Short day, longer night

This day voluntarily began late: We slept until 14:00 o’clock, or if you come from a less civilised country, until 2pm (NOT the korean Idol Group). The reason was my plan to attend an Night Idol Live Festival which I agreed with Peter to attend shortly before the trip. But I get into detail later. Let me first give you an account of how the time before the above mentioned live took place. Continue reading

I love Idol Koushien!

It began very early that day, as me and Shaun agreed on meeting for visiting the Natural History Museum, as this would probably be the only time we could meet this trip. So me and my sister arrived on time at Ueno Park and were already expected. We easily decided on the dinosaurs exhibition which just had re-opened after restoration works. It was totally worth the money. Enough time could be used to chat about idols, then as you certainly realise, skeletons of extinct creatures apparently bring idols to mind. Continue reading

New experiences

I have to thank Mayu and Miri again, for luring my sister into idol fandom on the Monday before. Because of it she wanted to see at least Rhymeberry again soon. An opportunity arose on Wednesday, only made known to us by a flyer Miri was distributing at the event last time. The live we would attend therefore turned out to be a great new experience, something I haven’t even thought possible with idol groups. Continue reading


As I mentioned in the post before, Chu-Z announced at short notice their participation in a festival held in the TWINBOX Ahikhabara. WIth the exception of the Chu-Z affiliated groups Baby Star and WenDee, there wasn’t any other group I knew. But as my sister requested us to go there, so she can see Maia again, I gave in, having to forsake the chance to see Lovely Doll perform at Akiba Cultures (Yuririn *sniff*). Family… But seeing Chu-z again that unexpectedly wasn’t that bad an option either. Continue reading

A Spanish heart in Japan

The first day that could be used in part for walking around Tokyo. As we had to go for Shimokitazawa in the afternoon, we decided on striving through Harajuku and Shibuya. Nothing special to report. But I used the chance to show my sister the Shibuya live house area, important for her to know, as both of my sisters will travel to Japan in mid-Septembre to attend the tour start of PASSPO in Tsutaya O-East. I influenced them well! Continue reading

Lots of Pyon

This Sunday, as the Saturday before, offered a lot of options regarding idol shows. Just take note of the list below:

Bellring Girls Heart – Three Man with Starmarie and AnnaS
Chu-Z – Mini Live in celebration of Kana’s birthday
Babyraids  – regular live
Matsurhythym – an outdoor festival in Hibiya Park with Lovely
Doll and Tsuzuki Kana amongst the participants
Stella Beats – participants in some festival Continue reading


The saturday arrived and it was the day I most anticipated this trip: The Platinum Sonic and the subsequent PASSPO One Man Flight right afterwards at the same venue, Ebisu The Garden Hall. The Platinum Sonic would be my first encounter with the groups Pinky Poker, Petit Passpo and Yururirapo. From the rest I was of course waiting for Predia and PASSPO, and to a certain degree San Mini (former San Minutes). The rest – FYT and Palet – are not to my liking. Continue reading


My summer trip to Japan I expected to become much more quiet and relaxing than most of my last trips. On the one hand the infamous Japanese summer climate wouldn’t allow much motivation for activities. Also a lot of evenings were still free from any idol events in my schedule. Much more the fact that my second sister, the one studying in Korea, would join me this time – a complete opponent of Japanese idols, exception only being PASSPO – didn’t made me positive for this becoming an idol trip. I was anticipating of having to do a lot of tourist stuff to jolly my sister along. Never was I more wrong then this time, were I totally underestimated the power of Japanese idols! Continue reading

Hyper Japan 2015 in London

As Japan Expo in Paris was just the weekend before, I take up on the opportunity to compare this two festivals, who provide the same agenda: Promoting Japanese Pop Culture, including Anime, Manga, Games, Food and Music amongst others. Idols were present at both and of course I will focus this blog post on them. I will leave the obvious advantage of London out of the equation, the english language! Continue reading

Japan Expo Paris 2015

In a case of spontaneity me and my sister decided to book ourselves tickets for the Japan Expo in Paris. At first I didn’t want to go, as the big idol group present was Denpagumi Inc., a group I really like, don’t get me wrong, I would see them at TIF anyway and I had no confidence to get signs or chekis with them, as they went there for the second time after 2013 and therefore would be in popular demand. Until there was the addition of Luce Twinkle Wink, one of the Arc Jewel groups. Continue reading