Before the Golden Week


I arrived on time at Narita Airport, means 9:00 o’clock. my friend Andy accompanied me, so my schedule couldn’t be used completely for Idol matters this time, as Andy was the first time in Japan and was not so fond of Idols. The train ride to the hotel and the Check-In went smoothly and after I have slept for approximately an hour I was already fit for my first Idol Event this trip: A Two Man with Maison Book Girl and Bellring Girls Heart at Shinjuku Motion. Andy stayed in the hotel, having to get used to everything, like living in a small room, lol.

The Motion was a new Livehouse for me but it wasn’t too bad: Rather small, but nicely structured. Before the show it happens that I ran into Satoru and met some new fans through his putting me on display. I was able to conversate a lot, as some knew decent English. Later I also met another fan named Yuu, who had spend some time in America and therefore spoke very good English. It became some pleasant talks with him, as his general taste in music was also unexpectedly good.

Bellring Girls Heart began the show and me, avoiding the direct centre, but nevertheless was close to the stage. This led to me assisting some other fan to do some lifting. It is sort of fun, but distracts me far too much from the music and the happenings on stage. The setlist became very enjoyable to me as it featured some ballads, like In the rain, In the Dark. I like this aspect of Bellring Girls Heart since the beginning.

After the Live Maison Book Girl was performing, but I only watched the first three to four songs. I find it too boring and too idolish. But they did a good cover of Bellring‘s C.A.N.D.Y. Instead I waited in the hall and used the time for purchasing some merchandise: The Double-DVD of Moechi‘s Graduation Live as well as the new shirt of the group, featuring a retro design from their beginnings of which I am really fond of.

Datei_000 (1)
The encore happened to be a collaboration of both groups, again performing C.A.N.D.Y. With the break I had no tension left to participate here, so I rather watch from afar. Soon after the events would take place, with Bellring Girls Heart luckily staying in the venue, whereas Maison Book Girl was having theirs outside the stairs. As usual it became very difficult to find myself the right queue, but I managed, but needed some help by others, lol.

My first Idol interaction was of course meant for Ayano. Some days before she announced taking a short break after Bellring‘s One Man Live at Tokyo Dome City Hall on April 30. Apparently she overdid herself and had some breakdowns during former shows, which is why it was decided to pause for the majority of May. I like the care the management is showing here once again with the group. Me on the other hand was glad, that I decided on going to Japan in April, instead of the contemplated time frame in May. During this trip it became once more apparent to me that Ayano is my most favourite Idol of all.

My conversation with her went lovely, although its start was difficult. I was expecting a much more cheerful reception by Ayano, instead she seemed rather indifferent towards me. Maybe a sign for her soon vacation? Anyway, I already had a pose in mind, so there was not any time to contemplate. I suggested a “B”, in reference to the upcoming One Man. Ayano was very fast adjusting to the pose, even knowing right away who had to form the round side of the letter. Apparently not the first time she did this sign, I assume. Of course the topic was now the One Man, to which I announced my attendance. I continued to ask Ayano directly, if she will be ill during May, but she cheerfully corrected me, that it was just a pause/vacation (“o-yasumi”). That was good to hear. Further I was inquiring how her learning the guitar came along. Ayano still admitted that it was very difficult, then remembering me telling her that me too played guitar once. I replied with the truth, that I stopped it as it became too difficult for me. A sympathetic nod came from Ayano, to which I continued in a jokingly fashion, that I changed to the much easier tambourine. This finally made her laugh out loud. We then parted, with me telling her, that we will see us tomorrow again. She seemed happy about it.

Datei_001 (1)
As I still had cheki coins to spare and no end of the event was in sight yet, I got in line for Kanra, that crazy girl, lol. She again was sitting on the floor, this obstructing her view on me at first. The moment she saw me though, she showed real surprise and telling me “Hisashiburi, Tobi-san.” We already started chatting but the staff demanded the taking of the photo, so we rushed into a general pose. I asked Kanra, why she is sitting again, pointing at the patch, she had on her knee. She explained the patch to me, but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. Her agitated reaction to not being able to make herself understood was a sight to be hold, lol. We continued talking about “B” as well, wherein she told me, that one song of Bellring Girls Heart was entirely in German, even saying “Danke” to me. I was surprised, as I hadn’t known that. Japanese spelling, you know. I even told Kanra that, lol.

With Kanra‘s queue being short, there was now even time for visiting a third member. My choice was Mizuho. It was over a year ago already I talked with her and today again I was drawn in by her attitude, being the small girl she is, she looks up to me with her deep black eyes, accompanied by a cheeky smile on her lips. I started the conversation by asking jokingly if her English improved yet, telling Mizuho about her having introduced herself to me the last time in English. She neither agreed nor declined, but instead looked at my wristband, which featured five stars. Counting them slowly by mumbling each number she then looked up, opened her hand and cheerfully proclaimed “FIVE!”. Sweet! She then took my hand and requested me to open it. After I did that, Mizuho now hold her own hand, more precisely her pinky finger, next to mine. Hers was super small, compared to mine. She had the same thought, telling me it was big. I disagreed, instead said hers is small. Laughter on both sides.

Well, this was a promising start to the trip and as you already could tell I would be seeing the group the next day as well, much to Andy‘s displeasure, as this would be the first time for him seeing an Idol show. But more about this in the next post.


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