I went for a festival which was small in several aspect: Groups were relatively unknown and the venue was evenly understated: The Shibuya Vuenos – A strange construct of two levels, with the stage and bar on the lower one, leaving you hardly room too move because of its “size”.


I went there particularly for Neu-chan, former and favourite member of JyuJyu. It would be the first time I would see and hear her solo work. As her other scheduled performance during my trip always interfered with other plans of mine, I had to made sure to see her then, in part also to recollect my cheki she forgot to give me the last time. Other groups of interest were Necronomidol and Rhymeberry. The rest were mostly to forget for.

When I arrived, Risaki of Necronomidol was handing out flyers and I had a little chat with her. The flyer was grand and I wish they would release a T-shirt with the image on it.

Beautiful young girls covered in blood – Nothing better than that! Need another great example? Here it is, featuring the members of JyuJyu. I miss Shirai (;__;)

Later during the live, while I was resting at the upper floor, I got talked to by an idol from Tokyo KISSA, Akane her name. As it turned out, her father works currently in Germany, Frankfurt if I remember it right. So of course I had no problems following her on Twitter. She even thanked me on German for it. Her group was okay, though still a little rough at the edges. But I noticed their name pop up in a lot of festival I am interested in. So chances are there that I will see her again. The picture below is shown on the flyer. Akane is the one in the centre in the red shirt.

The live of Necronomidol was enjoyable and less crazy as the last time I had seen of them. Probably due to the time of day. As I knew their songs much more now it became relatively easy to participate. It convinced me to buy myself a shirt by them. Not really my style, especially in the light of the above mentioned potential, but I like its logo on the backside. I refrained from taking part in the event later though. As with Tsubasa Fly, I enjoy and listen to their music a lot, but I am (still) mentally disconnected to the members; feeling no need to interact with them.

Neu‘s performance turned out – completely different to what I had expected. She was dressed entirely in white, looking like a bride. Nothing bad about it, as it makes for better visibility on chekis. As she still does only home-decorated chekis with proper signing pens, the clothes doesn’t matter in that regard either. Her stage performance was pretty non-existent, then as her music changed from JyuJyu Heavy Rock to slow-tempo pop songs. This was tough to take. Honestly, if I didn’t knew her from before I wouldn’t have cared a bit about her. But as I did and came to enjoy my meetings with Neu, I will continue my support, though definitely with less intensity than as I would have with her doing music more to my liking. The performance only lasted for ten minutes, as at that time only two songs were into Neu-chan‘s repertoire.

Rhymeberry later became the highlight for me. Participating to their songs is always great fun and good sport activity, lol. My favourite tunes by them, Mirrorball and Happy Go Lucky were also performed and Miri is just exceptionally skilled and charismatic.

To my displeasure, the events for all the groups would only take place after the end of all the performances. Neu of arrived the latest, making me run around the place several times to find her. During this time I purchased the above shown shirt of Necronomidol. When I finally discovered the buppan for Neu-chan, a long queue had already formed and by the time it became my turn to talk with her, most of the other events were already closing down. No problem, Neu was top priority.

Our chat became very, very pleasant and already started with Neu not only recognizing me but even calling me out by name. Writing her on Twitter paid off. In reference to the cheki I wanted to collect today, which had the theme “Sadness”, I now decided on a happy pose.

We then continued chatting much about her new image, Neu mentioned my tweets to her, and I pledged my continuing support. When I mentioned my wish to retrieve my cheki from last time, she didn’t need long to find it in the book and handed it to me with all her sweetness. I can finally depict it here.


Now I could finally feel complete again. (If it weren’t for the missing cheki of Kanra.) Afterwards at the same venue, Rhymeberry and Oyasumi Hologram would appear but I couldn’t attend for accompanying a friend. Damn.


4 thoughts on “S-Size

  1. Nice reports as usual 🙂
    I’m a bit confused, did you see Rhymeberry or not? I think their lives are fun. Miri seems really into it, and it’s interesting how Misaki acts. Have they pretty much got rid of all the songs from old Rhymeberry?

    • I did see them, even first row and enjoyed it a lot. It is pretty easy to follow, even if you don’t know the choreo. Miri was dancing later next to me in the crowd even, but I didn’t care.
      I still consider Misaki as inferior to Miri when it comes to rapping, but she adds the neccessary melody and cuteness. I find her much too introvert though.

      I noticed as well that all their old songs are omitted from their set lists which is a pity. I assume it has something to do with the lyrics?

      • Yes, that’s a good way to describe Misaki,I never know if she wants to be there or is trying or not, but the way she does that adds some cuteness to the whole proceedings.

      • Hm, that cuteness factor is the case definitely, but makes it hard to deal with her on the other hand. But I will continue the Misaki issue in one of my later posts. Stay tuned 😉

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