Happy Anniversary!!

PiiiiiiiN – One Man Live – “2nd Anniversary” – Akasaka Blitz

Merchandise Sales for the Live started already in the early afternoon, so me and Marty met according to it in Akasaka. I got me most of the new clothing stuff, just refrained from buying the towel, as its design wasn’t to my liking, whereas Marty just bought one T-Shirt, if I am correct. As afterwards we still had much time on our hands, we sat down in a nearby Starbucks, enjoyed our coffee-mix in comfy chair, talking about idols and related topics. In this context I teached Marty how to pronounce Yurumerumo. I wonder if he already learned to say Yururirapo as well?

My purchases

  • Ayano-Shirt
    An obvious purchase, blue coloured of course. The design is a bit silly, with all its skulls and fleurs-de-lis. PiiiiiiiN is rock based, but far from that extent. I wonder anyway, how the liking came for the fleurs-de-lis in Japan anyway. Whatever the case, the individual to all members front design not only displays the group name, but also Ayano’s. So I approve of it. Too many shirts just only distinguish by the member colours, which is lame. The design of the back is the same as on the group shirt (see below). This I really approve as well: Good design, Japanese  letters and displaying the group name, location and date of the show.
  • Ayano-Hoodie
    Each member got its Hoodie, that only differs in member colours. Otherwise the design is the same. Simple front design, but more than enough. The back is nicely done, especially with showing all the member names in a stylized fashion.
    On a side note, I was skeptical when I wore it to work once, then given the fact that I work in state administration and the stylized i’s in the group name are very similar to some evil organisation in Germany’s past, this could have been troublesome. But no one minded 😉
  • Hat
    It is the kind of hat I refrained from wearing until now, but it became pleasant to have during this winter and so I got used to it in general. There even was an all-member-version, with every “i” being in a different colour. But of course I chose the Ayano-one.
  • Group Shirt
    I described its back design already above, so I only say something about its front here: Group name is good to see, skulls are much less, which is good, the frame is a bit cheesy though. Nevertheless it is far from being bad. Approved!

Sadly, no pen lights were sold. That makes my two from PASSPO still the only ones I own.

My purchases summed up to 18(!) event tickets (1 for each 1,000 Yen) and were valid for two months. I had to think what to do with those (resolution comes later).

When it later became time for the entry, I was surprised that we seemed to have very early numbers. Mine and Marty‘s were 86 and 87, but I suspected there would be a bunch of people having pre-order tickets at hand that would allow them much earlier entry, but no. This way we entered as one of the first persons (relatively spoken). When inside, behind the line of barriers in the centre of the venue was still much room, so we instantly went there. A great place that allowed a good overview of the whole stage. For the end of the live pen lights were handed out, together with a lyric sheet for PiiiiiiiN‘s new song Never-Never Land. I got lucky and received a blue pen light! The general attendance was good in my opinion, with the venue being filled maybe up to two-thirds of its capacity. In the front rows a lot of lifting would take place, something that has increased with PiiiiiiiN‘s rising popularity. The stage was very nicely decorated, with big pillars reminding me of ignition plugs, that changed colours. Also much effort was put into the lightning in general.

The live itself became very diversified. In the two and a half hours of its duration they performed all their until then released songs. It was structured in three blocks, interrupted each time with interview movies , specially prepared for the show, where the individual members were talking about their experiences with PiiiiiiiN over a slideshow of still images from their career and even their childhood. At the beginning, interview movies were displayed as well, but here of three other idol groups that PiiiiiiiN had performed with the month before – Babyraids, GEM, Hime Kyun Fruits Can. During the live, games and such were interspersed, like New Years speeches(?) form every member and some sort of dance competition. It was also announced that the 3rd Anniversary Live had already been decided, taking place at Zepp DiverCity on Decembre 29th, an even bigger venue. The whole was recorded by Line Live and  someone even put it on Youtube in decent quality. So please enjoy the full PiiiiiiiN – 2nd Anniversary Live. Maybe you spot me 😉

The events after the show were limited to individual handshakes. Therefore the members were lined up behind tables in the lobby. As it was really crowded, making it far to hot in there, with no place to put your luggage even, I only took part in a talk with Ayano. Meeting Rizu would have been nice as well, but as she had cut her right before the live, this raised much demand from the fans to talk with her. That girl, always needing attention, lol. Marty by the way had already left.

Ayano received me not too enthusiastically, but friendly. She wanted to shake my hand but I declined, feeling a bit ill. But Ayano demanded me to shake her hand, so I couldn’t refuse – She can be scary when upset 😉 I congratulated her for the 2nd anniversary, probably expressed it the wrong way, but Ayano, after some contemplation got the meaning behind it and thank me. Then we already had to finish, so she quickly thanked me again for attending and wished me a good recuperation. I felt better in an instant. Well, not really.

I then waited a bit on the side lines, having the rest of my tickets already at hand, wanting to give them away to some other fan. I wasn’t sure who “deserved” it the most but then a cute female fan of Ayano just came by and I approached her.Her look was golden, lol. I apologised for the intrusion and mentioned that her oshimen is Ayano (she wore all the new stuff – shirt, hoodie, hat, all in Ayano colour). She saw my blue towel as well and replied kindly with an “Ah, you too.” I then showed her the package of event tickets with an rough explanation of me not needing them as I was leaving for home soon and that I wanted to give it to her. To my relief she showed little reluctance for receiving it, instead thanking me enthusiastically, but with an obvious look of disbelief in her eyes. I left with wishing her much fun with it and she promised she will put them to good use. Hopefully she is a kind girl that Ayano likes as well. Otherwise I probably created a stalker now, lol.

An big Idol Koushien on March 21st was recorded by Line Live and someone put some performances on Youtube. I link those of interest to me.

First one is JyuJyu, performing many of their newer songs here. Now this group is already history.

Second clip is the performance of Party Rockets GT. The first seconds of the show missing though. Very good set list here.

The last clip, fitting to the blog post at hand, is the performance by PiiiiiiiN, who ended the show that day. Impressive! At the end some of the groups appeared on stage again, to through in signed balls in the public. Luckily I wasn’t there, then on stage five of my most liked groups were gathering (PASSPO, Bellring Girls Heart, Party Rockets GT, Predia, PiiiiiiiiN).


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