And so this is Christmas…

That Christmas day turned out like a carbon copy of the day before. Like yesterday I met up with Marty and Julian for a late lunch, though this time at Akihabara, after which I would go my own way, heading for Shinjuku again, for the LOFT – my only chance for seeing Oyasumi Hologram this trip. I contemplated a bit of really going there, as the small festival was running under the name SCUM X`MAS PARTY!, not a really inviting title. But for seeing the group again, and it happened to be a Band Set, I  withdrew my doubts and took my chances.

The line-up of groups was really weird and consisted of idols groups as well as “regular” bands performing each a very alternative style of music. One being some electronic unit using tape recorders for adding sounds to pre-recorded tunes. Also a rock band was present, with a dozen members, strangely clothed and with different duties in the group: Like one guy was a rapper and two girls were doing oriental dancing. But the weirdest turned out to be a guy who would stay still in the middle of the stage for the whole duration of the show. The idol groups weren’t that much better. A three-piece named Senoshisutaa with one loud, rather voluptuous member and Avandando, the most talentless idol group I have ever encountered, lol.

It takes some effort for me to endure such a line-up, but nevertheless Oyasumi Hologram was worth the trouble. It has been my first electronic live of them I watched in person and it really is something else. It doesn’t fell like watching an idol show at all. Very few chants from the crowd, the two members hardly doing any choreography but move around the stage “on their free will”. It is great to see that something like this can even be in the idol business. As for me I stood on the floor for the stage, not the elevated platforms behind it and only dared to come as close as my concern for my health allowed – Never before I witnessed so much lifting, climbing over each other and reckless jumping around than that day. Not even the behaviour of the fans of Bellring Girls Heart comes close. This was reminding me much more of fans of BiSH. Anyway, I let them do their thing, then at least watching their desperate endeavours to get attention, mostly of Kanamiru who also joined the stage-diving, was funny and interesting. Me on the other hand especially enjoyed their live version of my favourite song by them, Dareka no Niwa. Also the performance of one new song was pretty rowdy, but the song better then good! It has to be noted that Hachigatsu wore a reindeer hat all of the evening. A bit of a pity as I would have liked to see her freshly purple-coloured hair, but so typical of her attitude.

To give you an impression of the show I found a recent similar set on Youtube, recorded at the same venue. Maybe you don’t know, as I was just told about it a few weeks ago, the second guitarist, the one on the left with the white shirt, is the main songwriter for Yurumerumo.

Also for Dareka no Niwa there was a shot of a plain music video. As I said, a great song, kind of a Brit-Pop-Ballad. I especially love the ever-prominent, slightly distorted guitar in it. And as some of my readers care for idol teeth – this video should find your interest!

When all the performances were finished, preparations for the events began, and while Senoshisutaa was already in full mode with theirs, Oyasumi Hologram let their fans wait for quite a while. I even considered leaving the venue already, not because I lost patience but I didn’t really felt in the mood for an idol event. This was mostly due to my lack of good idol interaction so far this trip: My conversation attempts were in most part very poor. As the language barrier was in full effect, communication for both sides often turned out to be very arduous, not enjoyable. But what the hell, it was my only chance to get in touch with Kanamiru and Hachigatsu again – and I wanted a fan shirt, lol. I therefore stepped up for the merchandise table, after the event was already in full play and I could be sure there were chekis offered today.

The shirt itself kept in a plain design. Only the group name is on display at the front. If I didn’t know what was written on there, I would have suggested it to being Thai, as the letters were deformed a lot. It may not be the best idol fan shirt, but definitely the best of those, Oyasumi Hologram has otherwise for sale. Don’t let me get started on that. The shirt bearing the name of the group is at least to most basic I demand.

oysmEvents were handled pretty easy. You just bought your amount of 2shots – I bought two, one for each member – and then you got in line, with only one lane this time. I wonder if Oyasumi Hologram also do 3shots some time, as I have never seen it. My first encounter would be with Kanamiru. It became pretty obvious to me that she didn’t remember me from summer. But that was okay, as I didn’t expect it to be the case anyway. Her behaviour differed a lot from my expectations: Contrary to last time Kanamiru was actually very friendly and open, smiling a lot. She really reminded me of an average idol (I mean this positive). After greeting her she pointed at the Christmas hat she put on for the event, saying something in the line of it being Christmas today. I couldn’t really reply as the cheki shot had to be done. No posture was discussed. Kanamiru just got closer to me (niiiice) and we kind of waved at the camera. After it being done, she asked me were I was from and after I answered, she exclaimed in a surprised tone that she doesn’t know any German. She therefore continued to ask if I speak Japanese to which I replied of it being very limited, which made her feel relieved, it seems. Not sure what was said then but it lead to me praising their album and especially their song Dareka no Niwa. As I struggled with the song name she helped me out spelling it, obviously glad that I actually knew of the group. And then the most surprising follow-up occurred: Kanamiru began singing the first lines of the song to me! Damn, how nice! But how to behave now? I just watched singing her, moving my head slightly to the melody, so after she finished I thanked her but admitted that I don’t know the words. She repeated what I said, “Ah, kotoba wakaranai…”, to then getting the staff interfering, hurrying us for ending the chat. We then wished each other Merry Christmas and Kanamiru added her hope of me seeing Oyasumi Hologram again in the future. As I said, she was very much an idol that day.

kanamiruNow I was gestured by the staff to go right to Hachigatsu, who was standing just a few meters away. As she was wearing her reindeer hat, I greeted her with “Hello, Rudolph-san”. Not sure she got the right association, but she pointed at her head and laughed. She then asked for a pose. Here I opened my luggage now to get out an accessory I brought to Japan for an idol cheki, but which I so far couldn’t use until now. It was an heart-shaped gingerbread-heart, the kind you see all over the place at German Christmas markets. I suggested a biting pose, to which Hachigatsu agreed without hesitation. After it was done she immediately wanted to see the item and asked me about it. I explained the origin and that the words on it were German, meaning something in the line of Merry Christmas. I thought of giving the heart to her as a present, but I know this type of gingerbread tastes awful, so I refrained. As the other staff was now hurrying us to finish, Hachigatsu thanked me by taking my hand, to which I also replied by saying “Thank you to, Hachigatsu-chan”. Now I had said something! Then immediately after I mentioned her full idol name, she fell into thought, apparently confused of why I know her (still wondering why I shouldn’t, although being a foreigner). Then, still holding hands, she exclaimed something which I didn’t understood the first time, but then she repeated the same words to the staff, in hope he knowing the English expression, but me hearing now the word “atte” (meeting), which enabled me to conclude that she was asking me, if we had already met before. I intervened by confirming her assumption, telling her we met in summer – Hachigatsu puppy-eyed me, heavily agreeing by nodding her head- and added it being an Acoustic Live back then. An excited “Yes, I remember” followed and this time she thanked me much more enthusiastically again. We wished us Merry Christmas, I released my hand  and wanted to go. But instead Hachigatsu made a short jump in my direction, telling me to stop, then asking the staff about something to wish me additionally, in English, “Happy New Year”. I bowed slighty and replied the same, in Japanese. Still not letting me leave, she told me to come seeing them again the next time I am in Japan – I promised that of course. Hachigatsu-chan – a great idol with even greater personality!

hachigatsuAs I mentioned the staff several times, I have to say that they were really kind and helpful, asking me how I want to use my cheki tickets, not pressuring during the conversations with the members (only when time ran out) and showing a calm demeanour. So maybe Oyasumi Hologram attracts a lot over-exaggerating fans, to put it nicely, their music as well as their behaviour excels in many regards. They are definitely on the list for my next trip. For today the group helped me a lot to find me the missing motivation and confidence that I seemed to have misplaced. Conversation was still hit-and-miss, but at least the direction and solution it lead to both times was extraordinarily fantastic, so who cares about some language struggles then?


One thought on “And so this is Christmas…

  1. sucks that several groups with nice music have trashy fanbases (partly their own fault, it has to be noted). never seen Oyasumi live and may never do it because of those people. basically the same comments could be said about Zenbu Kimi no Sei da, another group whose shows are basically a competition between the freaks of ‘who stands out more’. u__u

    Senosister is terrible, one of the worst groups I’ve ever seen. on par with Bellring. =P

    Avandoned on the other hand is quite enjoyable. or at least was, back one year (or more) ago when I saw them. they were funny and a bit crazy. “talentless” is a very strong word for those poor girls. =(

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