New Years and my last day

Finally the New Years Day had arrived which meant – The Final of PASSPO‘s 5th Anniversary Tour at Tokyo Dome City Hall, their biggest venue up to date! They promised a lot for, mainly that they will perform ALL of their songs. How this would be accomplished was still a mystery and there was also the fact, that this flight would be the last with Okunaka Makoto in the line-up. How will they cope? Continue reading

Special: Bellring Shoujo Heart

This trip turned out the be much more about Bellring Shoujo Heart than I anticipated. I would even dare to say, that their lives and personalities made a huge impact on me, even excelling my preference for PASSPO. I caught three lives by them, even spent the money to travel to Sendai for one of their One Man Live’s (my first of the group by the way). My main incentive being the pending graduation by two of their members, Juri and my oshi in the group, Yuka. I wanted to see Bellring Shoujo Heart still performing in the line-up I got to know them. Continue reading

Idols first! – The Koushiens recap

This post is reserved for the several Idol Koushien I attended on 29.12. (Shinjuku ReNY), 02.01. (Akasaka Blitz)and 04.01. (Shinjuku ReNY). Some more were on my list, but I skipped them for certain reasons – 28.12. to rest before the Predia concert and the one on the 03.01. to go to an One-Man by Chu-Z. I will tell the circumstances surrounding the latter in a later post. The Koushien‘s I’ve been to had

1. some regular idol groups present (PassCode, Anna-S, Idol College),
2. some groups I wanted to see for the first time (AliceInAlice, Tsuki to Taiyo, Tsubasa Fly),
3. a few I always enjoy again and again (JyuJyu, Pla2me, Hiroshima MapleS, Houkago Princess, PPP!PiXiON, Takenoko) and
4. of course three groups that belong to my absolute faves: Party Rockets, Bellring Shoujo Heart and PiiiiiiiN! Continue reading

Special: PiiiiiiiN

I had the chance to see PiiiiiiiN quite a few times this trip. I managed to see three lives of them at Idol Koushiens and attended two events afterwards. Right now there is no need to see them more often as they only have five songs to choose from and therefore every live is the same. But what I am sure of: PiiiiiiiN may soon become my favourite idol group. What is missing is a full-sized album, where they hopefully keep a consistent rock-style and a stable line-up. They already had one member graduating (Nina) and two members replacing her (Arisa, Riko). But I am very optimistic! If you still don’t know who PiiiiiiiN is, I recommend to read my post here or watch the nether recording of their 1st anniversary concert from 17.12.2014. Audio quality is not the best though. Continue reading

Special: Chu-Z

As promised I will now devote a post to my experiences with Chu-Z. They became the most positive surprise on my trip. As I have told you before here, I saw them during the FiveStars Festival on 30.12. Their performance was great as I really loved the set list. But don’t ask me to post it here, as I already forgot it. And it doesn’t seem like they post their set lists everytime like PASSPO does, for example. That it included Bombastic! and Girls on the Run shouldn’t come with no surprise. I was even able to do most of the choreo’s. So proud! Continue reading