo Heart concert
Trip to Tokyo
Tokyo FM Festival (PASSPO, Babyraids, Doll Elements, Hime Kyun Fruits Can)
Flight to Seoul
Flight to Hamburg

As you can see the first part of the trip was really eventful, then lacking much to the end. But the finish was fantastic, with experiencing my first One-Man by Bellring and seeing PASSPO‘s first performance as an 8-member group. But more of that in time.

On my future travel plans: I would love to go back at the end of March already. Party Rockets will held a Two-Man in Tokyo with Otome Shinto as well as PiiiiiiiN one day later together with PPP!PiXiON. There is also the hope of proper release events by PASSPO, as they will launch their new DVD, the recording of their Anniversary Flight! It seems Allan will be in Tokyo around that time, maybe Caio finds some time as well. Shaun sadly can not fit it in his schedule and budget – totally understandable after hearing his reasoning. I will decide only at short notice, as I don’t expect PASSPO releasing event announcements that early, which are a precondition for me doing the trip, as I will probably skip their One-Man in early April. The winter trip rekindled my interest in Chu-Z and deepened my affection for Ayano – eh, I mean Bellring Shoujo Heart, so I will focus my attention on their schedules. Another plus is Easter being around the corner by then, which would enable me to save on some vacation days again. I also won’t have to hurry back home by flight without a day off afterwards.

For me another travel option would be the end of May, visiting my sister in Seoul again. But for certain reasons I am not that motivated to go at that time. Well, time will tell. Me and Shaun either was already decided on meeting again in Tokyo in summer, high probability for Tokyo Idol Festival (especially if Doll Elements and PiiiiiiiN will be in the line up).


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