And so this is Christmas…

That Christmas day turned out like a carbon copy of the day before. Like yesterday I met up with Marty and Julian for a late lunch, though this time at Akihabara, after which I would go my own way, heading for Shinjuku again, for the LOFT – my only chance for seeing Oyasumi Hologram this trip. I contemplated a bit of really going there, as the small festival was running under the name SCUM X`MAS PARTY!, not a really inviting title. But for seeing the group again, and it happened to be a Band Set, I  withdrew my doubts and took my chances. Continue reading

Reunitings and Embarrassment

That day became the first time of were I did something like venue hopping: Changing places several times to see performances of different group, just staying at one venue as long as the live and event of the group I wanted to see lasted, to then go for the next live somewhere else in town. I also did a lot of those the following and I can say: I hate it. Don’t know how other manage that, but going back and forth long ways (I went Ueno – Shibuya – Akihabara – Shibuya – Ueno) didn’t let me enjoy the lives that much, as I subconsciously felt always under time pressure. Continue reading


Initially I wanted to spend that day in Nagoya, which would have had a festival including Chu-Z, Predia and GALETTe aka the-new-group-of-Akari-of-Party-Rockets-fame. I tried booking a ticket at Lawson’s the day before, but it told me that the reservation period was already over since the 18th. The risk of going to Nagoya anyway without a ticket was to high for me, as you never know how well such event is received. So Day Tickets may or may not have been a problem. Continue reading

Tickets Variety

The unimaginable happened: A day without any idol event! Really, there was nothing going on which suited my interests. That change in pace though was quite welcomed, as I still suffered some sleep deprivation and a lot of future days were also without events yet, so I needed to make plans and look for new announcements – which actually appeared in numbers and for groups I didn’t dare to dream of (f.e. Bellring Girls Heart, JyuJyu).  Continue reading