Happy Anniversary!!

PiiiiiiiN – One Man Live – “2nd Anniversary” – Akasaka Blitz

Merchandise Sales for the Live started already in the early afternoon, so me and Marty met according to it in Akasaka. I got me most of the new clothing stuff, just refrained from buying the towel, as its design wasn’t to my liking, whereas Marty just bought one T-Shirt, if I am correct. Continue reading


Bellring Girls Heart – One Man Live – “Q” – Zepp Tokyo

One year ago on the exact same day I have been to Akasaka Blitz, for a Three Man headed by Bellring Girls Heart. So now, one year later, I would attend another live by the group, their biggest One Man to date, named “Q” and performed at Zepp Tokyo. I must say, that I really could get used to such starts in the new year. Continue reading

Oh happy day…!

On this day an Idol Koushien at Shinjuku Blaze happened, one that was sold out very quickly, but were I was able to not only get tickets for myself but also to provide Marty and Caio with those. Aren’t I great? Every effort paid out though, becoming one of the best experiences in my idol fandom. Not the best, then as I mentioned, Caio was present 😛 Just kidding. Continue reading


Today would become a day with several different experiences. As life plays out, a friend of a friend was in Japan, studying the language there: Jorge from Mexico. I have met him around two years ago in Germany, when I went to the party for the apartment inauguration(?) of the mentioned friend. By chance I was asked if we wanted to meet in Tokyo, he got my LINE contacts and finding a date was a piece of cake then. Continue reading