First Live


Arriving on the first day was without anything special to tell. My intention for getting to Japan on a Thursday was my hope to catch a Teiki Kouen of PiiiiiiiN, but of course they wouldn’t held one at this day. So after being surprised by the nice weather in the city – sunny, blue sky, temperatures far above 10 degrees – I was getting from Narita to Iriya by subway and found my way to my hostel with the help of Henry’s website. Check-in went smoothly, so I could immediately take a shower and then just read some twitter/forums/LINE to prepare myself for the Lives to come. Soon I fell asleep.

As my hostel this time was a capsule hotel, the first time I used one, space was just “room” the size of a bed. Nevertheless it was good enough, I had enough space for my luggage and despite some occassional snoring and guys chatting until late in the night I handled it better than expected. The price for a night was exceptional low, too. I will therefore try to get me a room there again – if possible, as it seems the hostel is already booked out far in advance. Damn backpackers and budget tourists…

*pictures taken from the hostel website


After a long sleep I went out for my first event, a taiban with Chu-Z in the line-up. Shortly before my trip I got info for it and I expected to see Eddy there as well as meeting Marty for the first time on this trip. Of course Yutan, one of the biggest Asuka fans, should be there as well. I went straight for Shinjuku BLAZE. Marty was already waiting for me – sitting down on the stairs next to the entrance(!) – and we went in. We mostly chatted near the bar, as at least for me there was no group this day which interested me much, besides Chu-Z. I later met Eddy there, while he was observing some girls… eh, idol event. Because of my lack in interest in most of the groups there, the day went very slow and a bit ardous for me, which showed when finally Chu-Z appeared on stage – I was clearly still far away for being in idol-live-mood and I still had to get used to the choreography of Gimme A Chance, Chu-Z new single, one of there best songs to date with great new costumes as well.

The events later didn’t went that much better in my point of view. First I had to figure out the system (MEEH…). As it turned out, you had to buy the single (Gimme A Chance) to then draw a lottery ticket, which either included:

  1. Cheki
  2. Akushukai
  3. CD Sign
  4. Raw Cheki (Pre-Shot Polaroid by a member of your choice)

I first only bought one CD, which happened to be a CD sign. Nice, as I wanted one from Luna. A sign on the CD feels always different (=better) than on a cheki. No idea why though. It took a while until it was my turn but I was received by Luna – with my name (HAPPY!). The talking was hit and miss, but overall satisfactiory. I basically praised the single, Luna pointed out their new outfits more and thanked me for my last tweets to her (her birthday) and for retweeting occassionally. She prompted me to do it more often, lol. As always, Luna wrote my name as TOBBY.


I now wanted to stop with the event, as I felt me being not in the mood. But to regain the spirit you have to dive into the stream, or something. So I purchased two additional CDs and received a cheki and one akushukai. Nice. I decided to talk with Kana, the always cheerful member of the group – and was greeted by name as well! She didn’t forget her promise from summer, where she promised me to remember it. Well done, Kana! Here the chat went pretty bad, though it was mostly my fault. She said to me, today was the first anniversary. No idea that time what she was talking about. I thought while listening to her, what it could be: Chu-Z foundation? No, the group exists longer than that. Kana‘s membership in the group? No, Kana was there from the start. Only after I left I had an idea: She meant it has been one year after we two first met. Damn! She is right! Have to talk to her next time about it, definitely!

The cheki I used with Luna and expressed my respect for her learning the guitar. She was surprised to hear that and played down her skills. She asked me if I also played guitar. I replied that I used to have an electric guitar but was not very skilled, so I sold it. After talking about the time I would stay in Japan this time, I just observed the event, with Marty and Eddy already having left.


I was able to talk more with Yutan then, who arrived at the place only after the live because of work. To my surprise he admitted to me that he now favours a different idol more than Asuka. I don’t remember the name anymore, but she is in Baby Stars, a sister group of Chu-Z, if I am correct. Well, it is the phase of the Idol Wars, isn’t it? Anyway, as Asuka had her birthday soon, he asked me to write a message on a prepared card for her, which I did. Little did I know that this wouldn’t be the last time I would be asked for that type of thing. Coming up with a text was, as always, difficult but I managed somehow.

By the way I was finally able to buy me a Chu-Z fan shirt! They had it on display and even in my size. An important addition to my selection.


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