Tokyo Idol Wars


Today I was heading for Shinkiba, where Tokyo Idol Wars would take place. The line-up was far from being spectacular, but Bellring Girls Heart would have two performances there, so all effort was worth it. I took Andy with me, who would have a hard time there, being mostly bored at what was going on. He can not see the fun of it, instead showing the expected reactions by a foreigner skeptical about the whole Idol business. It can’t be helped. Continue reading

Before the Golden Week


I arrived on time at Narita Airport, means 9:00 o’clock. my friend Andy accompanied me, so my schedule couldn’t be used completely for Idol matters this time, as Andy was the first time in Japan and was not so fond of Idols. The train ride to the hotel and the Check-In went smoothly and after I have slept for approximately an hour I was already fit for my first Idol Event this trip: A Two Man with Maison Book Girl and Bellring Girls Heart at Shinjuku Motion. Continue reading