Bellring Girls Heart – One Man Live – “Q” – Zepp Tokyo

One year ago on the exact same day I have been to Akasaka Blitz, for a Three Man headed by Bellring Girls Heart. So now, one year later, I would attend another live by the group, their biggest One Man to date, named “Q” and performed at Zepp Tokyo. I must say, that I really could get used to such starts in the new year. Although the live was only to begin at 17 o’clock (with entry at 16), merchandise sales were scheduled far earlier – at 11 o’clock(?). This meant I had to spent a lot of time in-between with just roaming around in Odaiba, eating something at an Italian restaurant and allowed myself an ice cream.

But before that I queued up for the merchandise, of course. The offer was quite extensive, ranging from the collaboration fashion items the group did with Spinn’s, an Japanese fashion brand to CDs, DVDs, even posters. When I arrived maybe half an hour after the sale was opened, quite a lane had already formed. By chance some of the persons I met at the end of the queue I just recently met a few days ago at another live. Satoru was also close by, but already finished his purchases. The lane moved very slow, than as it is usually with Bellring Girls Heart, events and the like were done in calm atmosphere, allowing the fan quite some time in most regards. Same with me, when it became my turn. I didn’t got excessive with my spendings, but I gathered some new stamps in my point card 😉

My purchased Merchandise

  • Tour-Shirt
    What shall I say, I really like its design. At the front you see a stylized version of the group logo, simulating the letter “Q”, the name of the show (No idea why. The next big One Man at Tokyo Dome City Hall is named “B”, the one after it “K”.) as well as the group name in small letters. Even better is the back, containing additionally to the date and location of the live also the individual names of the members – my first idol shirt that features this kind of information. I would call it my favourite shirt right now.
  • Signed CD-R
    It contains six tracks from the up-coming album, signed by all-members(!!!). Although personally given autographs are far superior, it nevertheless is a greatitem.
  • Some badges
    I don’t really have a use for this but felt kind of obligated to buy something else.
  • All-member 2shot ticket
    After the Live, group shots would take place, for only 2,000 Yen. Of course I bought me one, as I had been craving for a group shot for a long time already.
  • Double-DVD Live in Taiwan
    Sold only at the venue, it featured on the first DVD the complete recording of TIRA’s Graduation Live in Taipei, Taiwan.
    The second disc provided a longer digest about the fan tour during the groups presence in Taiwan, where the members were joined by the fans and TIRA acting as the tour guide.
    Additionally the complete set from the Aomori Live an be found on it, as well as the Graduation Live for Anna, offering a great set list (personal opinion).

The DVD was hard to come by. As it was a limited pressing, it could only been purchased by people who pre-ordered it beforehand via Email. But as I didn’t understood everything they needed for information, I refrained from it. Luckily some DVDs were still left after the show and were now sold to everyone. 🙂

The layout of the venue itself was comparable to the one Predia adopted for their live at Zepp a few days ago. A T-structured runway in the middle of the track and a screen above the stage, which was decorated by a wall, full of graffiti and stairs to a second department. The attendance was rather low, like with Predia I would estimate the place only being half full. I wonder how the next big One Man scheduled for Tokyo Dome City Hall will turn out, being more than double as big. Positive effect of it though: I got in late because of a high entry number, but still found myself a good place near to the end of the runway, with much room to stand. The live itself became impressive though, using a variety of lightning effects, much better than those of Predia and Moso Calibration that I witnessed the days before. The second department of the stage was used several times – like the members appearing there first for the beginning of the show, Kanra and Reina boxing (Yes, you heard right. Complete with boxing gloves even.)  – whereas the runway became crowded at the end. Here the highlight of the live also took place, with the members placing themselves around a big disco ball descending from the roof (see the images further below). It was also the time of the show where I was standing just a few meters away from the group 😉

The fans were “enthusiastic” as ever, with a lot of lifting taking place. Even the circle run was done for Asthma, despite the barriers in the venue. The craziness was joined by the members as well, with particularly Ayano and Reina doing stage-dives and the like. I also saw a bunch of foreigner fans. Of course Moechi got her special attention by the fans during one song, with white pen lights being put out, distributed to the fans before the live at the entrance. In summary 35 tracks were performed in its entirety, leading to a show of nearly three hours – a deservedly length for this occasion and location.


In the middle of the show, the producer of the group Butch came on stage to unravel the mystery to which member of Bellring Girls Heart didn’t jump the 100 meters down at the Bungee Jumping Challenge, that was held extra for this One Man a few weeks ago. Below you see the teaser movie for it, with the girls showing fear in their eyes, crying hard. Sometimes being an idol can be tough. Fans to my knowledge were able to bet on it and would have been reward with – something. I had no idea, especially as flyers were handed out during merchandise sales, with me having no idea about any of it. While the resolution video started though, I contemplated to myself which member would have been the one not jumping. My guess was Ayano, being the most girly of them all. The result was Kanra, Kai and Reina, as anticipated by me, jumping without even blinking an eye, Mizuho and Moechi crying hard, but in the end let themself fall down – and Ayano fulfilling my expectations completely, refusing the jump under lots of tears. I know my favourite member to well, it seems 😉

A few weeks later though, Ayano was given a second chance and this time succeeded. Atta Girl! I am proud of you 😛

Images taken from http://natalie.mu/music/news/171964

As I already mentioned, after the show the group shots were held. The fans were lining up in two rows outside the venue, whereas the members of Bellring Girls Heart were positioned in the lobby. On the bridge above us, the members of Necronomidol were handing out flyers, but I couldn’t go to them as I would have given up my place in the line and the girls never came down. When it was my turn there wasn’t any time for conversation, so I greeted into the round and adopted the obvious Peace Sign pose, as it was commonly known, without the need of explaining it and holding up the queue. Mizuho in that time frame, before the shot was done, spoke some words in English to me – to my complete surprise – saying “My name is Asakura Mizuho.” I was only able to reply with a fast “I know.”; my back already towards her as the photo was about to be taken.

I really like the cheki, despite it being too small to fit in seven people in it. But otherwise it is close to perfection, with everyone looking great on it – not me of course 😉 Moechi never looked more beautiful, Mizuho displaying grace (still confused by our English “conversation” maybe), Kai and Reina smiling nicely, Kanra grinning as ever, but Ayano topping them all – I rarely saw her smiling more genuinely then here. After the photo was shot I waved goodbye into the round, left the lobby, bought the Live DVD I mentioned above and headed back to my hostel, in my mind replaying the live I just witnessed – one of the best idol lives in my experience.

No live videos of the show were released. Instead I can link you a video from the last song performed – in the ring – by the group at the Aomori Live. The same can be found on the DVD I purchased. It really displays the crazy atmosphere at their shows really well – lifting, men in women’s underwear, pyrotechnic,… – and during this song the fans can be called even tame. I also still get goosebumps when the fan chorus begins (around 2:55 minutes in).


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