The one and only PASSPO … event

My planning for the winter trip basically came to life because of several early idol live notifications: Predia announced in June that they would held a big One Man on 29.12. at Zepp Tokyo to celebrate their 5th Anniversary. Soon after (or was it before?) PiiiiiiiN made something similar, scheduling their 2nd Anniversary show also at a bigger venue, the Akasaka Blitz, on 03.01.  Continue reading

Sunshine Idols


This day I kept free for meeting up with Caio, already early in the day. I skipped the Hachake Tai Bounenkai for it, but oh well – I prefer going for lives. Every other idol event where the focus is not on the performance but rather on communication, I feel out of place. In my opinion this is something to be enjoyed by the Japanese fans. Continue reading