The grand Final

Idol Content Expo – Tsutaya O-East

While I was out on New Years Eve with Eddy and Allan, they have told me about a festival taking place on January 4th. As I had nothing scheduled so far for that day, my last this trip, I looked up the line-up – and right away pre-ordered my ticket. As you can see, some groups of my interest were present (red-coloured) – particularly Chu-Z, as well as some others (black-coloured) that I at least like to listen to.

アキシブproject/ アモレカリーナ東京/ アフィリア・サーガ/ Ange☆Reve/ イケてるハーツ/ 閃光ロードショー/ CoverGirls/ 吉川友/ callme/ SiAM&POPTUNe/ G☆Girls/ sora tob sakana/ Chu-Z/ 強がりセンセーション/ DREAMING MONSTER/ 生ハムと焼うどん/ notall/ Bitter & Sweet/ Pimm’s/ FES☆TIVE/ フリカケ≠ぱにっく/ プティパ -petit pas!-/ BABY☆STAR/ 放課後プリンセス/ 放プリユース/ 愛乙女★DOLL/ リンクSTAR’s/ Luce Twinkle Wink☆/ ワンダーウィード

We all met their relatively early, with also Aaron appearing. Of course, for being a big Arc Jewel fan, favouring Haruna of Lovely Doll. The only lives I directly participated in by getting up to the front as far as possible were the ones of Chu-Z and Lovely Doll, but even with them I couldn’t do too much as I never get the chants and waving stuff right. I assume, as their music is not rock, my mind has difficulties to adjust accordingly, in contrast to how easily I manage PASSPO, JyuJyu and the likes. I don’t have much to say about the performances – they have been the usual – but some other important idol incidents happened: Luna of Chu-Z walked just right past me with her luggage when she left the venue for home, but only looked to the ground the entire time to avoid people’s gazes, so she didn’t see me, who kept being polite and refrained from calling after her. I am still amazed of how some idols just use the general entrances/exits, walking right through the crowds of fans. This became even more apparent, when Lovely Doll arrived in casual clothes with their luggage – approximately one hour before their show – to enter the backstage area. I was standing near to its entrance, already wearing my Yuririn fan shirt. And no, I wasn’t there on purpose, but as the bar was close to it and my luggage lying there, it became my place of leisure 😉 Anyway, Miyu walked by, adopting the same behaviour as I described with Luna. But right after her Yuriko walked, proudly having her heads raised, spotted me immediately, her facial expression changing from serious to cheerful right away and waved at me with might. This caught the attention of the other members walking behind her, particularly Miki and Arisa, who politely began waving and smiling as well. That was the perfect motivation!

My first event for the day was the one by Chu-Z. I was shortly contemplating about participating for Furikure Panic, but decided against it. The event for Chu-Z was well received which to my dismay led to me missing the live of Luce Twinkle Wink. But Chu-Z is more important to me. Lanes were again very long, looping and in constant moving to people walking past through it, so waiting became unpleasant. I had purchased CDs this time, leading to event tickets of two 2Shots and one Solo Cheki. For the latter I decided on Kana, giving it to my sister as well when I was home again. I queued up for Luna first and when I approached she was in good mood. As I didn’t know any pose she suggested the monkey, as in Japan the zodiac for 2016 is the Year of the Monkey. Not my favourite pose I have to admit, but something new. I tried telling her about my German zodiac but she didn’t know the English word Taurus. Instead I changed the topic, telling Luna about this being my last day in Japan. She instantly inquired when I plan to come back, so I told her about me planning on April or May. She seemed happy to hear it and asked me to attend a show of Chu-Z again then. This was my plan anyway, but as you can see in my schedules page, so far no performance by them is certain yet.

My next target at first was Kana at first, but her lane seemed the longest so I decided for Asuka instead, wanting to try out something with her anyway. When I approached, I greeted her, in reference to our last meeting, with the words: “Konichiha, Asuka-imouto-san!” At first she looked puzzled, but the Asuka began to laugh, greeting me back as “Onii-san”. That went nicely. We then had to pose, this time though I thought of something, copying one movement from the Gimme A Chance choreography. It turned out well. I kind of forgot what we talked afterwards, which is became my last ever talk with her, as Asuka would have graduated for idol business three months later. I will remember her dearly, being one of the most likeable idols I have ever met.

Short amount of time later, the event of Luce Twinkle Wink was held and although I dislike to take part in events were I didn’t see the corresponding live to it, I did it anyway, for it being my only chance to meet the group and therefore my only chance to do chekis with them, something I haven’t done with Luce Twinkle Wink before. Aaron helped me in acquiring tickets, for two chekis complete with sign and I lined up, being nicely treated by the staff. It took a while but then I was able to meet Yukino, who remembered me on the stop, than she asked about Paris right away. I had to invent a pose, so chose an easy one and then we parted already, as chekis and signs were separated, as with most Arc Jewel groups. My second cheki was with Saki, who I also remember kindly. Additionally she is the oldest member, which is another advantage of her, as I prefer adult Idols. She too reacted surprised and cheerful when seeing me, greeting me with Bonjour, lol. Saki decided on the pose and here as well I had to take my leave immediately.

Now queuing up for the signs and when it was my turn with Yukino, I asked her jokingly if she can talk French now. Her reaction was funny, making a protecting gesture, denying any skills in that language. We continued talking about languages and the New Years, which lead to her praising my Japanese and even made it part of her sign (We talked easy topics, so I really may have given off that false impression of mine.).

Saki was also pleasant to talk with though I dislike her habit in speaking in a high-pitched voice, you know, the one that Anime girls and Maids tend to use. Terrible. Saki brought our last meeting at TIF into play, making sure if she remembered it right. We talked further about it, the weather being so unpleasant back then and things like that. We parted with wishing us each other a Happy New Year.


Some time later, no groups for anyone’s interest was performing, so we all decided to go out for something to eat in a nearby Japanese “Fast Food” restaurant, Matsuya. I even went out just dressed in a T-Shirt as it was so warm. Could have been because of my slight cold though. We returned in time for Lovely Doll‘s performance, where I was spotted by Yuriko quite often. The event was starting soon after all performances were done. I passed the one by Afilia Saga, who only offered handshakes, to get upstairs. An information board was telling about the benefits that day, listing the usual: Group Akushu and Group Cheki, with their individual counterparts. I bought merchandise (photo sets?) for five tickets, as my intention was going for the group shot and an individual with Yuriko, but I miscalculated as I would have needed an extra ticket for the sign. Instead I changed to doing two chekis with Yuriko and let one of them having signed.

The members still haven’t arrived yet, but I started to queue up already – to find out me being the FIRST! Yuriko arrived after some time, together with Rira and later Haruna. Those three began the events, the rest of the members only joining them much later. I told the staff about my choice for two photos and she allowed me to take both now, without having to line up again. Yuriko smiled brightly and we greeted each other with New Years wishes. She wanted to do a pose were we interjoined our pinky fingers and additionally came up close to me with her face again. Ah, the joy! When it was done, the staff told Yuriko about a second photo, this time me suggesting the below visible pose, no idea what the name for it is supposed to be. Again her head came very close. For an idol of the classic style very impressive. We chatted pleasantly, with Yuriko pointing out me wearing her fan shirt again. So the topic of TIF arose, with me telling her that I wouldn’t attend it this year, as it is just too hot. It seemed though as she wasn’t listening, instead focussing on the sign. Soon we had to part, and did that in the most cheerful way.

The event was finished for me then, but the best was yet to come. Aaron wanted to wait until the end of it, to wave the girls goodbye, so I also decided to stay. I stood a bit further away, with some people before me, more or less uninterested what was going on, not even waving, just applauding politely. Yuriko was only taking attention of the people at the front and already reached the door, when she must have noticed me from the corner of her eyes. Immediately she stopped, turned around, leaned forward to enable her to look through a gap in the crowd – and waved at me with a bright smile! Yuriko, you are awesome! Was there a better way to end my idol interactions this trip? I guess not.


One thought on “The grand Final

  1. “I dislike her habit in speaking in a high-pitched voice, you know, the one that Anime girls and Maids tend to use” replace that with “burikko voice” I’m sure most people know the term.

    Nice read as always… Tobby 😉

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