Getting lost with Predia (I wish)

On this 28th of Decembre I would have had the chance to attend a small Idol Koushien that featured PiiiiiiiN or I could have accompanied Shaun to a Mini Live Release Event by Doll Elements. But as my cold, although slightly better, was still annoying, I didn’t want to take unnecessary risk and opted for a long sleep instead. PiiiiiiiN and Doll Elements were on my schedule for the days to come anyway, so there was nothing to regret here. After waking up shortly before noon I went out for a meal and stopped by at PARMS to secure the tickets for Alice Project‘s New Years Countdown Show on the evening of the 31st. This made me calm down, as I feared of it selling out soon. Rightly. One day later I read on Twitter the show was sold out!

FullSizeRender (2)

Tickets for Me, Shaun and sister

The rest of the afternoon I wasted my time until I headed to Shinjuku station. Here I agreed to meet with Shaun, so we could both find our way to Shinjuku ReNY for the Predia concert, a venue both of us haven’t been before. But the biggest problem turned out to be the station itself: We wanted to meet at the west exit. The direction was easily to spot but suddenly all sign boards for it stopped and paths were leading in opposite directions, even with the need to pass the subway ticket barriers. Totally confused and out of patience I just decided to leave the station. Better to find my way up there than in this labyrinth. When I saw the light of day I was NEAR the west exit but still quite a walk far from it. Well, I reached the meeting point soon, even in time, but Shaun was nowhere to be seen. I tried writing him a message by mobile but whatever the reason he didn’t receive it. But as he was on his way back from Chiba, a train delay would be reasonable. Although delayed trains in Japan? Who believes that? After some waiting I headed on to the venue, sure that Shaun will follow soon by himself. With the help of the map on the official site that displayed the surrounding buildings (very helpful) I managed, with only slight difficulties. Now the waiting for Shaun began anew, while I was watching the first fans getting in the venue, making me nervous. Finally, as watching a good western movie, he appeared on the horizon, dressed like it was spring and hurrying up after recognising me. Well, what happened? The train schedule he had was wrong so the trip back from Chiba took longer than expected. And to make things worse: Shaun had the same problems finding his way around Shinjuku station as me. So the only thing he could do after aimlessly going back and forth was getting a taxi – for a distance of roughly 1 kilometre. And even this proved difficult as understandably all taxi drivers refused to drive him. Read his blog note about this if you don’t believe me. But he arrived in time, we could exchange our various concert tickets we shared in buying online on before the trip and then went inside for Predia.

The concert today was also accompanied by the release of the new single. This would have allowed us to purchase several merchandise and fan shirts, BUT – there was not enough time before the show, as the queue was too long. And afterwards they became even longer, as people wanted to take part in the events. Me didn’t want to participate under such circumstances, although one of the shirts caught my eyes. But I am not that much of a Predia fan and Shaun refused to participate in the event and this would have spoiled the fun for me, seeing him waiting at the sidelines. Still I like Predia‘snew output, reminding me slightly of Chu-Z, the latter also having ‘old’ members by idol standards. Here is a nice recording of their new single Utsukushiki kodoku-tachi:

The venue was seated in front of the stage and left enough room for standing in the back. As I was with Shaun, what do you expect we had to do? Right, finding a seat very very near the stage! As chance wanted there were still seats left in third row on the not so far right side. Not perfect for Shaun‘s standard, but good enough. Not that I minded sitting this close to stage – the video posted above speaks for itself. The performance was really more adult and sexy as they advertise themselves and was in parts quite funny (“warui onna” segment). Shaun didn’t like the set list, but for me I enjoyed it quite a lot, especially Crazy Cat and Kowareta ai no hate ni. I also took a liking for Keiko. I really hope to see the group some time again, maybe on the next bigger festival like TIF. The only real downside that night though were the seats: During songs everyone stood up, but the space provided for moving around was much too restricted. Why Predia prefers to have seats anyway escapes my logic, but it is again a similarity they share with Chu-Z. When the show was over me and Shaun ate something at a Chikara Meshi near Shinjuku station and then parted, only to see each other again on the next day, this time an Idol Koushien, which also happened to be at the same venue, Shinjuku ReNY. This time we shouldn’t fail on our way there – probably.

And as I mentioned Chu-Z so much, here is a video by them:


Something different: A lot of Live DVDs are coming up in 2015: PASSPO, Bellring Shoujo Heart, Party Rockets,… My March trip to Japan is still undecided. Curiously most of the hotels on the last week of March are already fully booked. I managed to find an adequate one in Akasaka though for most of my scheduled time frame. Still one week there cost me nearly double as much as two weeks on my last trip. Go figure. But on the positive side: I was so focused on the Easter weekend in Japan, as PASSPO will have their final flight of their current tour in Tokyo, that I didn’t realise they would perform in Yokohama and Saitama two weekends before. Both dates are basically in Tokyo and easy to reach. And the best: It won’t interfere with the Two-Man’s of PiiiiiiiN/PPP!PiXiON and Party Rockets/Otome Shinto a weekend later. No Chu-Z or Lovely Doll so far. They may appear on a festival on the weekends but both would be occupied by other shows, as I mentioned. Let’s see when I will get to a decision. Maybe I just skip the whole trip and concentrate on the summer one.

Speaking of Party Rockets: Why does Akari substitute a member in GALETTe? Is this a regular occasion in idol business? She even takes part in their events.


Why would a fan of GALETTe want to talk to her if she is just a short-term member? It’s not like Party Rockets and GALETTe have any connection or can be compared in style. They are as different as Bellring Shoujo Heart is to GEM. Just strange…


Party Rockets

Another curiousity I just found on Youtube: Either Bellring Shoujo Heart has a cover group (Why?), this is a practice for the integration of new members or something entirely different. I recognize a lot of the hardcore fans in this video and the girls not only copying the dance choreographies 1:1 but also the looks of the original members. The name of this “group” Nagoyan Shoujo Heart doesn’t say anything to me. I hope I find out sometime. It really is interesting as I have never seen something comparable before.


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