Kami Live – Nomen est Omen Part 2

After the Stella Beats event I had to run back to the stage area, as now Lovely Doll had its performance. Surprisingly only four members appeared. I would have understood if Maya was missing because of her graduation announcement few days prior but she was there. Yuki was not around too. Who cares though, as Yuriko was still with the group that day. The show was enjoyable and it really helps when you already heard the songs performed live. Which is an obvious given, I guess. Allan was also around again. He just came back from his other event that day which featured Fruity and immediately went for the event of Lovely Doll. He tried to convince me of going there too, even with the allurement of “Don’t you want to see Yuririn?”, but I had to decline. To my disappointment, the event was at the same time as the performances of Predia and Hachake Tai.

The crowd for Predia and Hachake Tai was getting fewer, obviously not attracting the regular idol fan. This was to be expected as neither Predia nor Hachake Tai respectively PASSPO suit the general idol taste. The advantage although was soon obvious, as the crowd now consisted mainly of the two (intertwining) fan groups and therefore reached a good atmosphere and participation. It allowed me to stay close to the stage. For Predia I was keeping more of a distance to make room for their fans, but was still pretty close. It reminded me a lot of when I saw them for the first time at TIF in 2014. To my disgrace I mostly forgot the fan choreography, or to be more clear, I messed up the moves as I am still unable to enjoy the music AND concentrate on the choreography. In such cases I prefer to cease on the latter for the most parts and just care for the show. Allan shortly came back at the end of it, but left right after the first notes of Hachake Tai’s show, saying them not being his style. Poor soul. But I would meet him later again.

Hachake Tai became special that day – in diverse ways. It was the first time seeing them separately from a PASSPO Flight but other than that it was as usual: The same clothing, with their correspondent coloured Tutu’s, sunglasses and jackets. They started the show with their radio gymnastic gimmick, to continue with just three songs (Hachake Sensation, Kibun wa Saiko Saiko Saiko, Material Girl) and some longer speech. It was a lot of fun, as I like the chosen songs and they allow for a lot of interaction. Finally Yukki for example, right during the refrain for Material Girl where the members point right into the audience, acknowledged my presence by choosing me! Hah, that warm feeling in my heart! Morishi although took the biscuit: During a speech she heated up the audience with encouraging shouts, you know, the ones, where they ask the question “Are you having fun?” and the crowd shouts back. Little did I know that for her third time asking the question, she would, in continuation to her approach on last weekend, not only point directly at me but also addresses only me! My response was therefore, instead of a loud “Yeah!” a confused “Eeh…?”. Morishi then, professional as she is, made a joke to the audience about it, and carried on to announce the next song, leaving me ashamed. Damn you, Shiori! To my defendance I couldn’t understand the details of her question. Just by the fan reactions before, I knew what it was about. But here I always joined the shouts of the other fans around. So maybe you can grasp my surprise here of being picked out as sole recipient. For the first time ever! And I hope for the last time in such way. But Morishi: Please keep up this attention towards me with waving and winking during shows and during our meetings! But let us keep this a secret to Yukki. *nudge, nudge*

After the performances ended, the stage area was prepared for the events, of both Predia and Hachake Tai. It took a long time until the tables were set and of course when I queued up I happened to be in the line for Predia. But no, I wanted to use the chance of meeting Hachake Tai in getting me a cheki with every member (=12 tickets) and a talk with each of them (=4 members). I was sure, that the demand for an event was much less than with PASSPO, where the more popular members attract more passengers and lead to confusing organisation. So I at least needed 16 event tickets. Imagine my joy when the merchandise they sold where a fan shirt and 15 photo sets. Soon 18,000 Yen changed its owner, and I was presented with a fan shirt and the photo sets, which I, as with every other photos, I had no direct use for.


Shirt – Hachake Tai

It took again some time until the PASSPO, ahem, Hachake Tai Girls arrived. By the way my first time I did see them walk close by me. So far I only saw them on stage or already fully prepared for an event. Don’t know why but I always have a different impression of idols when they casually passing by – people on stage always appear larger-than-life to me. Whatever, the event soon began and as expected the crowd for them was rather unimpressive, easily outnumbered by the fans of Predia, who held their event just next to Hachake Tai. Both groups where standing behind tables. As I, as always, first observed the procedure I came to the realisation that today also signs were possible, here as well 3 tickets for 1. This needed some change in my initial plan. The chekis with all four was mandatory for me, but now I decided on getting me signs by my two favourite members after Yukimi, namely Naomi and Shiori, or in there Hachake Tai persona: Zaian and Gen-san. A sign by Yukimi aka Fujiki was neglectable, as I already got hers on a shirt the weekend before. That way I had to spend all my 18 tickets without the chance of talking. Well, in retrospect it was the better choice, then in all honesty, avoiding the possible embarrassment of a conversation gone wrong is always the better choice.

As the demand for Nachu aka Charisma was the least and I wanted to accomplish my first cheki with her, I chose her for the first 2shot, with mobile, as it is the case with PASSPO and affiliates. That day she was in a good mood, something Caio told me, is not a certainty. After taking the photo, it could have all been so great as she started to inquire about me right away and wanted to know where I am from, obviously having forgotten about me from her last seitansai and the Good Luck Stream. Well, I didn’t expect otherwise, so I don’t blame her. But I didn’t took the stupid staff in equation. As space was tight, other chekis were taken close by, which led to interferences when for example Naomi had to walk by for meeting a fan or the staff was walking backwards for finding the right angle for the 2shot. The result was that I was unable to answer, and even Nachu looked a bit dumbfounded about what was going on (Caio would say: Doesn’t she always? but who cares about his opinion?). No sign of resignation though, as a second attempt was started. This time Nachu was pointing on my shirt, the fan shirt from the New Year’s Flight, and exclaimed: Oh, PASSPO! – only for the staff member to walk between us. *Arrrrgh!!!* Only to be told right afterwards that time for talking was up *DOUBLE Arrrrgh!* But don’t worry Nachu, we will meet again! Promise! The cheki despite the circumstances turned out very nice.IMG_2036

Next approach was Zaian. You remember the nickname? Naomi it is. With her I started with the sign – just to embarrass myself two times. But only the first situation was my mistake. For the sign I chose a photo set I just purchased, but without opening it before. Which led to her struggling with the wrapping. Here the second situation came to light: What I didn’t know about – only after the whole event I came to the conclusion – the character Zaian doesn’t speak unless you have an akushukai with her. So imagine: Naomi standing before me, struggling with the wrapping, not saying a word even when I ask a question – initial thought: She hates me! As this fear blocked some of my memory, I can just assume that she handed me back the photo set for me to open it, as evident by the lacerated wrapping I still have. But her sign is nice, her usual Naomi, only on top the letters in katakana reading Zaian.FullSizeRender

Still embarrassed, I soon took the chance for the cheki with her, in the hope of calming down the imagined tension between us. She was called by the staff and when approaching me, no smile on her face, silence when I questioned her, only doing the Saiko-pose (see the shirt) several times. I … felt … so … depressed … Only after observing some more of her meetings with other fans it slowly dawned on me what it really was about. Nevertheless I still have a bad memory of the situation. I probably ask her about it when I meet her next time, but I am sure I won’t understand the reply, as most times. I like Naomi in the cheki though, which also has a special treat: You can see Sakurako from Predia in the background.IMG_2037For my next use of tickets I took a more secure choice and went for Morishi aka Gen-san. I skipped my plan on asking her about her pointing me out before during the show – as I had no idea how to phrase it – and instead asked for a sign, this time fully prepared with an unwrapped photo of my choice. Morishi was immediately asking if this sign was for my sister as well. But I reassured her that this time it was for me.

FullSizeRender (1)

This worked like a charm with her, she didn’t even needed to be reminded of me. I therefore used the positive momentum and queued up for a 2shot with Morishi right away. Not that there was much of a line. The shot went great, she grinning like always, again started the topic of my sister. I then showed her the photo of them that was taken in Septembre and she said to me about remembering (Oboeteru!). My doubtful gaze was met by big eyes and she affirmed her statement. Well, we should believe her, shouldn’t we? We parted with a ‘See you again’ and I was happy and calm again.IMG_2038

The best for last, so I now took my 2shot with Yukimi. We didn’t talk much though, at least I don’t remember. It just stuck to my mind that I liked her look that day, wearing her hair open and unstyled. I also left with a ‘See you again’.IMG_2039

Now my supply of event tickets was drained, so I took a step back to further watch the event. It didn’t went for much longer though and the Hachake Tai girls soon left. This opened me the opportunity to direct my attention towards the Predia event. This was still on going, at least with the few more popular members of the group. The others were just standing around. Especially Sakurako was left uncared for most of the time. I continued to watch it a few minutes longer and then couldn’t take it anymore: I went for the Predia merchandise table and – yes – saw a great fan shirt there. I spontaneously bought it and received three event tickets with it, certain to use it on Sakurako.IMG_2057If you are wondering why I didn’t choose Keiko for the event, the Predia member that had my attention during their Predia Party (= Live) in winter, I tell you now: Then while getting back to the event it just happened that a fan was interacting with Sakurako. This changed my plan in talking with her and therefore the path for Keiko was open again for me. But as the Predia event that day was the first time I participated, I had no clue of how many tickets to use for anything and what kind of events they where offering that day. This brought in demand of talking with a member of staff. The only one around was standing a bit further away from me, so I got closer. But he was occupied with another fan, which resulted in me waiting for him to be free. Meanwhile I caught the attention by Runa and Mai, who were obviously talking about me, whispering to each other and looking at me frequently. I first wasn’t sure what the reason was, but I soon realised that while I was waiting for the staff member it must have appeared to the outside viewer, that I was queueing up for Runa. Damn, how to act now. Right in this moment the staff was able to concern himself about me and was, as expected, asking me if I was there for Runa. Now what would you have done? Tell him the truth and say, I want to talk with Keiko, disregarding the attention I received by Mai and Runa OR take the bait and affirm his assumption, under the curious interest I seemed to have sparked already with another member? Well, I don’t care for your opinion. Just let me tell you that I went for Runa! From the corner of my eye I could see Mai and Runa chatting excitedly about me again. I asked the staff if a cheki was possible and assumed three tickets for its use. To my surprise it was two tickets for a cheki. This left me no choice in first doing an akushukai with Runa, right after the cheki would take place. As I told you, there was no fan demand there, so no waiting time.

The akushukai with Runa went unexpectedly great! I was already greeted by her while still on my way. Mai besides her was taking a close and curious watch the whole time. Runa immediately asked my name and country. Then she inquired if it was my first time seeing them. I could deny that and replied with being at their Shinjuku ReNY live. While I was struggling with the date of it (28.12.2015) Mai came to my support, affirming the correct date. I was on the verge of telling her that I received a flyer from her before PASSPO’s New Year’s Flight, but refused to do so for lack of Japanese vocabulary. Mai and Runa expressed their surprise and happiness about it. My attention went back to Runa, whom I told that I love their new album, which was just recently released. Again a beam of smiling faces. Runa told me about attending another of their Parties soon, which I promised! Then the time for the akushukai was over, but seriously: The whole conversation went smooth, though completely held in Japanese. Of course I know of the fact, that this was an easy conversation, as it was the first meeting. Still I am proud of myself a bit. And thinking back of the great reception I got not only by Runa, but also from Mai – priceless!

The cheki with Runa was just right after the akushukai. I handed my mobile to the staff for the photo and let Runa decide the pose for me. Here again she was really nice and when saying our farewells she asked me to follow her on Twitter. Which I did as soon as I left the venue. When arriving later in my hotel to check for messages, I was notified that Runa had already followed me back. WASHOI !!! IMG_2040

This concludes my tale about how I came to choose me a Predia oshimen!


6 thoughts on “Kami Live – Nomen est Omen Part 2

  1. Wait wait wait… where was the continuation of the Fruity story and meeting idol at the hostel??? That was the bit I was waiting for! I always stay in the same place in Minami-senju as well… I wonder if it the same one you and Fruity stay at… And wow, 31 is old for an idol! Anyway, apart from that, nice stories as usual 🙂

  2. i can attest too that Runa is a really nice girl to meet. if Yuu didn’t enter in group, she would be still my favorite girl in Predia.

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