A Fruity morning increases the Enthusiasm Level

My last day of this trip had already arrived but I was not even close to feeling homesick. Perfect condition, as today I would have a One Man by JyuJyu, their first, and a Two Man by PPP!PiXiON and PiiiiiiiN on my agenda. The first would start at 12.30, so I decided to leave for it around 10 in the morning. This coincided with the check-out time of the hostel leading to not only meeting Rina from Fruity in the elevator (I refrained from getting in there with her) and running into the whole group down in the lobby. I kept up a cool demeanour, slightly nodded at them in case they remembered me and left the room key at the reception to exit the hostel right away. Allan told me later about Misa and Rina recognizing me immediately. Here it wasn’t the best thing to be an easy to distinguish person (=foreigner). Continue reading

Kami Live – Nomen est Omen Part 2

After the Stella Beats event I had to run back to the stage area, as now Lovely Doll had its performance. Surprisingly only four members appeared. I would have understood if Maya was missing because of her graduation announcement few days prior but she was there. Yuki was not around too. Who cares though, as Yuriko was still with the group that day. The show was enjoyable and it really helps when you already heard the songs performed live. Continue reading

Kami Live – Nomen est Omen Part 1

It was Saturday, the 28th of March, and a clash of schedule happened today. My intention was to go for a Party Rockets Two Man in the early afternoon and later try to attend a small festival, which featured Chu-Z besides others. But for the same day another festival appeared on my radar: Kami Live Vol. 9, that not only featured Allan’s favourite group Fruity, of which he wanted to convince me while we were eating at an Izekaya, but also – brace yourself – had in its line-up: Continue reading

Death and Resurrection

It was friday, the 27th of March – time for another Idol Koushien. This time it was a small one with just 5 groups in the line-up, being: San Minutes, PiiiiiiiN, JyuJyu, PassCode, NanoCune. My main reason to attend, besides it featuring PiiiiiiiN and JyuJyu, was my schedule on the coming Sunday, which had the Two Man of the first and an One Man of the latter on plan. Great way to bring myself to their attention and to get myself used to their performances again. This was important to me, so I withstood Allan’s persuasion attempts for introducing myself to his favourite group Fruity. Sorry, mate! Continue reading

It’s going Up (Up)

What do you think is the better option: Going to a show of an idol group you like alone or accompanying a friend to his favourite idol group, which you don’t care about. I was to find out on Thursday, 26.03.2015, when agreeing to attend a show by Up Up Girls at Shinjuku ReNY with Caio, his most favourite group right now (though he mostly really cares for one member). When first coming in contact with Up Up Girls, they convinced me with their first album, featuring a mixture of electronic and rock songs. Continue reading

Chu, Chu, Chu me…now!

This post will be about my first festival I came to attend this trip. Not an Idol Koushien this time, although I had the chance for it yesterday. But the only group that had my interest there would have been Grazie3 and as I haven’t seen them live before, there was nothing I would have missed when not going. Going to Chiyoda Park with acquaintances was much more worth it. That day my options were quite diverse: PPP!PiXiON had their regular live (I missed out PiiiiiiiN’s at the same venue yesterday for the sake of Bellring Girls Heart) and Lovely Doll performed a One Man, wich was also Yuki’s graduation show. Continue reading


The 24.03. started the same as the day before – Sakura viewing in a park with friends. This time not the one in Ueno but the Chiyoda Park, where the Imperial Palace and the Budokan are located. The result was nevertheless the same as well: Hardly any tree was blooming. At least the weather was nice, sunny and blue sky. Still the wind made it a little uncomfortable. This I became aware when waiting for Eddy, guy I met via Twitter, being a friend of Allan. Continue reading

Trying out Maid Café’s – Fail

The PASSPO weekend behind and the Monday before me, certain events were planned for today:
1. Sakura sight-seeing in Ueno Park
2. Frequenting some Maid Café’s with Caio,
3. Meeting up with Allan.

After agreeing before the trip on the Afilia Café located in Roppongi, Caio changed plans and we tried out the Afilia Sherry’s, a bar-type version of the franchise, situated near Ueno station. As we met early noon in Akihabara this promised to be the best option as this would allow us to reach everything by foot. Continue reading

The PASSPO weekend – Part 1

I am back from Japan again!!! Wait, no use for cheering. Now the tough work begins, writing this blog… Anyway, trip became great, mostly because of the idols involved, as I realized that I have become a common face to most them – at least those who I care about – which really makes me happy, happy, happy. Also I got to know new people there, respectively deepened my friendship with some. My prior to this trip created schedule turned out basically as planned, but with some huge changes on some days and missed opportunities because of interfering timeframes – some really tight choices occasionally. Continue reading